Vapor Hub Coupon Codes (April 2021 Promo)

These Vapor Hub coupon codes are verified every hour ensuring they are still valid and applying discounts correctly. Click the boxes below to reveal our latest verified Vapor Hub coupon codes.

Discount Codes Last Updated: April 2021

Save 15% Sitewide With Vapor Hub

Use this Vapor Hub coupon code to save 15% on all orders made at Click on the to box reveal the code and receive your discount coupon.

Save Up To 75% On Selected Items at

Use this Vapor Hub Promo to save up to 75% on selected items at Click on the to box reveal the instructions.

Vapor Hub Promotions

By using our Vapor Hub coupon code above you will be able to access the latest Vapor Hub promotional offers that we curate just for you. We update this page regularly with the most recent coupons, discounts, savings, and deals so be sure to check back. We have seen discounts on of up to 75% in the past, so you never know when the next time to save lots of cash might turn up!

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Vapor Hub is an online vape store that is reasonably new in the vaping industry. They first started trading in 2013 and have quickly expanded their operation to include 3 other companies under the Vapor Hub umbrella. They stock a wide range of vaping supplies including Mods, Tanks, RDAs, E liquid and accessories and are going from strength to strength.

It has been set up by vaping enthusiasts to help people across the country quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes. Vapor Hub coupon codes are distributed less frequently than some other online vape stores. For example myfreedomsmokes coupon codes and mt baker vapor coupon codes are released on many public holidays, we do not often see this from Vapor Hub. However that does not mean that there are not many different ways to save money on When they do release discount codes they are often generous and sitewide.

The infrequency of their promotions means that if you want to try and save money with Vapor Hub you will need to act fast on the promotional codes that are on offer. You never know how long it might be before the next promo comes along. By looking at expired Vapor Hub coupon codes we like to try and predict when the next promotional discounts and seasonal sales might be activated.

Previous Vapor Hub Coupons coupon code

Sitewide 10% Vapor Hub Discount
10% off Code
This Vapor Hub coupon code is not expired as of yet and is still providing customers with 10% savings on all orders. We like to see sitewide discounts codes more than any other kind of promotional offer. Individual item coupon codes can be very specific and are often just a promotional marketing scheme to generate good press while providing very little value to customers. This 10% discount code from Vapor Hub proves that this is a company that does not just care about public appearances. They are giving large discounts to their customers through this 10% discount code. We saved over $50 with this code on our last e cig hardware purchase from This 10% off coupon will only be valid for a limited amount of time so we highly recommend that you act fast and make any purchases you are planning from Vapor Hub before it expires. You do not want to miss out on this one! Most of Vapor Hubs other coupon codes are on individual items, or occasionally categories. Sitewide Vapor Hub discounts are very rare and the savings can be significant. Order soon because when it’s gone, it is gone! There is no minimum spend for this 10% off promo to be valid which is something that we really like to see. Minimum spends can often by quite high which significantly reduces the usefulness of any promotional offer. You could spend just $5.99 on a bottle of e liquid and get the 10% discount applied. If you did you would only be saving 59 cents, but you get the idea. Spend $100 and get $10 off!
Vapor Hub Free Shipping Coupon
free shipping code
Free shipping coupons are the easiest kind of coupon for any company to give out. How useful they are usually depends on one thing. Is there a minimum order amount for the coupon to be valid? Unfortunately to activate the free shipping coupon you will need to spend $75 in their store. This is a reasonably high minimum spend for such a reasonably small saving. We have seen some of their competitors, offer free shipping coupons without any minimum spend at all. However this is not normal, we would say on average customers need to have a sub total of $50 in their cart before free shipping promotional codes can be applied. So we would say this coupon from Vapor Hub is a little bit underwhelming compared to their competitors. But if we are being honest, it could be a lot worse. We have seen online vape stores running promotional deals on free shipping that require a minimum spend of over $100 to activate the coupon. This is a perfectly reasonable Vapor Hub promo that will have saved people a few dollars. It is actually possible for customers to save more money with this coupon code than the 10% sitewide discount above. You need to have an order total that is very specific. If you order between the minimum order threshold of $75 and $100 you will be saving more with this coupon due to the price of shipping. For example, the 10% discount on an order at of $80 will give you an $8 saving. We really like the way that the free shipping coupons at Vapor Hub are compatible with other coupon codes. So you could potentially get a double saving if you use the 10% Vapor Hub promo code above and the free shipping deal.
Vapor Hub Limitless Coupons
Limitless Mod Discount Code
Vapor Hub are the manufacturer of the well known and loved Limitless Mod Series. These high powered rechargeable electronic cigarettes are quickly gaining a reputation in the vaping industry as being a must have. Their high power variable wattage functionality combined with their sleek and stylish appearance is a winning combination. The most frequent kind of Vapor Hub coupon codes we see are item specific. More often than not they are promotional offers on this Limitless E-Cig line. One of the most recent discount codes that is still valid is a 10% off the entire Limitless product range. This was released at a time that the 10% sitewide discount was not available and It was well received by the vaping community. With the original prices of these mods being around $90 in some cases people are able to save around $9. The Limitless Mods from Vapor Hub earned their reputation because they are customizable. There are several options you can select on the order form page at to customize your order. Some of these customizations are more expensive than others. But we were able to make a order total over $200, which would mean we could have saved over $20 off of our order.
$4 Off Selected E liquid
4% Off Code
This was an unusual Vapor Hub coupon code that we were surprised to see. They only stock two bottles of Flowbot brand e liquid but we were able to find a $4 discount promo code during our coupon research. This is a promotional offer that does not require a coupon code to be activated and the discount has already been applied to both of their bottles on We suspect the reasoning behind this discount is that it is old stock that needs to be sold. But this is excellent e liquid that is quite popular in the vaping world, so it could be a good chance for customers to save a little bit of money on a purchase they were already planning on making.
Vapor Hub Black Friday Coupon
Black Friday Day Sale
Many other online vape stores like to try and give out smaller promotional coupon codes on every single public holiday they can. This often has the effect of diluting the sizes of the discounts over the year. As such their black Friday discount codes can be a little bit weak in comparison to the large savings customers expect from black Friday promotions. Vapor Hub coupon codes are not distributed throughout the year and are only really given to customers on the big holidays. Due to this they can afford to give their customers a significant discount on Black Friday. There was a large 20% sitewide Black Friday discount that was applicable to all orders made on and saved us over $125 of our hard earned money. We are not using hyperbole when we say that this is one of the biggest promotional offers we have ever seen from a online vape store. There was no minimum order value required to enable customers to receive the discount and no products were excluded. Some of their famous Limitless mods were more heavily discounted on Black Friday with this coupon code than with the specific limitless mod coupons they have previously released.
Vapor Hub Clearance Promos Clearance Sales
This is where the real Vapor Hub discounts and promotions are to be found. There is a dedicated clearance sale section on their website, and the discounts and savings are substantial. Sometimes we see websites sale sections as nothing more than a way for them to sell old stock that is not selling very well and is just taking up space. This is not the case with the clearance section on We have seen some very popular products with significant savings. For example we saw the Tugboat2 RDA on offer for just $9.95, reduced from the original price of $39.95. This is a 75% discount on one of he most popular RDAs to have ever of been made. Another example is the White Brass RDA, it is now on sale on for $19.95 discounted from $94.95. This is an 80% discount, incredible. Its not just RDA’s, Vapor Hub has deals on Mods too. The Ijoy Asolo 200w Box Mod was originally $159.95 and is now on sale for just $69.95. That is less than half price for a well loved Mod. There are Vapor Hub coupon codes on e liquid too. We saw cosmic fog e liquid on sale for $7.95 discounted from $11.95 and we saw broken bottle e liquid also sold at the same price with the same 20% Vapor Hub coupon code.

Using Vapor Hub Promo Codes

How To Use Vapor Hub Discount Code

The process for using Vapor Hubs coupon codes and accessing their promotional discounts is easy and intuitive. Once you have completed your shopping on simply go to their cart page. Once you have entered your address and shipping details you will see a huge red textbox with the words “Apply Coupon” written on it.

Come back to this page and then select the valid Vapor Hub coupon code from the top of this page and click the “Reveal Vapor Hub coupon code” button. You will then see the Vapor Hub coupon code you requested. Copy and paste it into the textbox on the order form and click calculate discount.

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