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Save 10% Sitewide With Vista Vapors

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Save 21% Off You First Order With Vista Vapors

Use this discount coupon to save 21% on your first order placed at Click on the to box reveal the code and receive your discount coupon.

Reviewed: Vista Vapors

We at Quitza are long term vapers, and we have always wanted to find the time to do a Vista Vapors review. We aim to make your vaping experience as easy as possible by providing you the pros and cons of as many e liquid manufacturers as we can.

We know all too well how hard it can be to find the right e-liquid. More importantly we know how hard it can be to find e liquid at the right price (We are proud to be able to share our vista vapors discount codes and coupons with you below).

We were first introduced to the vista vapors brand by a Reddit post some time ago now. And we have been going back to them time and time again.

I would like to make it very clear at this point in the review that we have not been paid to review vista vapors in any way at all. We would love to have been given a free juice sample to write this article on. If we had asked Vista Vapors they probably would have given us some (they are well known for their customer service).

But to keep our rankings and reviews impartial we do not accept free samples to review, plus we already have extensive personal experience with the company. So it was really not necessary.

Lets get down to it then. vista vapors logo

Vista vapors is actually the top rated cheap e liquid brand in our regularly updated e liquid awards list. To date we have not found another brand that can consistently offer great juice this cheap.

Pricing starts from just $4.99 for 17ml of e liquid. A 32ml bottle of eliquid will cost you $7.49. We have been vaping for almost as long as vaping has existed here at Quitza. We have never seen a brand that has such consistently low prices. This is not a special offer vista vapors are running, not some kind of gimmicky promotion.

This is their every day price.

All of their vape juices are available in 102ml bottles. This is when things start to get so cheap it is almost silly. A 102ml bottle will cost you $16.99 USD. That works out to be $4.99 for 30ml of juice. Have you ever seen juice for sale so cheap?

In fact William, the found of vista vapors states on their website that their mission when founding the company was to provide the cheapest e liquid In the e cig industry. He wanted to make vaping as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, by making it as cheap as possible. Flavors
So by now I am sure you will agree that these guys are probably the cheapest e liquid manufacturer you have ever heard of. So what that does that mean for the quality of the product? There must be some kind of trade off between quality and price, right?

When we first ordered from them we expected the cheap price to be possible by them maybe using less flavorings in their e liquid – as they are the most important ingredients. That is simply not the case at all. The flavors in their juices are vivid and intense as any other brand.

In our opinion the quality of their e liquid is superb. Now don’t get me wrong. It is no gourmet, premium vape juice. Don’t be expecting five pawns kind of quality here. But vista vapors produce good flavorful e liquids that will not disappoint.

(We especially like their fruit flavorings, which are usually mouth wateringly juicy)

All of their flavorings are available in different VG/PG ratios, which will allow you to tailor any of their juices to whatever blend you like. So all you high VG vapers out there have a huge new selection of high VG e liquid to choose from.

They offer a wide range of nicotine options ranging from 0mg/ml to 12mg/ml and include the increasingly popular 1.5mg/ml option.

The selection of juices they have available is incredible with over 100 pre made flavors. They make their juices in the USA, in pharmaceutical grade clean rooms, with FDA approved (for ingestion) flavorings. Below are some of our favorite vista vapors e liquids. We have personally vaped all of the below recommendations.

Crazy Berry
Crazy Berry
A wild combination of various berry flavors (with a strong overtone of strawberry) is a slightly tart but super sweet vape. Perfect for any fruity juice lovers out there.
Lime Soda
Lime Soda
A refreshing take on the classic lime soda drink. The lime is very citrusy and could be a little too sour if it were not for the sweet and comforting soda aftertaste cooling things down.
Icy Menthol
Icy Menthol
Icy Menthol is a super strong hit of pure clean crisp menthol with a little added sweetener. This e liquid is a strong menthol, so be prepared to change your coil when you switch flavors.
Green Apple
Green Apple
A intense vivid hit of green apple hits your taste buds and slides down the back of your throat. Tart, tangy, but sweet at the same time. (We would actually like it to be a little sweeter)
Mango is one of those e liquids that is sometimes good and sometimes terrible. It can be difficult to get a realistic flavor. This mango juice is one of the good ones!
Sundae Drizzle
Sundae Drizzle
We listed sundae drizzle as our favorite vista vapors dessert e liquid in our best eliquid list and we stand by that. Chocolaty goodness just like the sauce on your ice cream sundae.
Blueberry And Banana
Blueberry And Banana
You may know that banana e liquid can often taste a little sickly without a creamy base to offset its flavor. The blueberry in this e liquid does an excellent job of providing a non-creamy alternative.
Mellow Melon
Mellow Melon
Can you imagine what mellow melon tastes like? If you can then you are probably thinking of exactly how it tastes in real life. Refreshing and mouth wateringly sweet.
Pineapple Kiwi
Pineapple Kiwi
A tangy combination of ripe pineapple and kiwi. A flavor combination we have not seen anywhere else, and is a great choice for those vapers who like fruity vapes.
Sour Raspberries And Cream
Sour Raspberries And Cream
This is a complex and sophisticated flavor profile. We are surprised it can be purchased for such a low cost. Tart and tangy raspberries offset by a light, sweet and creamy aftertaste.

But what if you cannot find the exact flavor you are looking for in the vista vapors pre made range? Well, they offer a “mix your own” e juice option for no extra cost.
Mix Your Own
One of the things that sets this brand apart from the other budget e liquid manufacturers is their mix your own e juice system. They provide an easy to use and intuitive online tool for you to mix two flavors into whatever combination you want.

mix your own e liquid

It really is very easy to use. First of all you simply select from a list of primary flavors. There are several categories of primary flavors including menthol, sweet, fruit, tobacco, etc. Each of these categories has about 30 primary flavors in them

These primary flavors have been selected as robust flavors that are designed to be compatible with a wide range of other flavors. Once you have selected your primary flavor a drop down box will populate underneath, which then allows you to select your secondary flavor.

But be warned, the secondary flavor is not guaranteed to taste good with your primary flavor. So if you try hard enough you can probably create some pretty disgusting flavor combinations. But isn’t that half the fun of creating your own e liquid?
This is the one thing we feel is lacking slightly with this company. Their packaging has a little room for improvement. They supply most of their juices in plastic bottles with reasonably boring labeling.

I suppose this is to be expected from a budget e liquid vendor, and honestly I am not really rating them down for it at all. Because in all honesty if they said “we will give you a nicer bottle for an extra $1.75”, I would say “no thanks”. But this is actually what they do!

If you want to get your e liquid in a glass bottle with a high quality dripper you can easily upgrade from the size selection drop down list and get your vape juice in a RDA friendly bottle.
Customer Service
The vista vapors website is clean, secure and easy to use. As you many know, when a vendor offers a wide range of e liquid it can become quite cluttered on their website. Making it difficult to find the juice you want. This is not the case with vista vapors. They have a great category system with clean easy to understand images and a superb modern layout.

vape voice

We particularly like the review section of their website. They encourage customer reviews to be left on all products like most other e juice vendors out there. However what sets vista vapors apart from the other vendors is the fact that they actually leave negative reviews up on their website. It just goes to show the integrity of the company and their true desire to make the vaping world better and cheaper for all.

Their customer service is top notch and always responds to our enquiries within 24 hours. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

Our Vista Vapors Ranking

We commend Vista Vapors founder William on his literally life saving aim of making vaping cheaper for everyone. We all know that vaping is not as cheap as we thought it would be when we first started (although it is a lot cheaper than smoking!). William and vista vapors are leading the charge in low cost yet high quality e liquid.

So our overall vista vapors ranking is overwhelmingly positive. Great tasting e liquid at one of the lowest price points on the market. If you have not given them a try yet, I highly suggest that you do. With their products being this cheap you really do not have a lot to loose! Alternatively check out Halo Cigs, Or Mount Baker Vapor

Expired Vista Vapors Coupons

21% Off Your First Order
21% Discount Code
This coupon code is actually not expired yet. So if you are still looking to save a huge amount of money on your first order from with a coupon code this might be the one you are looking for. We are not surprised that vista vapors provide a huge discount on a customers first order. They are reasonably unknown in the vaping community when compared to some of the larger brands. So to entice new customers they are providing this massive saving with the 21% discount. We love these guys so much and we love their e liquid even more. We are sure that once many new vapers or new customers try their e liquid they will be hooked on the cheap price and huge amounts of flavor. Many people like to find a flavor they love and then remain loyal to the brand, this is exactly what vista vapors are trying to do with this discount code. Get new people in the door and allow them to see for themselves just how good their flavors are. A great idea, that provides huge savings. A great coupon code from vista vapors.
10% Sitewide Discount
10% Off Coupon
This vista vapors coupon code was what we used when we initially tried vista vapors flavors. We are not sure, but do not think the 21% discount code above was available when we first ordered. We wish it was because that is a huge saving. But we were still happy with the 10% discount that applied to all products purchased on There are two things we like about this discount code in particular. Firstly we love how long this code has been around for. They have been allowing their customers to save money time and time again for a long time. This coupon code has been valid and providing real money savings to customers for well over a year now. Talk about a company that really wants to help people save money and quit smoking! You must remember that this 10% discount is being applied on vistavapors already very low prices. (They actually were awarded the best cheap e liquid award in our annual e liquid manufacturers review.) The second and most important thing about this discount is the lack of a minimum spend to make the code valid. If you have read the other discount code histories we do for other brands you will know that we hate minimum spend requirements for coupon codes to be valid and applicable. This is not the case with this 10% vista vapors coupon code. No minimum spend required, just huge savings on an already discounted low price.
Free Bottle Of E-Liquid
Free Eliquid Promo
This was a very unique promotion that we have never seen from any other e liquid brand. If you used this vista vapors coupon code you would receive a totally free bottle of e liquid. No purchase required. There was no minimum spend and you did not have to order any other products. You simply went to the special promotional page on their website, received the coupon code and were able to receive a 100% free bottle of e liquid of your choosing. The two “catches” to this offer were very reasonable and are not really catches at all. The first thing that was required to make you eligible for this coupon code was that you had to pay for the shipping costs. This is to be expected, vista vapors were probably already losing a reasonable amount of money by giving away free bottles of e liquid. The least us customers can do is pay for the postage and packaging. This was their standard shipping rate and there were no additional fees added on in a subtle attempt to recover their costs. The second thing was that it was only a 10ml bottle of e liquid that you would receive with this vista vapors coupon. Its not going to make you vape for free forever, but 10ml for free is better than nothing. This coupon code did not go unnoticed in the vaping community and vista vapors got a huge amount of respect and admiration from the promotion. Unfortunately the promotion is no longer running and you will no longer find the free e liquid coupon on However with the very low prices of vista vapors and the long term 10% discount coupon above you can still get your e liquid for almost nothing. Just another example of how these guys like to reward their customers with savings.
Free Shipping
Free shipping coupon code
Free shipping coupons are the least valuable coupon codes in our humble opinion. They do not really save you that much money in real world terms compared the larger site wide discounts. We usually feel they are more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. We are not sure that this is the case with vista vapors, and are reasonably unsure about why they have produced this free shipping coupon. There is no minimum order amount required to validate this coupon code and receive the discount, which is great. But vista vapors already have a 10% sitewide discount code that is applicable to all orders regardless of minimum spend. Unless you are literally ordering one bottle of e liquid we do not see how this coupon could save you more money than the 10% off vista vapors code above. If you are ordering one bottle of e liquid this could actually be a very useful discount at you could end up saving $1 or $2 more than the 10% code. But if you are ordering more, this coupon is not the one you should use, the 10% off discount code will save you more money. What makes this coupon even stranger is the fact that it is single use only. It does not have to be used on your first order, but it can only be used once per customer. We commend vista vapors on giving us the choice, but we do not really see the need for it with the huge savings provided all year round by the 10% discount coupon.
Valentines Day
valentines day Coupon
So the coupon codes above are not codes that have been released for a certain holiday or time of year. They have been released purely out of generosity from vista vapors. But like most other vendors online, also runs several holiday promotions where you can obtain vista vapors coupon codes and discounts. Valentines day is one great example of them providing savings to customers to celebrate a holiday. On valentines day you were able to get 20% off all e liquid sold on This is not a sitewide discount but it is just as good. Mainly because we would imagine that 90% of their customers are only really interested in their brands of e liquid and not the hardware on sale. This discount code really makes their product super cheap. It is almost funny how low the price is, especially If you buy in bulk. For example, the majority of their e liquid costs $21.99 for 128ml, this 20% discount took 4.39 off the price. This means that you are paying $17.60 for 128 ml of eliquid. This works out to 13 cents per ml, or $3.90 for 30ml. Such a huge saving on such a low price results in some of the cheapest e liquid on the market. DIY e liquid almost costs more than that. An amazing discount from Vistavapors.
Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday Discount
It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday is the Monday after black Friday and customers demand and expect big discounts and savings from the brands they know and love. Vista Vapors want to be the cheapest e liquid manufacturer on the planet, and they will not be outdone on cyber Monday. (They are an online only retailer, this is an especially important day for them). On cyber Monday customers were able to get a 30% discount on all e liquid at As we mentioned in the Valentines Day deal, this is basically the main thing people buy from It is not a sitewide discount, but it is almost as good as one. Lets apply the formula we applied to the Valentines Day discount to cyber Monday. 128ml of vista vapors e liquid costs $21.99, with a 30% discount this e liquid costs $15.39. This works out to 12 cents per ml and 30ml costs you $3.60. Incredible savings with a great discount code.
Easter promo
Full disclosure, we did not actually see this discount code offered. We learned about it during research for this article. But if this code is real, it is one of the most generous discount codes we have every seen from any vape company in our lives. We found the discount code “REDDIT40” which supposedly gave a 40% discount on all e liquids from vista vapors at Easter. The actual coupon code itself gives a clue as to why the discount is so high. There is a large and active electronic cigarette / vaping community on Reddit where many brands and manufacturers like to promote their products and give huge discounts to a community of dedicated vaping enthusiasts. We are part of this community and have seen vistavapors mentioned several times, but we did not see this discount code. Now this does not mean this code was not real, it just means we may have missed it. Anyway if this coupon code was real, we did the math and it worked out to provide the cheapest eliquid per ml we have ever seen in our lives. This may sound a little bit like hyperbole, but lets do the math and you can see for yourself. $21.99 for 128ml bottle, a 40% discount means you will pay $13.19 for 128ml (a saving of $ 8.79). This works out to 10 cents per ml. You do not need to be a mathematical genius to work out you are paying $3 for 30ml of premium e liquid with this code applied to the biggest bottle vista vapors sell. We will certainly be looking out for more coupon codes like this on Reddit, if we find one we will be posting it on this page so check back for updates. You never know when the next large vista vapors coupon code might be delivered.

Save 10% Sitewide With Vista Vapors

Use this discount coupon to save 10% on all orders made at Click on the to box reveal the code and receive your discount coupon.
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You get my vote for crazy berry too. It is one of the best berry flavors I have ever tried. And I have tried a few. I order 4 X 102ml bottles at a time and keep it steeping nicely. So happy that my all day vape is so cheap.
Thanks for that review! Its always good to see real customers giving their opinion. Placing my first order now too.
Great article. I totally agree vista vapors are one of the most underrated e liquid manufacturers online. I think many people discount them because they are so cheap and think it could not be possible for them to produce good juice.
I love this company. I know tobacco flavors are unpopular in the vaping world but if you are a tobacco lover try their American tobacco flavor. It is incredible.
I have been using these guys for ages now. I am a little upset that some of the flavor combinations are no longer available in the create your own e liquid section (Thanks FDA). Still a good amount to choose from tho.
I have had nothing but good experiences with vista vapors. I order all of my vaping supplies from them now that they also sell other stuff. Great company and i love their discount coupon codes.
Time for me to add my review! So I ordered the vista top 5 taster kit and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it arrived. I ordered it on a Monday and it was with me by Wednesday. Quick delivery is important to me, especially when I was already running low on e liquid supplies. The juices were packaged well and I really enjoyed the vista single ecig that came with it. I was expecting it to be a rubbish low quality product but it is pretty good. Its not something I would replace my current e cig with, but as a backup vape it will certainly do the job. The juices were just as flavorful as this review said. They are not super high quality, but they are more than acceptable and tasted pretty darn good! My rating 8/10. Great price, awesome service and clouds all day
Great review of vista vapors guys, I am going to try them out now and will report back with my findings. Going to buy the “Vista Top 5” startkit and see how it turns out.
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