By samisampson33

Cold Turkey

I am quitting cold turkey, and i really think it is the best way. 

To me quitting using some kind of NRT just prolongs the process. The quit just never really stops. You are always addicted to nicotine, and while you are addicted it just makes cigarettes more "precious".

What do you guys think? 

I dont mean to be horrible here, and i dont think any less of anyone using champix, ecigs, or anything else like that. To me its all good. Anything is better than smoking!
Cold turkey all the way baby!
I think quitting with any kind of NRT is totally fine as long as you view it as a short term solution. If you smoke ecigs - try and reduce the nicotine over time. Patches? reduce the nicotine over time. etc etc.
yup agree with superduper - its all good aslong as you plan to quit the nicotine too.
i really think cold turkey is the only way. If you use NRT you must plan to stop using it eventually (otherwise what is the point) - quitting the NRT is going to be just as hard as quitting smoking. I think its just a waste of time! (Please dont hate me!)
Who cares - just dont smoke a cigarette.
Cold turkey the only way. NRT is just a constant reminder and too much of a test of anyones resolve.
Agree with bilgormit - You are just making things worse in the long run by using NRT. Cold turkey, man up, get over all of the addication all at once
I am going to use an NRT because I think it is foolish to quit cold turkey with so many aids out to help us and there is a lot more to the addiction other then the nicotine like our daily lives will need to be all adjust while learning new behaviors it is good not to have the pain of no nicotine also I intend to use nicotine lozenge for about 6 or 7 weeks while taking in less each day to help reduce the amount of nicotine while learning how to live as a non smoker good luck to all of you that are going cold turkey
Sorry I probably didn't have any right to voice yet because I don't have any time accumulated but it is proven people who use NRT has a better chance of not smoking again
Hey twist42day, nice to meet you - welcome! All opinions are welcome here, new quitters or long time ex smokers :)
I totally understand the thinking behind using NRT. It does make sence, and does help alot of people. I think the most important thing is to ensure you have a timeline or a plan to quit the NRT too when the time is right.
And congratulations on quitting btw! Great job!
I think NRT is fine, it looks like twist42day has a good plan to cut the NRT out when the worst of the cravings are over. Whatever works for the individual is best :) As long as it helps people quit smoking its gotta be a good thing! Stay strong twist42day :)
Thank you Sami I didn't mean to come out strong and great job your doing and my name is Tina
Smoking satisfies a thirst. The thirst wont go away just because you stop smoking. Those who can succeed at quitting cold turkey have only a physical problem. The emotional problems are more difficult to pinpoint and resolve. But yes, substituting another form of nicotine delivery strikes me as counter productive too
Very versatile subject........ To me the means to reach the goal is 10% of the success. My first question to myself when I decided to quit was why did I smoke ? It started of to be in, part of the crowd that looks happy and smoking is good. then it became a habit and ended as an addiction. So...for me the main objective is to stop this killing addiction and live a healthy good life...enjoy life without being dependent on something like a cigarette to be happy but to be me..... I want to control my moods. 90% of my quit effort is because I wanted to quit and live a healthy life.....