By chrysf

One Week Of Not Chain Smoking, More Than 8 Hours Since Last Smoke

I am celebrating today one week of smoking only 5 cigs/daty instead of 40.  
are you trying to quit from cutting down? I tried that but it didn't work for me I wish you the best of luck
I am trying to cut down. Then I will quit.
... and you are not me. Thanks for the good wishes.
Hi chrysf To cut that much down already is a sign that you gonna win this one.......Take it day by day and give your brain other rewards instead of smoking.....Go around with almond nuts in your pocket and chew a nut if there is a in between crave Strongs !!!!!!
Congrats chrysf. Have you set a quit date? Cutting down can work well if you have a set date for the big quit!
5 down from 40 is a great start to prepare for your quit. When is the big day?
Nice work! You got this! We are all here for you when you decide to quit!
Sorry... but like I said: I want to celebrate, not get nagged! ended up smoking two after I posted the above, before I went to bed.
I had a quit date in December... friday I moved it up to a date in September. I do NOT want to fail, so I will make it as easy as possible on myself since I know D#@N well that I will give up the first sign of failure or at any excuse.
We are celebrating with you! I'm sure no one here means to be nagging you, just trying to be supportive :) It's your life, you quit when you are ready :)
I will do it when ur ready. Great start and it took me few times of finding any excuse to start again and being single mom I have lots lol. I'm working on day 7 using the patch and no nicotine evap for when the craving gets bad and so far ... Quick knock on wood ... It's working I also found cleaning and playing video games and doing thing with my kids helps keep me busy and smokes off my mind.
^^ u will not I will oops
My entire life was revolving around my smoking habit. I might not stay quit unless I can successfully uncouple my life from my smokes. So those who are dissing me instead of helping: good for you that you didn't need to go as slowly as I am. But anything I do, I try to do very well and quite thoroughly.