By hercu

Today 7 Weeks Ago.........

Yes ! awesome !!!! it is 7 weeks already....NOPE.....and thinking of it today, it passed in a Jiff. I did not think so whilst in it because it will be very difficult to forget week one and two’s emotions. Yes it did happened to me, although I used Champix, in the same way as Cold turkey. My advantage was that Champix made the cravings lesser intense.
But believe me I had all the chemical warfare and nasty emotions.... and all the side effects of Champix except the bad dreams and suicidal thoughts. (Lucky me) 
Then Just one morning at the end of week three I woke up and decided to live my life in the way it is intended to be and that I am in control now, and kicked the nicodemon’s ass for making it so difficult to take control over myself.
 I was addicted for so many years and could not remember how it should be and was actually forced to find life again by re- discovering the wonders of life........fresh air, taste, smell even started to crave fruits to eat. I wanted to do something constructive, I wanted to create....... My Zest for life was coming down on me so strong that I wanted to punch myself on the nose to feel if it is reality or a dream. It was a rollercoaster ride of rediscovery.......
Truly.... Today 7 weeks ago I have made the best decision I have ever my life !!!
7 WEEKS! Congratulations hercu. You are an inspiration - this place is so much better with you around.
So proud of you hercu, you are doing amazingly well.
You are in control. It sounds like you are so very strong hercu. I think this is a sticky quit!
YAY! Congratulations!
Incredible work hercu. NOPE!
Once someone is able to quit, what I read is that the first week is pure H*&^, that week 2 is pure Heck, and that week 3 is bad but not too bad. So: twenty-one days, it's tough and after that not so. Really alleviates my anxiety: I need to know that I can do this! Thanx for sharing your story!
Chrysf.....Exactly what you said is how I experienced it.... Be careful though, good feelings and happiness will not jump on you unless you search for it. Find new ways to get your brain to release the happy chemicals and once it happens there is a wonderful life and new experiences out there.......Good luck on your quit !!!!
This is so awesome for you!!!! 😄🎉
Well done, thank you so much for sharing - you are part of the family now :)