By kacebron

Im Craving

panic button doesnt help.
Stay strong kacebron. Breathe deep. The craving will pass dont smoke. You can beat this addiction
The craving will end! You are on day 3 in the middle of hell week. Cravings are expected but they are temporary. You just have to deal with the discomfort for a little while longer. It does end and you will be back to normal soon.
Breathe deep, drink some water. The pain is temporary - the benefits of being a non smoker will last your entire life.
You can do this kacebron. Please stay strong and dont smoke
you made the right choice by posting here instead of smoking kace. Your craving will end.
you guys helped a lot. many thanks to all. i did not smoke.
You do not need cigarettes. They are a poison, the more you smoke the more you need - break the cycle. It's meant to be hard. If it was easy it would not be an addiction!
Thank you for reaching out to us. Stay strong, thinking of you.
Did you smoke? Please say you didnt! Your cravings will end kacebron. Trust me you will return to normal in a few weeks - it does get better.
Missed your comment there! Congratulations on not smoking! So happy for you :) You can do this!
CONGRATULATIONS! You kicked that cravings ass!
So happy you posted here, congratulations on beating that craving. Every day you are growing stronger and less dependant on nicotine.
You did it..... Attacked the Nicodemon instead of defending.....Good for you !!!
this is awesome.. lots of hope..
stay focused it will pass....stay strong
Kace, are you drinking enough water? eating nutritious food? cut a straw the size and length of a cig and puff on it, imagine its a cig, take deep breaths and pretend to blow smoke out ... deep breathing will clear your lungs and bring in more oxygen. The act of holding the straw in your hand like a cig will give take a small edge of ... muscle memory will say "ah, he's got one in his hand"... but as you take more breaths and clear out,(ensure you dont hyperventilate),, sip on water while you do it... .... THE FORCE OF THE QUITZA COMMUNITY IS RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE!!!
good job my friend...whenever You feel your craving is strong take a hot shower and see the results ;)