Organic E Liquid 101 (And Our Top Rated All Natural Vape Juice Brands Of 2021 )

What is organic e liquid? Why do people think all natural vape juice is the best? We have compiled all you need to know about organic e liquid in this article, along with our top 3 recommended best organic e liquid brands.

The Best Organic E Liquid Brands 2021 - Top 3

  1. Kind Juice
  2. Velvet Vapors
  3. Virgin Vapors
Best Organic E Liquid Brands

#1 Kind Juice
Kind Juice Logo
Kind juice are the most organic e liquid manufacturer on the market. Their entire ethos is to produce all natural vape juice with minimal harm done to the environment in the process. If your main concern when buying e liquid is eco friendliness and being as organic as possible – these are the guys you should be looking at.

All of their e liquid is GMO free, dairy free, cruelty free, sugar free, gluten free, and vegan friendly. None of their e liquids contain any artificial flavorings or artificial colorings.

Their VG is produced from plants that are grown without pesticides and it is extracted from them without any chemicals being used in the process. They extract it by simply using a combination of heat, water, pressure and time. All of their e liquid is 100% VG and contains no PG at all.

All of the flavorings they use in their e liquids are 100% organic and natural. Literally extracted from the real thing. For example, if you get an apple flavor e liquid from Kind Juice, they have literally blended up a bunch of real apples and extracted the flavor directly from them. Their flavorings are vegan friendly, kosher, and are again extracted without chemicals using just ethyl alcohol. Even the ethyl alcohol they use to extract their flavor concentrates is made from organic sugar cane.

Their nicotine is sourced from tobacco farms in the USA. There are no pesticides used in the production of the tobacco they use making it a rare organic find. The extraction of the nicotine from the tobacco is also done organically. Instead of using various chemicals to extract the nicotine they use a lengthy but organic cold refinement process to ensure the nicotine they use is 100% organic.

The only negative thing we have to say about kind juice is that all this comes at a cost. It is one of the most expensive e liquid brands you will find with a 30ml bottle costing around $25. Also they have a limited selection of flavors available compared to other non organic brands.

But what we will say is that their vape juice is very tasty. Even if you are not totally sold on the need for an all-natural vape juice, we recommend you try kind juice at least once. Astonishing complex flavor profiles combined with a smooth flavorful vape.

Without a doubt, Kind Juice are the only 100% truly organic e juice vendor. While there are some other “Very nearly, almost organic e liquid brands”, they all fail one of our organic requirements in some shape or form. If you are looking for something a little more affordable, but with a larger range of flavors (and 95% organic is ok by you). Keep reading.

Midnight Decadence
Midnight Decadence
A all natural organic dark chocolate flavor is infused with a fresh aromatic minty flavor. A well rounded sophisticated vape that has only a slight hint of menthol.
Key West Sunset
Key West Sunset
Remember those peach flavored candy rings you used to eat as a kid? This is the e liquid version of that made from all natural ingredients. Vivid and fruity.
Geisha Moon Song
Geisha Moon Song
One of the most complex e liquid flavor profiles we have ever tried. A mix of exotic jasmine is infused into a plum wine base. A delicate floral taste of Asia.
Once In A Bluemoon
Once In A Bluemoon
A single flavor e liquid which means there are only 3 ingredients in this vape juice. VG, Nicotine, and the pure concentrate of sweet, ripe, and fresh blueberries.
+ 100% Organic
+ Vivid Flavors
+ Complex Flavor Profiles
+ 100% VG
- A Little Bit Expensive
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#2 Velvet Vapors
Mt Baker Vapor Logo

Velvet vapors actually won the best natural e liquid award in our annual top e liquids rankings (despite not being 100% organic). we figure that the majority of vapers are willing go 95% organic to save money and have a wider range of flavors.

However because this is a dedicated article on organic e liquids, we figured people reading this are a more concerned with being as organic as possible, rather than price. Which is they have been “demoted” to second place here. However that being said, Velvet vapors are still a very good choice for the discerning vaper looking for natural e liquid.

Velvet vapors provide no information on how their nicotine is sourced. Which is an immediate blow to their potential 100% organic status. However this is the only thing that lets velvet vapors down on the organic side of things.

On all of their e liquids they provide an option for the base to be purely made from 100% organic VG with no PG at all. They do not go into detail on the processes used in the manufacturing of their VG, but we will take them at their word when they say it is organic.

They have two lines of e liquid, one is organic and one is not. Their organic e liquids use all natural flavorings and they even have an article on their website describing their ethos. All of their flavorings in their e liquids are naturally sourced and are grown without the use of pesticides. None of their e liquids contain artificial colorings of any kind.

We almost feel bad for ranking velvet vapors second in this article. Their e liquids are very tasty and they have a wide range of different flavor profiles on sale. But because we cannot confirm the source of their nicotine they are our second most organic brand.

That being said, if you are willing to use nicotine that is not organic these guys may be your best bet. Their prices are much lower than Kind Juice and you can pick up a 30ml bottle of e liquid for $17

French Vanilla
French Vanilla
Closely mimics the taste of a filtered tobacco cigarette without additional flavorings or aromas. A very simple yet very enjoyable vape.
Pink Grapefruit
Pink Grapefruit
If you like a little bit of sourness in your vape this is an e liquid you must try. A tangy tart pink grapefruit with a slightly softening sweet aftertaste.
Have you ever seen a ginger flavor e liquid anywhere else? Us neither, which is why we had to try this. Most of us loved it, it tastes like sweet ginger beer.
A sophisticated combination of creamy coconut milk and caramel hit your taste buds initially. Followed by a mildly nutty aftertaste that has a very mild spicy heat to it.
+ Large Range Of Flavors
+ Organic VG
+ Organic Flavorings
+ Cheap
- Nicotine May Not Be Organic
#3 Virgin Vapor
Virgin Vapor Logo

Virgin vapor are another excellent choice if you can deal with almost organic e liquid. All of their e liquid is kosher, pesticide free, GMO free, and vegan.

All of their VG is extracted from organic vegetables that have been grown without the use of pesticides using an organic extraction process. They do offer PG in their e liquid to give potential customers a choice, but they also offer 100% VG for those concerned about organic ingredients.

Their flavorings are also organic, extracted from the fruit itself using chemical free methods and their e liquids contain no artificial colorings at all.

Virgin vapor are exceedingly transparent about the ingredients in their e liquid. On every product page they list everything that is in their vape juice. As you might expect it is all-natural.

However like velvet vapors, the only thing that stops virgin vapor from being classed by us as 100% organic is their nicotine. They do not state on their website that it is organic (however they have gone to great lengths to explain how all their other ingredients are). They actually state that dependent upon the amount of nicotine you choose to have in your e liquid it will be between 98.2% and 100% organic. The 100% organic they are referring to here presumably refers to nicotine free e liquid.

They also have a huge range of flavors available, with an inventory similar in size to velvet vapors. We personally think that their e liquid is comparable with velvet vapors in terms of quality and flavor profile. They are however a little bit more expensive with a 30ml bottle costing $22.50.

Bed Of Roses
Bed Of Roses
A balanced organic rose flavor vape that is vivid but surprisingly does not have a floral aftertaste which can be sickly. A great rose flavor, a potential all day vape.
Celestial Honeydew
Celestial Honeydew
A super fresh honeydew that tastes like it has just been picked from the garden and coated lightly in sugar. Very sweet and very refreshing, the taste of summer all year round.
Death By Chocolate
Death By Chocolate
Another one of those vapes that you can already taste just by hearing the name. A masterful blend of dark and milk chocolate with a very subtle nutty aftertaste.
Plum Crazy
Plum Crazy
Plum flavors can usually be hard to get right. These guys have hit the nail on the head with a juicy sweet plum taste on the initial hit with a slightly tangy aftertaste.
+ Great Flavors
+ Reasonable Price
+ 100% Organic VG
+ Organic Flavorings
- Not Organic Nicotine
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What Makes An Eliquid Organic?

Everything seems to be going organic these days. Walk down the aisles of any grocery store and you will see the organic section filled with hearty natural looking fruit and veg. Usually being sold at a premium price. We all know what makes produce organic, but what exactly makes vape juice organic?

When vapers are talking about organic vape juice they are referring to no artificial chemicals being used in the recipe. It is very difficult to create an e liquid that is totally free from artificial compounds. Despite this fact, there are two or three companies that have taken a few very respectable shots at the problem. (We will discuss their pros and cons in detail later in the article)

Let’s break down the four main ingredients of e liquid and see if we can create a hypothetical 100% organic e liquid.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Lets start with the easiest one. VG is a compound that is produced from plant oils. Usually from something like palm oil, coconut oil, or soy bean oil. It is a totally natural extract. For our 100% pure organic e liquid we need to ensure that the plant we are extracting the VG from is grown traditionally without artificial pesticides. While this is not what is used by the majority of e liquid manufacturers, it does exist. And it is used by all of the top three organic e liquid brands we recommend on this page.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG is a little more tricky than VG, it is a totally synthetic compound called 1,2 propanediol. It is created by hydrating propylene oxide, which is actually derived from a petroleum based compound. It sounds scary but PG is FDA approved safe for ingestion, and carries no known serious health risks. However it is certainly not organic, it is impossible to create organic propylene glycol. So our hypothetical organic e liquid needs to be 100% VG.


As you probably already know, most nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves. Nicotine is actually used as a pesticide in some places (it is not considered an organic pesticide). As nearly all tobacco is going to be smoked and not eaten the vast majority of it is made under very artificial conditions. Countless gallons of artificial pesticides are used in the cultivation process. Which obviously makes it a very inorganic substance. It is possible to grow tobacco without pesticides, but most of it is GMO.

There is another option, tobacco is not the only plant that produces nicotine. Eggplant for example has a reasonably high amount of nicotine in it, and there are countless thousands of organic eggplants grown around the world.

Fun Fact: in an attempt to try and circumvent the FDA’s regulations clever e liquid manufacturers are using eggplant instead of tobacco for the nicotine in their vape juices. The FDA is classifying e liquid as a tobacco product because of the nicotine being derived from tobacco. These manufacturers are getting their nicotine from eggplants instead, so no tobacco is used at all. The FDA however seems to think that this still makes e liquid a tobacco product, even without any kind of tobacco in the manufacturing process. It’s a good idea that failed, but highlighted the absurdity of the FDA’s regulations.

So it is possible to get nicotine from a totally organic source. It is a possibility for our hypothetical 100% organic e liquid to contain nicotine and still be organic.


Flavorings are the easy part. As you may or may not know, most flavorings that are used in e liquid are food grade flavorings. They are FDA approved as safe to ingest (Note: They are not FDA approved as safe to inhale).

These flavorings are often used in all kinds of everyday food and cosmetic items. Things like candy, or sauces, or flavored lip gloss. Luckily for any budding organic vaper a wide range of 100% organic flavorings exist already. It is a trivial task for e liquid manufacturers to search them out and use them in their e liquids.

The only downside to this is that the range of flavors that can be created organically is rather limited compared to the total amount of flavors on the market. For example you will probably have no problems at all finding an organic strawberry flavor e liquid, but if you are looking for something like electric bubblegum neon blue sour raspberry flavor, you are probably out of luck.

Our Hypothetical 100% Organic E liquid

So for us to be able to class an e liquid as totally organic it needs to adhere to the following rules.

  • 100% VG Base (Because PG cannot be made organically)
  • Nicotine derived from an organic source, (such as eggplant or pesticide free tobacco)
  • Made with 100% natural organic flavorings.

If all three of these conditions are met, an e liquid can be truly classed as organic. Unfortunately the amount of organic e liquid that is sold in vape stores is limited, there is not enough demand at present. so the best way to get your all natural e liquid is to order online.

Why Go Organic?

So we all know about organic e liquid now, what it is, and what needs to be done for an e liquid to be classed as 100% organic. But why would you want to consider going organic?

Organic vapers state that organic vape juice tastes better than their synthetic counterparts. This is something we at Quitza feel to be true. Organic flavors seem to be more vivid and intense compared to synthetic flavorings. Much more like their intended flavor listed on the bottle.

Health benefits are something many organic vapers like to talk about. Organic vapers like to limit the amount of chemicals they ingest or inhale. The idea being that natural compounds are less likely to have unintended health effects. Studies have been conducted that state 90% of the compounds used in pesticides have not been tested for long term health issues.

The main reason that many people like to go organic however is because of the environment. Many people disagree with the use of GMO crops and do not want to support the farms that grow them. Buying organic e juice is the only way for people who are concerned about GMO produce to be sure they are not supporting these farmers and their farms.

The amount of pesticide that is used in the production of non organic crops is also something that could cause concern for some people. Pesticide that makes it into the ecosystem can cause unintended damage to wildlife. Studies have shown that it has the potential to pollute our water sources and soils.

So there you have it, all you could ever need to know about organic e liquid. The decision to go organic is yours alone. The juice is often tastier, but also more expensive.

Did we miss anything? What’s your take on all natural vape juice? Let us know below.

Honestly I really do not know why people care how organic their e liquid is. I mean we are inhaling huge amounts of chemicals into our lungs by vaporizing our vape juice. Why does it matter if the chemicals are produced organically or artificially. They are not going to be any less harmful for our bodies. Organic nicotine? Really. It all seems a little bit like a joke to me. Nicotine is a highly toxic substance that is not going to be good for you regardless of how you extract it organically from tobacco. Pesticides too? Billions of people eat food that is grown with pesticides every day around the world. Why on earth is this needed? Sounds to me like a whole bunch of marketing that is not going to actually do anything for anyone except make them feel good about themselves and earn them bragging rights among their friends.
I have to disagree with you there. There are several reasons people like me prefer to use organic e liquid. First and foremost for me is not the personal health benefit that organic ingredients provide, it is the harm to the environment. Artificially grown plants that are treated with pesticides are doing huge amounts of harm to the planet. Just think about how much food is grown around the world to feed 6 billion humans. Like you said, a huge amount of this food is being treated with chemical artificial pesticides. Now spare a thought for just how much of these chemicals are introduced accidentally to our ecosystem. Do you think all of the pesticide is precision placed onto the plant? No way, look at crop dusting planes. They literally fly a plane filled with artificial chemical pesticides and dump it onto the crops. Much of this is dispersed into the atmosphere and ends up hurting wildlife and the environment. That is why I only eat organic food, and vape organic e liquid. I am trying to do my small part to reduce the demand for products grown in damaging unsustainable ways. Then there is what I feel to be the health benefits of using organic ingredients. I totally agree with you that vaping is never going to be 100% safe. Nothing will ever be 100% safe to inhale regularly except fresh air. However organic means you know exactly what is present in your e liquid. If a label tells me that it contains “100% organic apple flavorings” I can understand that my e liquid is made from VG, nicotine, and crushed up apples. When your bottle of e liquid lists something like “Acetyl-L-Pyrazines” how on earth do you know what that is? I want to know what I am inhaling, and I want to know that I am not contributing to damaging the environment by using products produced with pesticides. That is why I only ever vape organic e liquid. That is why I will always buy all natural vape juice.
This is so strange, I have seen many e liquid brands claiming to be eco friendly all natural and organic. But they include PG in their e liquids. I never knew that PG was a totally synthetic product. Thanks for the heads up, I will now be on the lookout to try and find e juice brands that are claiming to be organic but contain PG. This surely has to be some kind of false advertising.
Something that is really overlooked in vape juice is the artificial colorings. Why do these brands think that we want to inhale coloring just because it looks better. I know that there are studies that say the way something looks can effect how it tastes on a psychological level. And I do not care about that in my food. But when I am inhaling vapor from e liquid I want the absolute minimum amount of substances in there as possible. Any vendor that feels the need to color their e liquid artificially will never get my business. In fact any vendor that decides to add an ingredient that only has the purpose of adding color will not get my business. Organic e liquid does not just mean that the ingredients in there are sourced responsibly and naturally. It also means that there should be no additional ingredients that are not absolutely required for the flavor profile.
Kind Juice are so expensive. But honestly the taste they provide for the extra cost is unreal. I personally do not care about organic and all natural, but I understand the reasons have for wanting to be organic. All I care about is flavor, and OMG Kind Juice has such amazing flavor. I don’t know if its because its organic, or because they put so much effort into extracting their flavors from the raw ingredients. But they have some of the most mouth wateringly tasty e liquid I have ever inhaled. Probably too expensive to be an all day vape for most people, but I really recommend you try their stuff as a special occasion vape – their geisha moon song is insane.
I had never heard of velvet vapors before, are they an online only band? They are not in any of my regular brick and mortar vape shops.
For me, it has nothing to do with being posh and bragging rights, I have spent 9 months vaping only to be struggling with hives, rashes and god knows what, I finally realised that after loads of brands , flavours and pg/vg ratios I finally found that I was being upset by artificial flavouring... And probably a load of other stuff in the vape liquid so I went back to smoking, I am now delighted to find a organic vape liquid. This will be my best chance of sticking with it, I'm on Kind juice.. So far, no signs of rashes and other problems that I had.. So great news I say...
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