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Reviewed: My Freedom Smokes

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My Freedom Smokes Eliquids

My Freedom Smokes (Aka MFS) was formed in 2008 by founder Chris Yelton. They Initially entered the market as an e liquid manufacturer, but they quickly expanded into becoming a vape supplies vendor. Today the company has grown into one of the largest and most respected vaping stores online, and has thousands of happy customers. They regularly give back to the vaping community. My Freedom Smokes coupon codes and discounts are often generous and regular.

Like many other online vape stores MFS make their own brand of e liquid. They use the same flavor concentrated they sell to DIY vapers. As you can imagine, they are quite tasty and are very very cheap. (We have actually seen My Freedom Smokes coupon codes that give a 20% discount on all e liquid purchased online at certain times of the year. They list these codes on you can check all available coupons by clicking here).

All of their e liquids are made from food grade flavorings that are FDA approved for ingestion. They use a mixture of natural and artificial flavorings and create all of their liquid in the USA. (Although we have heard that some of their flavorings are imported from Europe).

They offer 3 VG/PG options on all of their own brand e liquid. MAX VG, 50VG/50PG, and the MFS standard of 20VG/80PG. All of their eliquid comes in a huge range of nicotine levels – 0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg,18mg and 24mg. They also come in super strong 26mg and 48mg concentrations. This is the second time we have ever seen a 48mg/ml nicotine concentrate on sale anywhere. Personally we cannot see anyone ever needing that much nicotine in their e liquid – but we could be wrong. (If you have vaped 48mg/ml e liquid please let us know in the comments, we would really love to know how you think it tastes!)

Here are some of our favorite My Freedom Smokes e liquid flavors. We have personally tried all of the e liquids below and we were not given any free e liquid for this review.

Ripe Strawberry
Ripe Strawberry
A very strong strawberry flavor that is vivid and super sweet. They have clearly combined several base strawberry flavors together to create a sophisticated flavor profile.
Black Raspberry
Black Raspberry
A tangy and slightly sour raspberry flavor that has a very sweet after taste. One of My Freedom Smokes premium e liquids that is great for any fruit e liquid lover.
Orange Cream
Orange Cream
Orange and cream is a sophisticated flavor profile that can be very difficult to get right. Ripe citrusy oranges are the initial flavor that combines with a sweet and creamy aftertaste.
Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate Hazelnut
A classic combination of sweet milk chocolate and slightly roasted hazelnuts. Very sweet and mouth wateringly complex. Another one of their premium e liquids.
We are advocates of naming e liquid descriptively so we nearly didn’t purchase this. But we are glad we did. This is a very vivid combination of gummy bears and hard candy.
Cinnamon Candy
Cinnamon Candy
A hot and spicy combination of cinnamon and hard candy. It tastes just like the original candy version in an eliquid form. A complex and difficult flavor that may divide opinion.
Wintergreen is a very subtle menthol flavor. It is predominantly sweet spearmint in flavor with a very light menthol hit at the end. Great for those who like just a little menthol in their e liquid.


When we rated the best online vape stores, my freedom smokes ended up in the top 5. They had consistently low prices across the board and we were very happy with the large discount codes that they applied to their products. Generally there is not a large amount of difference in price between the different online vapes shops. Many of the reputable big name stores are competitively priced with one another. In a market this competitive, with razor thin profit margins on hardware - it is the discount coupon codes that make all the difference to the customer.

My freedom smokes coupon codes are numerous and generous. There is a dedicated my freedom smokes discount code section on (click here to see it). This gives a current and up to date list of discount codes that are verified as working and contains their expiration dates. Take a look at the page and see for yourself just how generous this company is.

However we noticed that many of the discount codes on are not site wide discounts. They are discounts for specific products.

my freedom smokes eliquid

For example, at the time of writing this article My Freedom Smokes have a coupon code for 33% off replacement coils. This is a huge discount, but is only going to help people who are shopping for coils.

The next kind of coupon code that my freedom smokes provides is a category based discount. We were able to find a coupon code that gave customers a 20% discount on all e liquid ordered on This is also a huge discount, but is not sitewide and only applies to certain products. But to be honest, we all need coils and we all need e liquid – so these are still two very useful examples that will provide real world savings when you order.

However there are usually sitewide My Freedom Smokes coupon codes. These are codes that will give you a discount on every single item purchased on These coupon codes usually have a smaller discount percentage than the specific items, but can provide huge savings on big orders. (We found a 15% discount code at time of writing.)


My freedom smokes has one of the largest inventories of any online vape store we have ever seen. They have hundreds of tanks, mods, RDAs, E-cigars, and all the other usual bits of vape hardware on their virtual shelves. They have a huge selection of coil building supplies and an even larger selection of brand name e liquid.

The starter kit section of any vaping website is something that can tell you a lot about a company. When you have been vaping as long as we have its possible to have a pretty good idea about what kind of electronic cigarette would be good for a beginner and which would not.

But as beginners do not have any idea about what is good for them to start with, they usually end up trusting websites “starter kit” sections. Some times less than reputable websites will try and sell a new e cig user advanced kits that can be too difficult for a new vaper. They do this simply because they are more expensive and stand to make a larger profit by promoting them. This can result in the new vaper feeling frustration and not getting the best ecig experience they otherwise could with a more suitable product.

My Freedom Smokes has an incredible starter kit section, which is categorized into three sub sections for Mods, Mini E-Cigs, and bundles. We did see a few mods and tanks that we thought may be a little bit too complex for a beginner. But on the whole their product selection for new vapers was comprehensive and appropriate. Their bundle packages were especially interesting where you can purchase a mod, tank, batteries, charger and e liquid all together with a large discount compared to purchasing them separately.

Website is a pleasure to shop on. We particularly like the navigation menu as we mentioned in our top 5 online vape stores list. with the huge range of products that mfs sells, it is quite a task to organize all of them into an easy to use and intuitive navigation menu. nobody wants to try and find a sub category of item by clicking and loading 3 different pages just to get to the product that you want to buy. has clearly had a extensive amount of thought put into its layout and design.

This is something we really appreciate as software developers. When we are spending our hard earned money online, we want to feel like we are appreciated. We feel a well designed attractive website, that is intuitive and informative is the online version of walking into a glamorous apple store.


Something you may have noticed when ordering from other online vape stores in the past is that PayPal is not a payment option for nearly all US based online vape stores. This is not a coincidence, and My Freedom Smokes is the same in not offering PayPal. But why is this?

PayPal basically are anti vaping with their current acceptable use policy. They will not allow retailers who deal with electronic cigarettes to use PayPal as a payment option. This is obviously quite frustrating as PayPal is probably the most popular online payment processor there has ever been. However there does seem to be a little light at the end of the tunnel, as PayPal has relaxed this restriction on some EU based vendors – meaning the US may be quick to follow suit.

Customer Service

My Freedom Smokes is well known for their customer service and support. Customer support messages are usually responded to within 24 hours (on business days).

When we conducted our annual review of the best vape stores we included MFS as one of the top 5. As part of this process we decided that we would email each vape store that had made the final round of ratings to see how knowledgeable they actually were on vaping. We wanted to see if they were actually a vape store run by vapers for vapers, or if they were just another corporate cash cow.

We emailed them under a fake name with a basic question to see how they would respond. The question we asked was very simple and we were pretending to be someone who was totally new to the world of electronic cigarettes. We asked them to also recommend some products for us to purchase.

Sometimes in the past when we have run this test we have gotten terrible, uninformed replies – or boilerplate customer support responses advising us to buy the most expensive product they could find. With MFS this did not happen. Their reply was overly helpful. They responded to our initial questions in detail, which we really liked. What made this extra special for us was that the answer to the question we asked, was already answered on their website. Instead of just saying, “go to this link and read the answer” they took the time to respond personally to us. They also recommended us two very appropriate products that we would also have recommended to a beginner vaper.

They also have a telephone ordering system for people who do not want to place an order online and prefer to do things the old fashioned way. This is something we love to see, but we are actually a little disappointed with the way they operate this service. They add a service charge to telephone orders to cover the costs of them staffing the phone lines, which can be up to $10. They state that they are doing this to try and dissuade people from ordering over the phone, so that they can cut costs and pass on the savings to the customer.

They want to keep their prices some of the lowest online (which they are) by minimizing overhead. While we understand the reasoning for this additional service charge, we do not like it. Many other online vape stores offer a telephone ordering service, they do not charge for it, and they are able to keep their costs competitive.

However we have to be honest, their prices are very low – so perhaps the strategy is working for the benefit of the majority of customers. As we guess that most people will just order online and avoid the service charge altogether.

A great little additional feature that sets MFS apart from some of the other vendors is that they have implemented a loyalty programmed for their regular and returning customers. Every purchase you make will earn you points that are stored on your account. You get 1 point for each dollar you spend on their store. This does not include shipping and taxes and is based off your pre tax total. So any My Freedom Smokes codes or coupons you may have applied, will reduce the amount of points you earn.

You can also earn reward points in other ways too. They will give you 20 points if you sign up for their newsletter, 5 points for liking their Facebook page and 2 points if you review a product on their website. Something we really like is that they give you 50 points every year on your birthday! What a great way to earn a little repeat business when people are thinking of treating themselves to a birthday vape gift.

Redeeming the points is easy and 25 points will give you a $1 discount on a future order.


This is an important section for us at Quitza. We like to think we consider all of the angles when we are reviewing a company, and delivery is something that is often overlooked. Fast and reliable delivery can be the difference between remaining a non-smoker, or not having e liquid and relapsing and becoming a smoker again. processes orders at light speed. Many times our orders have been dispatched on the same business day. They package their e liquids securely and in zip lock bags. So if there are any accidents during delivery, your vape juice will not leak out covering your parcel in eliquid. All of their delivery options come with online tracking numbers and they deliver internationally. If you spend more than $75 on their store you will receive a free delivery coupon code from my freedom smokes.

Overall these guys are a great company, with a great reputation, that provides great eliquid and great coupon codes. My Freedom Smokes has such a large inventory that you are sure to find whatever kind of vape supplies you are shopping for. Order with confidence that you are getting some of the lowest prices from a great company that will go above and beyond for you before, during, and after you order from them.

Save 15% Sitewide With My Freedom Smokes

Use this discount coupon to save 15% on all orders made at Click on the to box reveal the code and receive your discount coupon.
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The 15% off my freedom smokes coupon code really works guys. I just made a huge monthly order from them and saved over $44. Thanks!
Thanks for the coupon code. I have just placed my first order with my freedom smokes. I saved $17!
My freedom smokes e liquid is so good. Happy you included my all day vape in your review (wintergreen). It is really sweet. I am not sure how they make it so minty, without being super menthol. Really good combination. I would also recommend people try the cotton candy e liquid. It tastes just like real cotton candy! Honestly! It is so vivid and flavorful. Also try checking out the premium cheesecake e liquid. You can thank me for the recommendations later!
I have been shopping online with these guys for over a year now. They are my number one vape supplier. I actually started making my own diy e liquid because of these guys. Their starter kit contained everything I needed to get going and making my own DIY juice. If you have not thought about doing it before maybe you should give it a try. I am paying around $1 for a bottle of 30ml e liquid now I am making my own. It tastes just as good as the e liquid you buy from a vendor and is probably going to be the only real option for us vapers as time goes on and the FDA gets much more strict with their regulations.
Why cant there be bigger discounts on the My Freedom Smokes coupon codes that work sitewide? I really like the amount of discount they provide on some of their specific codes, I saw a 50% code once on a specific kind of tank if you brought it on a certain day. Bigger sitewide discount coupon codes please!
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