The Top Vape Carrying Cases & Bags - A 2021 Review

If you have been vaping for even a few months you will have already noticed you may need a vape case. Have you started to accumulate a growing amount of vaping supplies? Do you need a vape bag to store them? Perhaps you are going on vacation, and you are looking for a strong and hard carrying case to ensure your ecigs and e liquids survive the trip?

Here are our top 5 vape cases that will let you store your ecig supplies securely and travel with them effortlessly.

#1 Coil Master Kbag

Coil Master Kbag

Coil master are one of the biggest names in vaping accessories. They are well known for their coil building kits that come in outstanding cases. Cases that we really wanted. But most of use here already had a large range of coil building supplies, and did not want to re purchase them all just to get the case. Lucky for us, Coil Master decided to respond to customer demand and sell the case separately.

Priced at $16.49 it is a bargain waiting to be had. It is made from hard polyurethane and is 14.4 inches long, 8.3 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. If you have trouble visualizing dimensions like that, it is roughly the size of a normal laptop case. It has a huge capacity that is more than adequate for most vapers. It is what many of us here at Quitza use as our vape cases when we go out of town for long periods of time. Although for many people it may be a little bit too large (if so, keep reading. Coil master make a mini, travel vape case version of the Kbag.)

It has a strong zipper and one side of the case is covered in a single large piece of netting. Perfect for storing your large items of ecig hardware such as mods and batteries (Batteries still need to be properly stored in their own battery case inside any vape case, including this one).

The other side of the case is covered in a woven lattice style strap structure that is a coil master signature. These lattice straps can be moved and stretched allowing you to store and transport all manner of vaping supplies securely, regardless of their shape. We were able to store 2 large box mods (A Sigelei 75w, and a Reuleaux RX200s), 6 30ml bottles of e liquid, 2 double battery cases, and a coil building kit. We still had a little room to spare.

If you are not planning on moving your vaping supplies around often, or you need to take a large amount with you wherever you go. This is the case for you, it’s the most popular case by far. Ask about it in any vape shop and they will know about it, and they will probably love it too.

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#2 Coil Master Kbag Mini
Coil Master Kbag Mini

The second entry on this list is also from Coil Master. This is the mini version of the Kbag we just rated as the best vape carry case. Many people loved the original version of the Kbag, but it is just too large to be what people consider portable. Based on the success of their first carry case Coil Master released a miniaturized version called the KBag Mini.

It contains the same high quality polyurethane case as the full sized version and the same durable zipper. It is significantly smaller than the original Coil Master and is 9.1 inches long and 6.1 inches wide and 1.8 inches high. If you want to try and visualize that, this case is slightly bigger than an iPad mini – but 1.7 inches thicker.

The interior of this case is identical to the larger original version on a smaller scale. It contains the durable large single pocket on one side of the case. And the secure lattice mesh structure on the other side of the case. We were able to fit our Sigelei 75w mod inside it, alongside 3 30ml bottles of e liquid and two spare batteries.

If you liked the look of the original Kbag but thought it was a bit too big for your needs. The Kbag Mini could be exactly what you are looking for.

Quite honestly, the Coilmaster Kbag series are the best vape cases money can buy. In terms of quality, functionality, and price - they are almost untouchable. (I know we sound biased right now, but we have not been paid to say this. We never accept any gifts or money to favorably review a brand. They are just that much better than the competition. Ask your local vape shop what they think of them, you will probably hear the same.)

But perhaps you are looking for a vape bag that is a little more compact for travelling? Or do you need a little more depth to store your large box mod e cigs? If so the next three entries may be of interest.

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#3 FoxVape Ego Travel Case
Fox Vape Bag

This e cig case is one of the smallest we have seen and also one of the most innovative. It is actually more of a vape bag than a case. It is made out durable woven polyurethane and is 7.5 inches high, 6.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. It’s a little too big to fit in the pocket of your pants, but would easily fit in a jacket pocket.

The fox vape bag offers minimal protection compared to some of the hard case options on this page. Its intended purpose is for you to be able to have your e cigarette and e liquid and accessories all in one easy to access place. There is a stretchy side pocket specifically designed to hold a 30ml bottle of e liquid and a small zipper section at the front to store coils or other accessories.

The most unique thing about this vape bag is the way that it stores your mod. Its main compartment is deep and wide enough to fit most mods in, but it will leave the tank poking out the top. It is secured into the pocket with a strong and durable velrco strap. We actually like this design, which surprised us – as when we saw the picture we were unsure of the design to say the least. In reality we found it to be a useful way to store frequently used mods and e liquids when protection was not a concern.

So if you are simply looking for a way to organize your day to day vape supplies and do not need the protection a hard case provides, perhaps the Fox vape bag is just what you are looking for.

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#4 Aegis Ultimate
Aegis Vape Case

Aegis may not have the brand name recognition that Coil Master has in the vaping community, but they make excellent carrying cases. The Aegis ultimate is one of the thickest on this list, opting to provide depth instead of length. It is a soft shelled vape bag made of soft wetsuit like material. It is 8.2 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 2.3 inches deep.

It comes in two different colors which are both the same price. A classic traditional black, and a US army style digital desert camouflage color. On one side of the lining there are 3 juice bottle holders which can hold 30 ml bottles of e liquid. There are also 2 smaller holders for things like tanks or drip tips.

The other side contains two large pockets with their own Velcro cover that can easily hold two medium sized mods. We were able to fit a Sigelei 75w and a Reuleaux Rx200 in at the same time, although it was a little bit of a squeeze.

The only thing that we feel lets the Aegis Ultimate down slightly is the price. At $19.99 it is one of the most expensive vape cases we have seen. And to be honest we feel that you would be better off spending your money on a Coil Master Kbag. But if the depth of this case is something that is attractive to you, this may be the one to go for.

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#5 Vape And Wires
Vape and wires bag

Vape And Wires are a reasonably unknown company that have started to make a name for themselves as reliable manufacturer of sturdy and reliable ecig carry cases.

It is priced at $9.99 and is around 7.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide (19cm X 9cm). Which means that it is one of the smallest cases on this list. It has been said to resemble a oversized sunglasses case (in size and appearance. We were able to fit 2 30ml bottles of eliquid in this case and our Sigelei 75 box mod. (We were able to fit 3 ego style small vape pens instead of the Sigelei if that is what you vape.)

There are two half pockets one on side of the case and one half pocket on the other. All the pockets seem to be well made and stitched into the case lining robustly and are very stretchy. Ensuring things will fit, but also not move around too much while your vape supplies are in transit.

There was a known problem with one of the earlier versions of this case. For one reason or another the pockets were misaligned. Meaning one of the interior pockets would be upside down, whichever way you turned the case. This resulted in things falling out of the pockets inside the case while in transit. Luckily vapes and wires noticed this design flaw and updated their design, with both pockets now facing the same direction.

The outer case is made from a hard polyurethane base that has been decorated in a very convincing carbon fiber style skin. (So please be aware, this is not actually a carbon fiber product). It has a large strong zipper with two zips that are very satisfying to close. This is not a waterproof case but is water resistant. You might be able to get away with spilling a little bit of coffee on it, but don’t take it scuba diving with you.

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How We Review Vape Bags

Like on all our other review articles, it is at this point we like to talk about impartiality. We have never received any free products from any vendor or manufacturer on this list. We will never review a product that we have not personally tested or used. And we will never accept payment to favorably review a product.

Our review process is usually quite roubust when it comes to other e cig hardware or e liquids. However to be totally honest there are only a few things that a good vape bag needs to do, and there are not really a wide range of them on the market.

Build quality is the most important thing we look for when we review ecig cases.. We want to make sure that when you transport your hardware it will be protected and will remain in place. We use this as a ranking factor because of how important it is for vapers to have access to working electronic cigarettes at all times. Many people will be looking to travel with their vape case, and while the industry is growing – there are not vape shops on every street corner yet. If an electronic cigarette user packs their vape supplies up, goes travelling, and then finds that their supplies have broken while travelling - it can often mean returning to smoking traditional cigarettes if a vape shop is not near by.

We inspect the materials used in each vape bag. We look to see If the stitching is strong and secure to ensure there will not be rips and tears. (We actually broke a few vape bags when we tried this). Our method was not particularly scientific – we just pulled on the seams with a reasonable amount of force. Unsurprisingly some of the cases we tested did not pass this stress test. There were some really badly made cases we looked into, needless to say they did not make it on to this list.

We test the elasticity of the netting that is used in most cases to ensure it is stretchy enough to allow you to fit a wide range of hardware in, but firm enough to keep your vape supplies secure. We also checked that the zippers were well made and robust and that the outer shell of the case was able to withstand a reasonable amount of punishment (without damaging the vape supplies inside). We held soft shelled cases and hard shelled cases to different standards on this test.

Unusually, price is not something that we used as a significant ranking factor in this article. Most of these vape cases are under $20 and we did not find any above $30. In fact the only time price was a ranking factor was for the Aegis Ultimate. We did not feel it was significantly better than any of the other vape bags on this list, and therefore it did not justify being a few dollars more expensive.

Just wanted to join the conversation and put another good word in for coil masters cases. I have been using mine for over 2 years now and have never had anything fall out. I expected to have to replace the case after a little while because I thought the elastic straps used to secure my vaping supplies would become worn over time and loose their elasticity. This has not happened and the case still functions like new, even though it has a few scratches on it now. Something I did not see you mention in the article is how the kbox case can be used as a coil building tray too. The insert is removable so you can remove your vape supplies without taking them out of their pockets and you have a great tray to use when making coils. I do not know if this works for the mini version I only have the full sized version.
Story time! I have the Kbox mini and use it to store 2 bottles of e liquid, my ego style ecig and the charger. I live on the 10th floor of an apartment building and my kbox case usually lives on my windowsill. I guess you can imagine what happens next. My dumb cat decides it no longer likes the case and proceeds to gently nudge it out the window. I only saw her do it at the last second and I was too late to stop her. I run downstairs to the parking lot where I see the case has landed. I was due to go travelling on vacation the next day and had packed my vape bag ready to go. I opened it expecting to see broken glass and smashed electronics but to my amazement nothing had broken. Nothing at all. Everything was 100% working. This vape bag saved my vacation and probably stopped me from having to become a smoker again – I had no way of getting to a vape store before my flight was due to leave.
Thanks for recommending a decent sized case for vape pens as well as mods. Many of the cases I have seen online are too big to be used for just a vape pen.
The Kbox carry case is simply the best. I do not know why anyone would possibly consider buying anything different. This will be the case you see most people using if you go to a vapeshop. I actually brought the Coil Master coil building kit first and like the reviewers I loved the case. It was the best thing about the kit. As soon as I heard they had released the case on its own I ordered one from amazon. It is the perfect case to store all your vape supplies in. It is a little bit too big to be used as a portable day to day kit, but if you spend long periods of time away from home, or just want to store your stuff securely – you can’t go wrong.
I travel with work a lot and some times I am literally thousands of miles away from the nearest vape shop for weeks at a time. The Kbox is perfect for travelling I do not have to pack anything when I leave home now. I simply pick up the box, throw it in my suitcase and I know my vape gear will be safe and sound when I arrive.
Just ordered the kbox mini, I had no idea that this existed. I had seen the original full sized kbox before and wished they made something more compact. It seems they have read my mind and released the mini! So excited!
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