By hercu

My "Fairytale"

Here I am, a smoker who chooses not to smoke any more, I am not willing to poison my body and brain any more with a false "euphoria" of happiness and self confidence.
Today I am six weeks smoke free with the aid of Champix. This is my first attempt in 38 years @ 40 cigarettes per day because it is the first time I wanted to quit.
The first two weeks was terrible.... I mourned the lost of my "Ciggy friend" I lost my Zest, oemf, mojo, everything and thought it is the end........
And then slowly but surely in weeks three to four there was that little tickle of interest in life again.  
Started a project (which I planned over the past two years) got some herbal supplements to boost the happy chemicals in my damaged brain and walla .....the old myself is back and in control of my life.....I was not dependent on the nicodemon to calm me down when the tough gets going.... It was Hercu who handled situations... I loved the smell, the taste, the feel of my rediscovered life and health.
I acknowledge the fact that I will not ever feel as I felt 38 years ago before i took up this terrible addiction but by quitting at least I wont feel like a 90 year old at my age...
I cant wait for tomorrows challenges and to ad another day to my wonderful smoke free life...
Your "ciggy friend" is the worst friend you ever had in your life. Stay strong bother, congratulations on being smoke free
Great post hercu. Congratulations on your 6 weeks!
Love it hercu, thank you so much for sharing :)
Oh what an amazing post. So good to hear from someone that is further into their quit with such a positive message
You're doing so well hercu, so impressed that you are so positive on your first ever quit attempt.
"I cant wait for tomorrows challenges and to ad another day to my wonderful smoke free life..." - Perfect :)
How was champix for you? Would you recommend it?
So you feel 100% normal now? You must be such a strong person. Congratulations hercu you are an inspiration to me
Great post hercu, thank you so much for sharing. What is the project you started? Sounds interesting!
Awesome post. thank you so much for sharing. And welcome to Quitza!
Hi all and thank you for all the lovely comments. How can we fail with all this support
6 weeks! Incredbile!
Allypterns Thank you Champix worked well for me with little side affects. Stopped the crave within few hours. I went from 40 per day to 7 then 5 after few days and day 10 I only smoked 2 and day 12 stopped totally
Wow, that sounds quite impressive. So you are totally off of the champix now?
SO SO SO happy to read that someone who smoked as much as I did is succeeding doing what I am doing. I went straight from 40 a day down to 5 and have been OK for more than a week now. I'm finding ways to totally disconnect my living from my smoking, and finding behaviors & habits that will be better for me and help avoid the temptation to pick it up again once I quit. Keep up the good fight, friend, and let us know how you are doing!
So glad to hear....... the disconnection from the smoking habit is the difficult part. The Champix eased the craving but the hands was continuously
Sorry my post traveled before completion but my hand was reaching for my top pocket where I carried my cigarettes for 38 years......
Hercu I do the same..grab for my purse for a cig. Force of habit...