By kilroy1959

Still Alive.....Updated

Well, well, so this is what it's like after 15 days w/o a smoke.  It has been the best of times, and it has been the worst of times, to say the least.  Since my "positive" post on day 5, my feelings have vacillated between pride/satisfaction and regret and emptiness, which I will have to assume is quite common amongst quitters.  I am pleased with the fact that I have made it to 2 weeks, and perhaps more pleased that a select few others are very proud of my efforts, determination, and accomplishments in battling this addiction in the manner that I have chosen, namely the cold turkey route.  I am less pleased with some thought processes creeping into the brainpan: perhaps just one;  moderating my intake; maybe just when consuming alcohol.  These thoughts appear and I "respond", usually with some internal 'self-talk' which often focuses on the absurdity of the "addiction loop/allure' of nicotine as well as the financial outlay involved in this addiction.  I am returning to work in 2 weeks after being off for the summer and I genuinely look forward to sharing with my co-workers the fact that I will have been smoke free for 1 month by then..... but I have to get there first!!  At this point in my quit my resolve remains intact but I feel somewhat weaker in believing in it.  Here's hoping some of my early 'mojo' returns and, failing that, maybe some type of bonk on the head to straighten out the thought processes to match my reasons for quitting in the first place!  Best of luck to the rest of you out there trying to fight the good fight!!
Great to hear from you kilroy! What you are feeling right now is very common amongst us addicts. It is your body being exhausted from cravings trying to justify a smoke. It ends. Trust me. It slowly fades away into nothing until you reailze you feel great one day :)
I remember feeling down after heck week too. Your body is just adjusting. You got this, by the time you get back to work you will feel ALOT better.
Totally normal, remember how you felt on day one? I imagine you are feeling alot better than that right now (although still with some discomfort). Imagine how much better you will be in another two weeks when you are back at work! Stay strong!
Thanks for sharing, really good to hear from you again :)
Glad to see you are still going strong! Was getting worried! Thanks for sharing :)
You will be feeling better in a couple of weeks. Just stay strong and remind yourself these negative feelings are just side affects of beating the addiction - and they end.
Large measures of appreciation for the feedback and kind words. I truly would like to beat this most foolish of addictions. It does, at times, appear easy, but as you well know, it is quite complex. I must continue to remind myself of the absurdity of it all, and draw on my strength of character - and your support - to ward off these inevitable thoughts and cravings to reach my goal. Thanks, again!
You got this! Thanks for updating us!
Maybe ur mojo went to the gym?? Keep positive
Thanks, Michelle. Don't think I'll find it there, though! Just hope I don't go looking for it in a pack of smokes, which, truth be told, I am feeling closer to turning to the longer I go with this!! I am considering availing myself of one of those inhalers for emergency purposes, but I feel like it is taking a step backwards considering this has been a cold-turkey trip.
Oh my DONT DO IT that is EXACTLY what happen to me
Perhaps you misunderstood Michelle. By inhalers, I was not referring to cigarettes but one of those little stubby mechanisms that you load with a dose of nicotene and puff on to relieve intense cravings. I would prefer not to use one, however, the alternative is to cave, smoke a real cigarette, and then what?
My bad evap is my go to since I was advised against the wacky tobacco lol u can get flavoured no nicotine or with heard grape is good lol I thought u were gonna buy real smokes ! 😖
Kilroy... you said it in so many words.... Quittiing is a roller coaster ride and some days you don't know if you are up or down. the main objective must be to stay focused on the reasons why you have quit and reach that goal .... Stay Strong !!!
Sometimes it takes more than one practice quit before you're quit for good. But once you do quit, you have to know it's Not One Puff Ever. NOT ONE
Day by day, good days and bad days, we are all travelling the same path. All here for each other thats for sure!!