By kilroy1959

Dilemma Day

Approaching 3 days as a non-smoker.  Just felt the time was right...increasing amount of smokes per day....triggers multiplying....obsessing over running out....basically felt like a slave....Decided a couple of weeks ago to quit on Aug Allen Carr's The Only Way to....even had a few drinks on day 2 with manageable cravings....Here's the concern - I have an appointment with the local Health Clinic that runs (?) a smoking cessation program. I have been doing a fair bit of reading and talking to some people regarding various "devices" to assist in the quitting process. I am unsure whether to request any of these products (patch, gum, Champix, Zyban) or what I should do if they suggest, strongly or otherwise, that I use or need them.  I am concerned about some side effects related to the last 2 products.  I short, I am basically unsure what is the best way to go about this.  Any thoughts?
I guess you are quitting cold turkey now? You are already on day 3 the nicotine is already totally out of your system. If you are managing with the cravings - tell them, i would be surprised if they advised you to take NRT if you are already this far with cold turkey alone. If they do push it, i personally would refuse.
How are you doing with your quit so far? are you feeling strong?
i would certanily refuse champix or zyban - you are already over the worst of it. It all depends on how you are coping with the cravings. Do you feel like you are about to fail? if so maybe NRT is the right choice. But you sound like you are going strong. I would stick with cold turkey.
The nicotine is out of your system now. I would think its a pretty bad idea to put it back in again.
How are you coping. If you are doing OK cold turkey tell them at the meeting. I would be really interested in what they have to say. Could you post here and let us know how it goes?
I personally think you should stick cold turkey as you are coping so well. You only have a few days left of hell week. Heck week (week 2) is pretty bad - but noticeably easier. If you feel like you can make it to week 3 without NRT then turn it down. After week 3 the cravings are MUCH more manageable usually. Still very regular, just much less intense.
Feel free to mention you are using Quitza at the meeting :-) It would be most appreciated - we would love to get more people on board.
Hi Kilroy...... It is your choice how to quit. The symptoms and cravings are almost the same. You are depriving your brain from something it got used to while you smoked. All of us need to be happy and suddenly you are taking away that substance,,,,,, Of course your body is going to throw a Tantrum during the first week and in week two comes the sadness and flat feeling. Week three is the reality week were you start to believe what everybody told you how it will be when you stop to smoke. Champix worked for me because I believed that it will work and I want to stop smoking.
Thanks for the imput. At this point I am not sure how to respond to the question "How are you coping?" due mainly to the fact that, having never tried to quit before, I have nothing to compare this to. I am leaning towards opposing anything beyond 'cold turkey', however, I may be open to something to quell a tremendous urge to light up, should that present itself in the near future. Would a patch help in this situation or is there a time delay? I will mention at the meeting that I am basically going cold turkey, and will keep you posted as to their response. Thanks again!
A patch delivers a continuous dose of nicotine to your body. No, you do NOT want to get one. If you are nervous about an irresistible urge, buy some 2 mg nicotine gum. Just knowing it is there if you need it will probably be enough for you. Good luck!
Just returned from clinic meeting. Interesting to learn that not only do you have to sign up for 1 year and commit to regular appointments, but the program involves the use of the Nicorette product line. A bit of a waste of time, at least at this point. Did have an urge to spark one up after leaving, which I found kinda interesting...but then again, maybe not!!
Believe me, you are past the worst of it . Congratulate yourself and think why you would even consider putting nicotine back in your body after you have done so well getting to this point.
Wow that is really dubious. Perhaps sponsored by nicorette?
Doesn't appear to be. Sponsored by Ministry of health in partnership with CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health). After taking and reading the Info./Consent form, it is clear that the person I saw, a Respiratory Therapist, did not explain and/or know about the types of programs offered under this partnership. However, all options seem to revolve around using NRT's.
Thanks for coming back and telling us how it went - so are you going to go to the meetings?
Not likely.....I'll consider my time on/at Quitza as my meetings.
A lot of programs are basically funded by pharma companies. Sounds like youund yourself one. Here in Florida, they're sending free patches, gum, etc. Our program is funded thru a constitutional amendment (citizen referendum, really) "In response to these dire circumstances, Florida residents passed a constitutional amendment in 2006 requiring the state legislature to set aside at least 15 percent of their tobacco settlement funds to reduce and prevent tobacco use. The Florida Department of Health dedicated these funds, upwards of $63 million, to implementing and maintaining Tobacco Free Florida, a comprehensive tobacco education and prevention campaign designed to reduce tobacco use."
Hi, I read the Allen Carr book also and he strongly recommends not to use any form of NRT. I hope it is all going well for you.