By anabiosis

Starving Bad Monkey

I just realized I can't hear my monkey. It's only been seven days, but it's not pulling tricks on me anymore. Good riddance, Bad Monkey!

When I first quit, my monkey was very persistent. Jibbering things like, "Why are you doing this to the people you love? You're so irritable, so moody, so exhausted. You used to be fun and energetic and chatty after work. Now you just want to sit quietly and try not to yell at anyone. You could lose your job for being in such a bad mood. Just have a smoke and a smile." And, "Oh, man, you think you're fat now? You're going to need to buy a truckload of mumus soon if you don't stop this silliness! It's not worth it! Do yourself and everyone else a favor and go buy a pack." And, "You probably already have COPD and cancer anyhow. What difference will quitting make but to make you and everyone else miserable? Light up! Please light up! Look, there's a stale one on the floor behind the couch. Just have that one, then you can quit again ...just ... more..."

Its voice got louder and its demands more desperate until I realized, hey, I'm starving Bad Monkey! And I thought, hmmmm... I wonder how long it will take for Bad Monkey to die. And my monkey told me I was cruel and I should feel bad that I had those thoughts about killing a fine monkey such as itself, but by then I was onto its tricks.

It was lying in a corner, getting smaller, whimpering now, dying. But I saw something behind it -- a good monkey, dying, too. After all, all it's had to eat for years is the poison Bad Monkey thrived on.

And I decided to start feeding Good Monkey what it needs to thrive. Things like exercise and sunlight and laughter that doesn't culminate in a coughing fit. And I kind of think if I do, its voice will get louder and more insistent. Saying things like, "Let's go hiking!" and, "Can I have a carrot?" and "Isn't this a lovely day to be alive?"
Lovely story that get the mind working..Anabiosis,,, Yet so true !!! Thank you.
I never thought I would support cruelty to animals, but kill that bad monkey!
What an incredible post! Wow! Thank you for sharing!
You can do this! Great post thanks!
You are right it is a lovely day to be alive! And smoke free to! Thank you for sharing, Stay strong you can do this
Such an awesome analogy! Feed that good monkey!
One of my favourite posts on here, thank you!