By hercu

Flag Raised On No Smoking Hill....!!

What an incredible journey it was for me to be here on top of my 2 months no smoking hill.
Recalling what made me quit seems like yesterday when I was bullied by my wife, my sons and their wives. to see a doctor when I had a nasty continuous cough for three months.  I hate doctors because when I am really sick, cold, flu, Malaria. Tick fever or whatever the first diagnose is: you must stop smoking and you will be fine. A non smoker gets ill and get medicine: a smoker must stop smoking.......unbelievable  ....!!!!!
Well.... for the first time in my life I needed to listen to this “Kwak” because the X-Rays confirmed   the diagnoses of COPD. Yup... this is the penalty for smoking but it was not a death penalty and the decision was made to quit......(That flash images of me on the Kayak with a oxygen bottle was nasty)
Incredible journey yes........!!! Easy no........!!!!! I am still surprised that I was able to quit but I really think the main reason for success was the Champix and knowledge. That first few sleepless nights I was on the Internet to find  what is happening to me, my body, my brain. I accepted the fact that there is a chemical war going on inside me. The happy chemicals must now be triggered by something different than the usual cigarette and the search began......... and how surprised I was when I discovered that it was  there the whole time, for 38 years it was there, but I could not recognize it because I depended on a cigarette to be happy...... Wow, what a confession but so true....!!
All the happiness in the world was there: in the love of my family, the beauty of nature, the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the smell of the earth, my wife’s perfume, her tasty food, the taste of fresh fruit. Even the challenge to wake up tomorrow smoke free was making me happy.....all the support and good wishes on this forum has given me so much more reason to get rid of the entrapment and make my own happiness.........
What a story and achievement ! Wish my mom would have done what you are doing when she was diagnosed with COPD. She died at 64 on oxygen tank smoking and only saw 2 of her 4 grandchildren. Stay strong in ur quit!
Thank you Michelle....The quick recovery I had is unbelievable, although COPD is not curable it is almost possible to live normal and enjoy an active life.and am I gonna LIVE it !!!!!
My Mom just passed June 29th from complications due to COPD, she was 62, on oxygen and still smoking. Lesson learned. My Dad died 4 years ago from Lung Cancer. I wish I had learned back then. It's not easy and out of defiance I refused to quit. Hindsight shows me it was out of addiction that I refused to quit and out of fear I refused to allow myself to be free of that addiction. Hercu I cannot wait to claim 2 months free of smoking! I think you've done ana amazing job, and I hope to read about your journey as each month ticks by! Thank you for sharing!
Thank you so much Woodduck. I am so sorry for your recent loss. I cant believe that I have been such a "hard ass" all these years and needed a shocker to bring me back to reality. Please hang in there ,Woodduck and claim your rightful place on your two month hill. You have suffered enough loss due to smoking !!!!