Vapor4Lifes Vapor Titan - Reviewed

The Vapor4Lyfe Vapor Titan is probably the most popular ecig Vapor4Life has produced. Today we review the Vapor Titan and see if is really as titanic as the name suggests.


The Vapor Titan is about the same length as a ball point pen and around three times the thickness. Kind of similar to a slim cigar. It has a colored brushed steel outer casing that is available in a huge range of over 10 different colors. Ranging from a classic back, all the way through to a baby pink. The button used to activate the atomizer is well placed on the top of the e cig and is very high quality, which delivers a satisfying click every time you use it.

Vapor 4 Life vapor Titan

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Battery Life

Nearly the whole body of this e cig is taken up by the battery. Vapor4Life have gone to great lengths to ensure they have made the Vapor Titan as powerful as possible. They offer two kinds of batteries (automatic and manual), which we will discuss in a second. Both of the battery types are long lasting and powerful. Both the manul and automatic batteries will be enough to last most people a full day of usage without needing to recharge.

Vapor Quality

This is where we think the Vapor Titan starts to outshine its competitors. While the battery life is very respectable, it is no different to some of the other options from other brands. However the atomizer in the Vapor Titans cartomizer (aka e liquid reservoir) is a high quality sub ohm device. What this basically means is that it is going to produce a huge amount of vapor for the very tiny size of the e cig.

Every flavor is available in a wide range of nicotine options allowing you to tailor your experience to your previous smoking addiction. We recommend the 1.8% strength for people that used to smoke around 1 pack a day. If you smoked more than that go for the 2.4% strength. Chain smokers are the only people that should really be using the 3.6% strength, it is very strong.

There are a wide range of flavor options available for the Vapor Titan. We have only tried 5 of them, but every single one we tried was superb. They were complex flavor profiles that were sophisticated and vivid. We really felt our tastebuds sing. We assume all the flavors are high quality despite only tying 5, but if you want to know the ones we can vouch for they are: Grape, Rainbow Candy, Cinnablaze, Virginia Menthol, and Vanilla Mocha Frappe.

Build Quality

This is not some cheap made in china e cig. Vapor4Life have been around for quite a while in the vaping industry now and have earned a reputation for reliable quality. We never had any issues with leakage or battery degredation during the few months we tested the Vapor Titan. But if you do have any issues with the e cig Vapor4Life have a 30 day money back guarantee, and a 90 day warranty on all of their Vapor Titan products.

Vpaor Titan E Cig Ranking

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Usage And Maintenance

Once of the great things about Vapor4Life is that they love to give their customers options. Which is why they have created two different versions of the Vapor Titan. One version contains an automatic battery, this version does not have a button to activate the atomizer. Instead the button is replaced with an internal airflow sensor which detects inhalation and automatically produces vapor. The other version is called a manual battery, which requires a button press to activate the atomizer.

Which version you should get is really personal preference. These days manual batteries are more popular on the whole because the vapor production begins immediately. Automatic batteries have a slight delay of around one second before the vapor is produced due to the time required to actually detect the airflow. But some people prefer this because it closely mimics the sensation of smoking a cigarette because there is no button. We recommend the manual version, you will get used to it very quickly and the slight delay when inhaling on an automatic version can be a little annoying. But both are great options.

Set up and maintenance is easy. Simply charge the battery fully when you receive your Vapor Titan in the mail, screw on the atomizer, and start vaping!

Value For Money

There are 3 different starter kits available with the Vapor Titan, all of which contain everything you need to start vaping. The Vapor Titan standard kit contains 1 Battery, a charger, a carry case, and 5 Cartomizers of the same flavor (each one is about enough for a day). It costs $39.99, but we personally feel that you should get the Vapor Titan Premium Kit. The problem with the standard kit is that it only contains one battery. Which means when you run out of battery you are going to need to wait for it to charge before you can use it again (you cannot use it while charging). With the premium kit you get a second battery which means you can always have one on charge and you will never be without your ecig. For an additional $10 the $49.99 price is well worth the benefits a second battery will bring. Vapor4Life are also well known for many generous discount codes and savings, click here to find the latest code.

The Titan Ultimate Kit is a $74.99 and includes a tank that can be used instead of an atomizer and a 30ml bottle of e liquid which is enough for around 2 weeks worth of vaping. This tank also allows you to use any brand of e liquid in the world with your Vapor Titan which is great because there are some very tasty flavors out there.

Vapor4Life Vapor Titan: Rankings

Overall we think the Vapor Titan is a great e cig that is excellent value for money. It produces tasty vapor and is an excellent product for new and experienced vapors alike.
Battery Life
Vapor Quality
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Vapor Titan Final Rating

These guys produce awesome e cigs. You are not going to be disappointed.
My first e cig brand and my first love. I will never forget these guys, I have moved on to bigger and better more advanced e cigs now. But for beginners, you cannot beat them.
Ordered from them and received the wrong e cig, they sent me the correct one free of charge and let me keep the old one. Awesome customer service!
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