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Discount Codes Last Updated: April 2021

Save 20% Sitewide With Vapor4Life

Use this discount coupon to save 20% on all orders made at Click on the to box reveal the code and receive your discount coupon.

Vapor4Life Reviewed:

Vapor4Life are a company that have established themselves as a manufacturer that cares about discounts and quality. Instead of producing a huge product range they have decided to focus all of their efforts on just a select few over engineered e cigs. They have developed products for every single one of the niche markets in the electronic cigarette world. As a company that really cares about their customers, Vapor4Life coupon codes are both common and generous.

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Vapor4Life do not sell cheap made in china products. As such they can seem to be a little bit more expensive compared to some of the other brands on the market. However they are great value for money. Whereas other cheaper brands will sell you an electronic cigarette that will break down in a month or two, Vapor4Lifes products will last you a lifetime (almost!). The clue is in the name really!

Vapor4Lifes coupon codes and promotions are numerous, they will give customers a discount or a saving at every opportunity they get. We have seen 20% sitewide coupons that are valid on all purchases made at We also see many item specific sales that allow you to save money without even needing a coupon code. In fact we would estimate that around 40% of the products on are currently discounted from their original price. We are unsure if these are real discounts or just marketing ploys to make people think they are saving money. But we could certainly feasibly imagine that the original prices of the items on their store were real.

Customer Service

When we look into a company and review them we always look into customer service. We at Quitza are long standing members of the vaping community and love to see that a company is giving sound and safe advice. We have a secret test question that we send to every company we review. It is sent from a free email address that is not connected with Quitza at all. We then pretend to be a brand new vaper that knows nothing about electronic cigarettes asking for advice on what they should get to start vaping.

This has two benefits. Firstly we can see how knowledgeable the company is in terms of their recommendations. We ask questions that require a reasonably specific answer, and a reasonable understanding of vaping. We want to find out if we are talking to a vaper, or a random customer support agent. The response we got from Vapor4Life was prompt and informed. First test, passed!

We also look to see what we are actually recommended. Less trustworthy companies that are not in the vaping industry for the right reasons will often times suggest products to new vapers that they do not need, simply because they are more expensive. This can mean a new vaper could purchase a complex high power device that is too advanced for them to operate and maintain. Possibly resulting in them giving up on electronic cigarettes all together and returning to smoking. Vapor4Life did not try and do this. They gave us an excellent recommendation for an initial purchase and we would probably have suggested the same product to a new vaper.

We always like to ask companies customer service reps if there are any current promotional codes, or if there is a chance for us to get a little money off the total. Unfortunately when we asked we did not receive any Vapor4Life discount codes and were told we had to pay full price. This is not uncommon, in fact we have only ever gotten a discount code by asking a handful of times. But an unexpected saving is often an option. So it never hurts to ask!

Expired Vapor4Life Coupons

Vapor4Life are one of those companies that genuinely cares about the vaping community. They are well known and respected for the large amount of coupon codes and discounts that they provide to their customers. We love couponing and saving money here at Quitza. So we like to dissect and analyze previous Vapor4Life coupon codes that have been on offer to try and predict what might be available next year.

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New Years Promo
NYE Discount Code
With many people quitting smoking as a new years resolution, it makes sense for vaping companies to offer huge discounts around this time of year. It helps create new vapers and encourages people to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes. Due to the amount of time it takes for any online store to deliver a product we feel that Christmas discounts are more important than new years discounts. Enabling customers to start their new years resolution with a vape already in their hand. But for people who have not planned ahead, a good saving on new years day is also well received. New years this year saw a 50% Vapor4Life coupon code on their massively popular titan starter kit. This powerful vape is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a good start in vaping. Vapor4Life certainly understood the main demographic making use of this coupon would be new vapers and provided an excellent discount specifically aimed at these new customers. This was an awesome half price promotion that was the second biggest discount we have ever seen from the company. It resulted in a huge saving of around $20 on each kit.
Christmas Promo
Christmas Discount
Christmas is the time of year we all love to give and receive gifts, and discount codes have never been more useful. A good coupon code at Christmas can save people lots of money on their Christmas shopping. Can you think of a better gift for someone than a smoke free lifestyle and an introduction into the world of vaping? Us neither. Christmas saw a Vapor4Life coupon code with a massive 60% discount on their Vapor King starter kits. The Vapor King is one of their premium range of products and is an exceptionally high quality e cig. Perfect as a gift for anyone. We hold a reasonably controversial belief at Quitza that Christmas coupon codes are the most important coupon codes of the whole year. Many people quit smoking for new years eve and want to quit by using electronic cigarettes. This could lead many people to believe that it is the new years discount codes that are the most important, and we think that they are very important, but not as important as huge savings at Christmas. All online retailers need time to dispatch an order and get it delivered to their customers. If you get a new years eve discount code and you want to quit smoking as a new years resolution you are going to have to go cold turkey for a few days while you wait for the e cig to be delivered. This is why we were so happy to see such a huge discount code provided on Christmas. Just in time for new years quitters.
Vapor4Life Free Shipping Coupon
Free Shippin Discount Code
This is one of the most common coupons that any company can provide to their customers at any time of the year. With the amount of coupons that Vapor4Life distribute you will by not be surprised to find they also provide a free shipping coupon. The Vapor4Life free shipping coupon does not require a minimum spend which is something that we really like. This coupon cannot be combined with other coupons on So choose wisely. This is not always the biggest discount, as is often the way with free shipping coupons. So be sure to take a look at the top of this page for the other coupons that are currently valid to make sure you are getting the biggest discount possible with the biggest savings possible.
Fathers Day 20% Discount
Fathers Day Code
Another single item Vapor4Life coupon code was provided on Fathers Day which was on a Ego Starter kit. We have reviewed the Vapor4Life ego starter kit in a separate review. It got a great rating from us and is a very good introductory e cig for anyone looking to quit smoking and start vaping. We like this coupon code because it is on a starter kit, these are the only kind of single item savings we really like to see. We were a little bit surprised to see that the 20% discount that was provided on Fathers Day was 10% less than the 30% discount on mothers day. This is surprisingly something we see more and more often with online vape stores. For some reason fathers day discounts seem to be a little bit lower than mother’s day discounts. However we do recognize that this discount is on one of Vapor4Lifes most popular products and will probably have been more useful to consumers than their Mothers Day discount. We are probably moaning a little bit too much here though, many companies do not offer any savings on mothers day or fathers day. A great little discount from an awesome online vape store.
Mothers Day 30% Discount
Mothers Day Sale
Mothers day is a mixed bag of results when it comes to coupon codes in the electronic cigarette industry. Many companies choose to ignore the holiday for one reason or another. We obviously like to see as many discount codes online as possible so we were very happy to see a Vapor4Life discount code on mothers day. This coupon however was a little bit disappointing when we looked at the amount of things you could save money on. It was only on a specific line of their products. This was for the V series e cigs which are admittedly an excellent line of products but not one of their best sellers (we assume). You could save 30% off all V series products including accessories. If there were any mothers out there that wanted a little bit of a discount or wanted to quit smoking on mothers day this could probably have helped them a little bit. But for everyone else, we would have like to have seen a wider range of items eligible for the discount. But again, kudos to Vapor4Life for producing a coupon code on a day that is not a traditional bargains day in the vaping industry.
Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday Discount Code
We really liked the discount code gave out on Cyber Monday. It was a much more generous offering than what was given out on Black Friday. The King E-Cigar is one of the best e cigars on the market. We saw a huge 25% discount coupon code for the King E-Cigar on cyber Monday. With Christmas just around the corner and many cigar smokers thinking about quitting smoking this could have enticed a few people to make the switch early. They will already be saving lots of money by quitting smoking cigars and switching to an E-Cigar. And they will already be saving money with the promotional sale price Vapor4Life currently has on their King E-Cigar. And now they are getting a discount code that reduces that sale price even further. It has never been cheaper to quit smoking cigars and start using e-cigars. Great job from Vapor4Life with this discount.
Black Friday
Black Friday Coupon Code
This was supposed to be the biggest Vapor4Life coupon code of the year. We were very excited to see what a company that likes to pass on savings to customers so regularly had in store for us on black Friday. If we are totally honest we were a little bit underwhelmed by what was provided. A 10% discount on specific kinds of e liquid. We did expect a little bit more from a company as generous as this. However even if it was a small discount we have no doubt that it saved people cash. E liquid is the one thing every vaper will need to replace on a regular basis. So if you decided to stock up for the year on e liquid on Black Friday you could have saved yourself hundreds of dollars. Not a bad little discount, but we wish there were greater savings. Let’s see what this next brings!
Thanksgiving 20% Off
Thanksgiving Discount Code
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are without doubt the two biggest shopping days of the thanksgiving weekend. So we like it when we see companies providing savings during all of thanksgiving as well as on those two big shopping days. There was a Vapor4Life coupon code that provided customers with a huge 20% discount on selected WOW disposable products. Again a single item discount code, we would have liked to have seen a sitewide discount with a smaller percentage. But with the WOW disposable cigarettes being one of the most popular disposables on the market, we are sure this discount resulted in huge cash savings for many disposable e cig smokers.
Halloween Discount On E-Liquid
Halloween Discount Code
There is not much incentive for vaping companies to give out discount codes on Halloween. It is not really one of the larger traditional holidays that vaping manufacturers like to provide discounts on. However as always we were able to find a Vapor4Life coupon code ready and waiting in our inbox. This is an excellent way to get discount codes delivered to you as soon as they are provided. So we highly recommend you sign up to the newsletter on The Halloween discount was very specific and as such was probably not used very much. But it gave customers a free bottle of e liquid when they purchased a v series starter kit from A nice little saving that was a little bit too specific to be of real value to most people.
St Patricks Day
St Patricks Day Sale
You know you have found a caring company when they are willing to provide their customers with savings and discounts at every opportunity. Not many other online vape stores will give their customers a St Patricks Day discount code. But we were given a Vapor4Life discount code direct into our inbox. There was a $20 saving on the Vapor Zeus starter kit at This is roughly a 30% saving on the original price. At time of writing Vapor4Life also have a sale on their Vapor Zeus starter kit which means more real money savings for those interested in the product. Normally at this point we would mention that we like sitewide discounts. But for a holiday this unusual, we love finding any coupon codes at all.
Valentines Day
Valentines Day Coupon
Love is in the air on Valentines Day, and it is usually a day reserved for couples to spend together. It is not a traditional day for discount codes to be given out by the vaping industry. There was a Vapor4Life Valentines Day promotional code that was buy one get one free on V-Kit starter kits. So any smoking couples that had decided to quit smoking essentially got their starter kits for around half price. A huge $65 saving on a day that is not usually synonymous with discounts is the sign of a great company In our book. We really liked the way they managed to tie the couples aspect into this promo code, a very unusual approach that not many other companies seem to have adopted.
15% Off Vapor4Life Starter Kits
15% Off Vapor4Life Starter Kits
There are two main kinds of vaping company that operate today. One kind mainly provides products that are geared towards high end vapers who know exactly what they want. These people are looking for huge amounts of customization and power, ease of use is not really an issue for them. In fact making e cigs work is almost like a hobby for hardcore vapers. Then there are the other kind of companies that mainly like to market towards new vapers and vapers that do not want to make vaping a hobby, but want to quit smoking with tasty vapor. This is the kind of company that Vapor4Life is. They are well known for their high quality starter kits. This 15% discount coupon applied to all of their starter kits. We personally like to recommend the Vapor4Life ego starter kit as it is one of the most high powered vape pens on the market. But their Wow Disposable starter kits, and their King starter kits are also very strong products. Whatever you decided to use to get started with vaping, this starter kit discount code will have saved you money. We love sitewide discounts the most, but our second favorite is a category discount on starter kits. This discount code will have convinced at least a few people to quit smoking and start vaping. Which in the end is what this community is all about. Beating tobacco addictions with vaping savings!
Easter Sale
Easter Code
The Vapor4Life Easter sale promo was a single item discount that was valid with all purchases of their WOW starter kits. It was a 20% discount which roughly equated into around $10 of savings. Not a bad little discount for a holiday that is usually not celebrated in the vaping world. We would like to have seen 30% or 40% savings so we could have gotten an additional $10 or $20 cash back on our purchases, but again its not really a big day for discounts.
Labor Day
Labour Day Code
We expected to see a Labor Day coupon code from Vapor4Life. They seem to be celebrating every other national holiday with some kind of a promotion or sale. But as we sat there waiting for the code to arrive in our inbox we started to realize that there would be no savings for us this day other companies like Mt Baker Vapor and HaloCigs Both provided discounts. Next year might be different, Vapor4Life are starting to get a reputation for discount codes all year round. We will have to wait and see!
15% Off Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigs
disposable promo
We recently did an in depth review of Vapor4Life and their disposable e cigs. They are undoubtedly one of the most popular disposable electronic cigarettes on the market and probably Vapor4Lifes best selling product. We know many people that personally buy these disposables and they managed to get a 15% discount on all of their WOW purchases. We are unsure about how long this coupon code is valid for, when we tried it last it had expired. But when it was active we are sure that hundreds of people saved thousands of dollars with this discount code. Again we like to see sitewide discounts or at least category level discounts from a company, they are the most inclusive and more people can use them. But this is one of Vapor4Lifes best selling products so we give them a thumbs up for discounting such a popular product that people would already buy even without the saving a discount code provides.
15% Off Vapor4Lifes King E-Cigar
King E Cigar 15% Off
If you have not already taken a look at our review of Vapor4Lifes king e-cigar you really should. We actually rated it in the top 3 e-cigars of all time. The amazing reception that the vaping community gave to this groundbreaking e cigar is probably what prompted them to produce this discount code. As far as we are aware this coupon code was only valid on the actual cigar itself and not the cartomizers that contain the refillable e liquid. We usually do not like single item discount codes as they are a little bit specific. This Vapor4Life coupon was very specific, but we are willing to cut them a little slack on this one. Our main reason for this is that there are only a few e cigars on the market and there is an ever growing demand for them. So for the hundreds of people that make a e cigar purchase every day this was probably a very good discount code that saved them at least $10. They possibly saved more than that because the sale price of around $90 could not have been applicable then. Meaning this Vapor4Life coupon code could have saved people around $18 off the original $180 price tag.
15% Off Vaping Accessories
15% Off Vaping Accessories
With the price of vaping accessories already being very low compared to the cost of the hardware or e liquid we feel this coupon was probably not used to save much money. However we take our hats off to Vapor4Life for providing us with a little discount that will hopefully save people a dollar or two. This does feel a little bit like they have made this discount code available for marketing purposes instead of actually hoping people save money. But every little helps! This coupon code was valid on purchased of things like drip tips, coils, wire, and vape cases which is why it was kind of a good deal after all, every vaper needs to stock up on these essentials.
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