Vapor4Life Wow Disposable E-Cig - Reviewed

We review the Vapor4Lyfe Wow Disposable electronic cigarettes. We have come to expect great things from this company based upon their other products. But does the Wow really live up to its name?


The Vapor4Lyfe Wow is the almost the exact same size and shape as a cigarette, it is very slightly thicker. It feels like a cigarette in the hand but like all cigalikes it is slightly heavier than a cigarette. We love the way this thing looks, classy and sophisticated. It is coated with a satin grey outer casing which from a distance looks very similar to a normal cigarette. (So if you are looking to be discreet with your vaping, this could be a bonus.) It has a light blue band and a subtle white vapor4lyfe logo on the filter tip.

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Battery Life

The Vapor4Life Wow has an excellent battery considering the size of the ecig, they appear to have overcome one of the main limitations that many cigalikes have. Fitting a powerful disposable battery into something the size of an ecig is no easy task. However these guys have managed to do it. Each individual Vapor4Lyfe Wow Disposable will last you around 2 days of regular usage. Which is quite an achievement considering the technical constraints.

Vapor Quality

If you have ever tried any of Vapor4Lifes other products you will already know that they are one of the best brands when it comes to quality vapor production. The Wow Disposable packs a huge sub ohm atomizer into the tiny sized ecig. When you combine this advanced atomizer with the powerful battery you inevitably get large amounts of vapor. It produces more vapor than we usually see from other respected cigalikes. It is certainly in the top 5 we have ever tested in terms of vapor production.

Vapor4Lyfes Wow Disposable is available in two classic flavors. The most popular by far is the standard tobacco flavor. The tobacco flavor combines a blends of various tobacco leaf flavoring extracts from around the world to create a sophisticated flavor profile that tastes just like a normal cigarette. The menthol flavor is also a big hit with an icy cool fresh blast of pure mint and menthol without any tobacco taste. Both flavors come with a 2.6% nicotine content, which is a reasonably large concentration. Due to this you may find that you need to puff on this e cig less often than when you smoked traditional cigarettes.

Build Quality

Many cigalikes are notorious for being low quality devices that break down and stop working randomly. Which is why we only recommend you buy from long established trusted brands. We ordered a multi pack of Vapor4Lyfes Wow Disposables and passed them around the office while we tested them. Not a single one of them broke, they all lasted around 2 days of normal usage. Some of us even managed to get 3 days out of them. Vapor4Lyfe state on their website that they should only last 1.5 days, so we feel they are over delivering on these products to ensure happy customers.

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Usage And Maintenance

Like many other cigalikes there is no button required to activate Vapor4Lyfes Wow Disposables. It ships from the factory fully charged and filled with e liquid. All you need to do is unwrap it an inhale, the internal airflow sensor does all the rest. It will automatically activate the inbuilt advanced sub ohm atomizer when it detects you taking a puff, and similarly it will automatically shut it off when you stop. Usually there is a delay on cheap cigalikes between the airflow sensor detecting inhalation and vapor being produced, and there is a very slight delay of about 1 second on the Vapor4Lyfe Wow Disposable. However this is excellent, you will not find many other disposables that are respond faster than this.

Value For Money

Currently the Vapor4Lyfe is priced at $7.99 which makes it a solid mid range option. You can get a very slight discount of around $2 if you decide to purchase their multipacks. We wish this discount was a little bit higher in line with other manufacturers bulk buy discounts. But we feel the Vapor4Lyfe Wow Disposable is a already cheap compared to the other disposables on the market, so we did not mark them down on this too much.

Vapor4Life Wow Disposable: Rankings

Overall the Vapor4Lyfe WOW disposable is one of the finest cigalikes on the market. It adequately replicated the feel and sensation of smoking with great tasting e liquid and plentiful vapor production. A great choice for new or experienced e cig users.
Battery Life
Vapor Quality
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Vapor4Life Wow Disposable Final Rating

I cannot agree enough with this review. These little things look so sleek and classy. I hate the way that you are usually only given two options when it comes to the appearance of disposable cigalikes. You usually only get ones that look just like a cigarette, or ones that are boring and black. This subtle grey is beautiful, the pictures do not do it justice!
I use these when I travel and I cannot take my hardcore mech mods with me. Awesome little disposables from Vapor4Lyfe.
Just ordered the multipack with 10 in them after being disappointed with another brand. It is a little bit silly they do not discount it more for a bulk buy. But you are right, these things are already cheap!
Wow are these things still around? They look a little bit different from when I first started vaping. These are what I used to quit smoking when I first started using e cigs. I have upgraded now to high powered reusable box mods but I still have a special place for these guys in my heart. If you are new to vaping and are just looking to quit smoking for the first time. I totally recommend them.
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