By samisampson33

Smoking While Drinking Alcahol

So many people will agree. drinking alcahol is a huge trigger for wanting to smoke.

I am still at a point in my life where i like to go out to bars and socialize and drink reguarly. Its confined to the weekends but with this quit i have not been out yet. and i am missing my social life.

So i am going to start going out and partying again. But i will not smoke. 

What made me smoke again last time i quit was drinking and partying - so i am very aware of this trigger. I will not smoke, i can live my life like it was. just smoke free.

This addiction will not control my life.
Wow sami, that is a bold decision. Please dont get too drunk and forget about your quit.
dangerous sami, im not going to lie. perhaps wait a few more weeks?
I think you should go for it and see how it goes. like bones said dont get too drunk so you can stay in control.
while i think it is a bad idea, you gotta do what you gotta do. if it gets too hard to resist. call a cab and go home. there will be loads more nights out on the town for you to enjoy.
good luck sami, i was in a similar situation. Make sure you are sober enough to make the decision to leave if it gets too hard.
one step at a time sami, please dont underestimate how powerful the alcahol trigger is.
I am on the exact same page as you girl. I have not had one sip of alcohol since I quit smoking 18 days ago. We can do this. Not a cigarette here and there because that is what throws me right back into the addiction, and then I have to start all over, back at day 1. NOPE. Keep me updated, let me know how you do.
Good luck sami, let us know how it goes.
Eish....Sami you must stay strong and remember we are right behind you....!!
thanks for the support guys, i will be careful :)
Sami how did the party go?
Now, I may be reprimanded and you need to be careful. I got a black and mild and DID not light it. Just kinda chewed on the end. I did not get any nicotine or chew tobacco. I just held it. That got me through a night of drinking and I did not light up.
It went fine I didn't smoke! At least you didn't smoke Barber!
Sami it all comes down to will power. believe in yourself and you will be able to achieve anything.