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Reviewed: Mount Baker Vapor

The electronic cigarette market has exploded in recent years, it is now a multi billion dollar industry. Some of the older companies that were the original trailblazers have gone on to become legends in the ecig world. With a customer base as huge as their reputation, Mount Baker Vapor is one of the biggest names in e liquids there has ever been. And for good reason too.

Mt baker vapor have been trading since 2011, which for the e cig industry is a very long time. They are a US company that creates their own e liquid and stocks other well known brands of juice and hardware.

mount baker vapor logo

Mt Baker Vapor E Liquids

As you will read later in this article, Mt Baker Vapor are primarily an electronic cigarette e liquid manufacturer. They have come from humble beginnings to become on of the largest manufacturers and distributors of e liquid in the world.

They have well over 100 flavors available. They are all made in the USA in medical grade clean rooms, with FDA approved (for ingestion) flavorings.

Mt Baker Vapor say that the two cornerstones of their business are providing high quality super flavorful e liquid, and providing it at a low price. They want to ensure vaping is as cheap and accessible as it can possibly be.

Mount Baker Vapor coupon codes are regularly distributed by the company, giving back to the vaping community that they are part of. They are one of the most generous manufacturers and vendors in terms of discount codes in the whole industry.

They regularly produce deals and discount codes on specific products. We have previously seen Mount Baker provide coupon codes that offer as much as 50% of the listed price of some products. We have not seen one of these deals recently, which may be an indication that mount baker vapor are starting to offer fewer of the large discount codes on specific items, but producing more site wide discount codes.

Like many other retailers (in all industries) mount baker distributes coupon codes for most public holidays. For example we have seen them offer up to a 20% discount with a code for Easter, and a similar discount for Christmas. It is not just the huge holidays either! Valentines day discounts and St Patricks day codes with discounts around the 20% mark have also been spotted!

However their every day price is so low that many people do not even go looking for their discount codes.

For a 15ml bottle of eliquid you will be paying a mere $4.99, if you want a 30ml bottle you will pay only $3 more at $7.99. This makes them one of cheapest e liquid manufacturers in the world. (If you do want to get a discount on this already low price you could us one of Mount Baker Vapors coupons at the top of this page and save up to 11% on top of this).

For an even bigger saving you can bulk buy a month’s worth of e liquid, if you spend $50 and you will receive a free shipping coupon for the order that can be combined with other their discount coupons too!

mount baker vapor juice lab

The juice they sell is really, really fresh. Which is not actually always a good thing. On the plus side you will always have a really long shelf life on your e liquid. But as vape juice regularly can be used for up to 2 years after purchase this is not such a big deal. On the down side, if you like your juices steeped – you are going to have to steep it yourself.

Now many people do not really care about steeping e liquid, but some hardcore vapers do. So we actually tested the flavor difference of 5 different Mt Baker Vapor E Liquids, before and after steeping.

We purchased 5 liquids and left them to steep for a month in a dark cupboard before vaping them. We then ordered 5 more of the same e liquids a month later and compared the flavors. The tests were done using an RX-200 and an atty3 RDA.

We must say, there was actually a noticeable improvement in flavor after the e liquid was steeped. The flavors had been given more time to fully intertwine and really had a extra sense of urgency about them compared to the unsteeped juices. But this being said, the unsteeped juices were perfectly fine to vape. In fact two of our reviewers here at Quitza actually preferred the unsteeped versions.

So you do not need to steep your Mt Baker Vapor juice to make it usable, but if you do not need to vape it immediately – try steeping it for a while and see what you think. We would love to hear you opinions in the comments section at the end of this page.

As we previously mentioned the quality of the flavorings that are used in these e liquids is superb. The complex flavor combinations are developed with care and attention. You can tell that this is a company run by vapers for vapers.

One of the benefits from ordering direct from the manufacturer is that your order is more likely to be fully customizable. No two vapers ate totally alike. Some of us enjoy blowing huge clouds with high VG e liquid, others want a more flavorful 50/50 VGPG ratio. Mt Bakers website makes it really easy to choose your VG/PG blend. They offer the following ratios as standard on all of their e liquids: MAX VG, 70VG/30PG, 50VG/50PG, 30VG/70PG.

High PG juice is quite a rarity these days, so we really appreciate Mt Baker Vapor providing us with the option. Alongside these 4 VG/PG ratios you can also totally customize the amount of nicotine in your e liquid. They have the following nicotine concentrations available in most their e liquids: 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml, 24mg/ml.

bottle of vape juice

Sometimes us vapers need a little extra something in our juice, what if you like your juice super flavorful? Well you can order one of Mt Bakers flavor shots.

These flavor shots increase the percentage of flavoring in your e liquid. They are sized per bottle. Which means if you order a 15ml bottle or 100ml bottle you still only need to order one flavor shot to get the same amount of flavor increase. They are not sold separately and do not require any additional mixing on your part, Mt Baker Vapor will mix them for you in their laboratory and deliver the boosted vape juice to your door.

The additional flavor shots that are added upon request are added with a small but noticeable amount of additional PG. Which means your overall VG/PG ratio will change. For most people this will not be an issue. But if you are very specific about your PG/VG ratios, you may want to bear this in mind and order a higher VG version of the juice and then add a flavor shot. As far as we are aware, Flavorshots are included in the sitewide coupon codes

Mt Baker recommends that you try their juices as is (without a flavor shot) the first time you purchase from them. The majority of their E Liquids contain more than enough flavor without the additional booster. But if you find a juice and want an even more intense experience, maybe an additional flavor shot is something worth trying.
E liquid Reviews

As we are long term vapers, over the years we have tried and tested many of Mount Baker Vapors e liquids personally. We were not paid for our opinions and were not gifted any of these e liquids. Here are some of our favorites.

Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie
This e liquid is a take on the classic dessert we all know and love. Ripe and sweet bananas combined with a light and sweet creamy base. One of our favorite vape juices from any vendor.
Beast Treats
Beast Treats
The only thing we don’t like about this e liquid is the name. We are big advocates of e liquid manufacturers using descriptive names for their e liquid. A Skittles flavored e liquid that is fruity and sweet.
Berry Crunch
Berry Crunch
One of those e liquids that tastes just like the real thing. Slightly creamy, slightly fruity, and very sweet. If you like the original berry crunch cereal, you will like this e liquid version from mount baker.
Blue Moo
Blue Moo
Blue moo is a adventurous combination of blueberry and creamy pastry flavors. It tastes more like a muffin than a pastry, is very sweet, fruity and reasonably creamy.
A single flavor e liquid that is complex and sophisticated. (Strange to hear about a single flavor e juice, i know). We think various blueberry bases have been combined to create this flavor.
For some reason butterscotch e liquid does not seem to be widely available from many manufacturers. This was the first one we had ever tried, and it is amazing, just like grandma used to give you.
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon is a divisive flavor. Some feel it is overpowering, others think it's complex and enjoyable. However this combination of pastry and subtle cinnamon should appeal to most tastes.
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
One of the sweetest e liquids we have ever tried. We are not too sure exactly how they make this e liquid. But it is very tasty. However we found it a little sickly after a while.
Desert Rain
Desert Rain
A zesty mix of tropical fruits on a traditional pear flavored base. If you like your e liquid on the fruity side we highly recommend trying this. It is one of Mount Baker Vapors top performers.
Frostberry Fusion
Frostberry Fusion
A great example of a name that is descriptive but marketable at the same time. Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and a few other berries combine with a menthol hit to make a icy fresh fruity vape.
French Toast
French Toast
We had some reservations about this e liquid. Vaping French toast did not sound too appealing. But it surprised us. We are not sure we would call it French toast, but it tasted reasonably similar.
Green Apple
Green Apple
Imagine if you blended 100 tart green apples and then combined the pulp with a bag of sugar and made an e liquid out of it. This is Mt Bakers green apple. Sweet, tart and intense.
Hawk Sauce
Hawk Sauce
A combination of various berry flavors with a hint of menthol. Very similar to their frostberry fusion flavor, so if you like frostberry fusion, try this (and visa versa).
Juicy Cube
Juicy Cube
Juicy cube is a vivid and sophisticated candy flavor. Very fruity, very sweet, and slightly sour. It is quite a unique flavor, despite a generic sounding description.
How can anyone go wrong with a mix of strawberry and banana? Expertly blended in perfect quantities this is an e liquid that will have your mouth watering.
Thug Juice
Thug Juice
Thug juice is a fruity e liquid that has a fruit salad feel to it over a watermelon base. A very subtle hint of menthol provides a cool aftertaste that really adds a level of freshness to the blend.
Another single flavor e liquid. Similar to their blueberry e liquid we feel they have combined a variety of watermelon base flavorings to create a super juicy, fresh, and sweet watermelon flavor.
Afteroon Delight
Afternoon Delight
This is kind of like a pina colada without the cream. Tropical zesty fruits and coconut combine to make a very sweet e liquid that is (almost) an all day vape for us.
Diy Supplies

Since their beginnings as an eliquid manufacturer mount baker have expanded into other areas of the vaping market. One of which is the DIY supply niche. Many people are deciding to create their own e liquid. It is much cheaper than buying premade e liquid and can be a great new hobby. With the increasing severity of global regulations on the vaping industry DIY seems to be a safe haven for many vapers. And as usual, Mt Baker Vapor has got your back.

They offer a wide range of products for any DIY e liquid set up. They sell many of the flavorings they use to make their own e liquids to the public as concentrate. Meaning you can recreate some of their flavors on your own at home. (They are obviously not going to give you their e liquid recipes – but there is nothing to stop you from trying!)

They will also provide you with premixed VG/PG concentrate in bulk at very low prices. Some of Mount Baker Vapors coupon codes can be used with their DIY supplies they offer ensuring you can get a huge discount. (On top of the discount you get by making your DIY juice, on top of the already low prices from Mount Baker vapor).

Other Products

Expanding even further from their initial roots of just being a vape juice manufacturer. Mt baker started stocking other brand of e liquid from other vendors and selling them at very reasonable prices.

You will find many well known brands on their virtual shelves who they call their “Flavor partners”. Most sitewide Mt Baker Vapor coupons will work with both their own brands of e liquid, and the e liquid from their flavor partners. But this does depend on the terms of the discount offered. So be sure to check.

Customer Service

One thing Mt Baker Vapor is known for above all else is their excellent customer service. They are very quick to reply to enquires and have a telephone support option for people who prefer to speak to real person.

In addition to the numerous coupon codes provided by Mt Baker Vapor they offer their customers another way to save money on their orders. They offer a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat sales to loyal customers.

Customers earn loyalty points for each purchase they make from When you first create an account on their online store you are given 30 points just for signing up. After then the main way to earn points is to buy products through their store. You will be given 1 point for each dollar you spend (This refers to the final total after discount codes have been applied, not the subtotal before the coupon has been applied.)

You can also earn points by interacting socially with Mount Baker Vapor. For example you can earn loyalty points by referring friends, by socially logging in, by following them on [LINK]Twitter and Facebook or by commenting on their blog.

When you have accumulated enough loyalty scheme points you can then exchange them for a discount on your next order. The amount of discount you receive per point is generous. 250 points will earn you a $5 discount on your next order, 500 points will get you a $10 discount, 750 points is a $15 discount etc.

E liquid

They have a very generous return policy. Understandably e liquids are not refundable, as e liquids are going to be consumed by customers and allowing refunds would not be safe.

However things like mods and other hardware can be returned within 30 days of purchase if they are unopened and still in their original packaging. We really like this. You will be refunded the amount you paid for the product regardless of if they have since changed the price, or if you received a discount from a coupon code. Please see their website for full terms and conditions of refunds as some items like coils and atomizers are non refundable.

To order on their website you will need to undergo “Blue check age verification”. This is due to the FDA’s recent crackdown on companies selling vaping supplies to minors and is something many online vape retailers have to do.

The blue check age verification process is actually a little annoying and involves providing personal information about yourself to accurately verify your age. However Mount Baker Vapor has to comply with the FDAs regulations, and has no choice but to implement the system.

(International customers do not need to complete this process; it is for US customers only).

If you are ordering from the US you will need to provide your full name, your date of birth, your phone number, and the last 4 digits of your social security number. The first time you order (if you are under 27) you will be required to also submit a picture of yourself and a copy of your ID (drivers license or passport).

Once you have verified yourself using the system you will not need to submit ID the next time you order. It should be a one time thing, but it is annoying regardless. It is not as confusing as it sounds, and the entire verification process is explained in detail with visual guides on their website.

Something we particularly like is the feel good page of testimonials on These are genuine real life testimonials of people that were long term smokers who successfully quit smoking with the help of MBV and electronic cigarettes. If you are having a bad day and need to introduce a little bit of joy, I suggest you read some of them. It’s inspiring stuff that reminds us what this whole vaping thing is about – quitting smoking.

Mount Baker Vapor History

As we previously mentioned Mount Baker Vapor begun trading in 2011, the company was set up by entrepreneurs James Thompson and Jesse Webb. Vaping was in its infancy in 2011 with it being a reasonably niche way to quit smoking. There was a reasonable amount of stigma attached to it, and people outside of the industry didn’t really know what it was all about. It was during these less enlightened times that James and Jesse, stared mount baker vapor in their homemade basement lab in Bellingham, WA.

James was the initiator of the idea to form MBV. He was previously employed as a card dealer in a casino and stumbled across a patron using an electronic cigarette. James had been a smoker for over a decade had just recently had a new child. In a light bulb moment of inspiration he understood the significance of the invention he had just witnessed in action, and made it his mission to help others quit smoking with e cigs.

It was not long before James and his co worker Jessie created Mount Baker Vapor while still working their day jobs. They initially started the company by working through the night to create their first range of e liquids. They then woke up at 4am in the morning to go and hand deliver all of the e liquids to customers that were within driving distance before starting their shift during the day.

Mount Baker Vapor Store

When we get to mid 2012 the dedication and 24/7 workload had paid off and James and Jessie were able to move out of their homemade basement lab into a dedicated facility. They quit their day jobs and increased production rapidly to meet a huge and increasing demand for their product. But within a year even this facility was not large enough as Mt Baker Vapor was now being sold internationally all over the world. In 2013 they upgraded their facility to a new even larger space.

They now employ over 150 people to help create, promote, and distribute Mt Baker Vapor products. They pay their staff well over the minimum wage and are given extra benefits like full health insurance. They believe a happy workforce is a productive workforce. In 2015 they were forced to move their operation out of Washington due to anti vaping legislation that was brought in. They have sold over 1.5million orders to date (you do the math) and continue to grow year on year.

They are an impeccable example of a vaping company that has been created by vapers for vapers. The amounts of discount coupon codes Mount Baker Vapor offer are a testament to this fact. They are not big tobacco, they did not enter this market to try and make millions from people with nicotine addictions. They did it to help people quit smoking, to spread the word about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. They keep their prices rock bottom cheap, when in all honesty the quality of their e liquid could be sold at a higher price.

We salute them as brothers and sisters in the fight to end the global tobacco epidemic.

Mount Baker VS The FDA

If you are involved in the vaping world at all, there is a good chance you will have heard that there is a bit of controversy going on right now with new regulations. The FDA have decided to regulate electronic cigarettes, and e liquids as tobacco products. Even though they contain no tobacco at all.

The full wording and reasoning behind these regulations is a little out of scope for this article. A brief summary of what the FDA is trying to do is make every vapor product made after 2007 undergo testing by the FDA. They have produced a long list of guidelines that basically mean most e cigs on the market to day are going to be banned unless they get approval. The approval process costs are estimated to be well over $500,000 per product and takes several years to complete.

The FDA have stopped any new e cigs being introduced onto the market without approval, and they require every single e liquid to be approved. Products currently on the market are allowed to be sold until 2018. At which point any product without FDA approval will be banned.

(I have really not done the scale of this issue justice in these few paragraphs, but I encourage you to do some research on what is happening).

Basically, as it stands the vaping industry is going to be annihilated by these regulations, and mount baker vapor is leading the charge in defense of vapers all across the country.

They are a founding member of the r2bSmokefree coalition and are involved in lawsuits challenging the FDAs new rules. They are fighting for your right to vape, visit the website to find out how you can help do your bit.

Expired Mt Baker Vapor Coupons

Mount baker vapor regularly provide their customers with money off coupons and discount codes. As we mentioned earlier in the article they do this at random intervals, but also at specific holidays. Lets take a look at some of the past expired coupons to see what we can expect in the future.

coupon code

Mothers Day
Mothers Day Discount Code
There are large holidays that get a lot of attention from the marketing gurus that decide which events to celebrate with their customers. And there are more medium sized holidays that sometimes do not get the attention they deserve. We were quite happily surprised to see a mt baker vapor coupon code delivered to the public on mothers day. It is not really a holiday that many online vape stores celebrate. We are not sure why, and we wish more companies took the same initiative that mount baker did. The discount code that was given on mother’s day was a huge 40% discount when you purchased an Innokin Starterkit from We are usually not very appreciative of discount codes that only apply to one single item. They are more often than not false economy giveaways that are designed to earn the company more money on a product that is not selling well. But we know for a fact how popular the Innokin starter kit is, and think this coupon code from mount baker vapor will have been appreciated by many of their loyal customers. If this coupon code was given out on a more traditional holiday for discount codes we would possibly have looked on it a little less favorably. But we are sure this mt baker coupon code will have certainly helped one or two mothers quit smoking and start vaping.
Fathers Day
Fathers Day
Fathers day was a little bit surprising for us. Again like mothers day it is not really a day that online vape stores produce discount codes. But mt baker vapor are clearly a family company that care about both mom and dad. Just another little example of how these guys will try and give back to the community and help you save money (and quit smoking) in whatever way they can. The code they produced on fathers day was a code that allowed you to save money on the exact same product as the mothers day coupon code. The only difference is the amount of savings delivered by the discount code was a little bit less on fathers day. The 40% discount code that was given on mothers day gave twice the savings of the 20% discount code that mount baker vapor discounted on fathers day. We are really a little bit surprised by this. While we are sure that mt baker vapor are not being sexist or discriminatory it may have been a slight oversight on their part to offer two coupon codes that are exactly the same but with a different discount for mom and dad. Time will tell if they do the same thing with mothers day and fathers day discounts next year. Watch this space to find out!
21% Discount Code
Again this is not really a public holiday that is known for huge discount codes in the vaping world. But as you are probably beginning to realize, mt baker vapor coupon codes are much more prolific than many other online vape stores. They lead the way in discounts and savings, showing other manufacturers how it Is done. The discount code from mt baker vapor on Halloween was again a code that only applied to a single product in their store. If you purchased a Kanger Mod Starter Kit from and used this code you would be give n a respectable 30% discount. This amounted to a saving of around $30 if we remember correctly. Again a single item discount is not the most useful kind of coupon code in the world, and only a select few people would probably be able to benefit from it. Mainly because it is a discount on a starter kit that people already vaping do not need. But we personally feel that because this is a holiday that is not usually associated with discount codes, the halloween mt baker coupon code is still really appreciated. And lets be honest, starter kits are the best kind of product to put single item discounts on. We would all benefit from large sitewide discounts. But a larger starter kit single item discount may entice more people to quit smoking and start vaping. Which is what this is all about.
Thanksgiving Code
With black Friday and cyber Monday being the biggest shopping days over the thanksgiving holiday weekend, thanksgiving discount codes are reasonably rare online. Many companies decide to go full throttle on black Friday and cyber Monday, providing huge savings and discounts on those days instead. But as per usual, there was a mount baker vapor coupon code waiting for us on thanksgiving. It was a code that was only valid for 24 hours before it expired. The code mount baker gave out was actually quite small to be honest, we cannot imagine it was used that much. A 12% discount on an Aspire platinum kit. This is another starter kit, and we commend them for giving out a little discount on a single item when they really did not have to. Although the item was so specific and the discount was so small that we feel this was more of a marketing attempt than a real discount. Still, anything is better than nothing, at least some people may have saved with this coupon code, halo cigs ran a promotion on this day too.
Black Friday
Black Friday
In years past it was new years day that was the biggest shopping day of the year. Companies would put on huge sales that allowed customers to make big savings as they remove the old stock from their lines and get new stock in for the new year. As time has gone on black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year and customers expect and demand large discount codes to celebrate thanksgiving. However this is the first time we have been disappointed with the mt baker discount code on a holiday. And judging by the response we saw on twitter other people were a little disappointed too. They only provided a 20% discount code on an Innokin starter kit. Remember this is the exact same starter kit that they were discounting on fathers day, and they also gave a 20% discount on fathers day too. We have come to expect the best deals on black Friday, so giving the exact same discount as fathers day, that could only be applied to a single product was weak at best. What makes this discount code from mt baker vapor even more underwhelming was that they gave a 40% discount on the exact same starter kit on mothers day. Twice the discount for mothers day than black Friday. A very unusual choice that did not go unnoticed.
Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday Discount Code
After the worse than average discount code that was provided to customers on black Friday, many people were hoping that they were saving their huge savings and discounts for cyber Monday. Incase you don’t know, cyber Monday is the Monday after black Friday. It is something that only online retailers take part in and is catching up with black Friday for the title of the biggest shopping day of the year. Many experts predict that by the end of the decade more money will be spent on cyber Monday than black Friday. So it is not a holiday to be ignored by online retailers. The mt baker vapor coupon code for cyber Monday was much better than the discount they gave on black Friday. This was not a sitewide discount, but was a discount on all of their e liquid. As you will have learnt by now, e liquid is what mount baker vapor are famous for. It is undoubtedly their most profitable product and what sells the most in their store. So while this 20% discount was not technically sitewide, it is almost as good as a sitewide discount in this instance. We personally took advantage of this discount code and ordered many bottles of their tasty e liquid, saving us over $50. We take our hats off to mount baker vapor for this coupon code. We are unsure if they purposely made the black Friday discount weak to allow for this huge saving. But we don’t care, this discount code more than made up for the weak black Friday discount.
Christmas Code
This is one of the big ones. Christmas is up there with black Friday and new years day as one of the times of the year that savings should be provided. People have opened their cards and received Christmas money and they want to make it go as far as they can. The mt baker vapor Christmas discount code was the first site wide discount that we have seen from them in the year. They provided the vaping community with a 10% discount on all products on We will be the first to admit that this is not the largest discount in the world, but it was a sitewide discount which is excellent. We always commend companies for giving out sitewide discounts, they are undoubtedly the most useful. But for the same reason, they are also the most costly for the company. The main thing we loved about this 10% mount baker vapor coupon code was that there was no minimum spend required to validate the code. Sometimes you will see vendors giving out discount codes that allow people to save respectable amounts of money on a order, providing they reach the minimum spend threshold. We see these almost as a false economy and it is a risk free way for companies to give large discounts. Admittedly if you are spending a minimum of $50 or $75 you will be saving a decent amount with a 10% discount code ($5 or $7). But not everyone wants to make an order that large to validate the coupon code. Plus with the larger minimum spend it means the company is making back the money they lost with the discount with the amount of sales. Anyway, this is something that kind of annoys us a little bit. The Christmas coupon code did not have a minimum spend, and we really appreciate that. A great sitewide discount that will have made many of mt baker vapors customers happy.
New Years Day
New Years Day Discount Code
The first discount of the year is usually one of the biggest. Many people will go out shopping and expect to save money by browsing the January sales and enjoy finding discounts all around them. While this traditionally started offline way before the internet came along, many online retailers are following suit and offering their own discounts on new years day. The new years day mount baker vapor discount code was again a little underwhelming. There was a coupon code on that allowed customers to get free shipping on all orders regardless of the minimum spend. This is different to the deal that they usually have on offer all year round where they allow free shipping on orders over $50. While this will have saved some people a little bit of money, I don’t think it is unfair to say that customers probably expected a little bit more from a company with a reputation as good as mount baker vapor. Especially when smaller less reputable companies were able to provide much larger discounts. We saw some of mount baker vapors competitors providing discount codes that were much more significant. Several large 10% discount and 20% discount coupon codes that worked sitewide were available elsewhere online. Not much of a bad reaction on within the community this time but we certainly feel there could have been a larger discount allowing for more savings. We feel that new years day is the most important day for any vape company to provide discounts and savings to their customers. Many people will make a new years resolution to quit smoking, and many people will look to electronic cigarettes as a way to achieve their goal of a smoke free lifestyle. It is no secret that many people do not see vaping as a hobby and see it as a means to an end. These people generally stick with the companies they know, so it’s a good time of year to entice them into your brand with a huge discount or saving. So while we appreciate what little discount we got from the free shipping coupon, there could have been a more substantial mt baker vapor coupon code in our opinion.
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r2b vapers
Any vaper that wants to continue vaping after the FDA grandfather date comes into effect should buy their supplies from companies like MBV. They are fighting these overzealous regulations from the FDA so we can continue vaping and remain non-smokers. Support the vaping industry and their battle against the FDA. Support mount baker. Donate to r2b and other causes. Together we can win this fight.
Code is still working. Thank you for keeping this page up to date.
Just claimed the 10% Mount Baker Vapor coupon code. A saving of $17. Thanks for sharing the info.
Just got a great discount on my latest order from mt baker. In the past I have saved 30% off of a starter kit and now I just got the 10% discount from the top your page. Thanks so much.
This is one of the most in-depth reviews of any company I have ever read. Great review of a great company that provides great discounts to loyal customers. The loyalty system is a great way to save money. I only know of halo cigs and mount baker that offer this. We are all addicted to e liquid here, so why not save some money while we fight against smoking.
So I have been using mount baker since they first launched their website. I may be a little biased in this review, but I also feel I am quite knowledgeable on the company and their e liquids.
After being in the business for so long they have really had time to refine their selection of base flavorings. They only use the highest quality stuff. Their flavor profiles are great. And while they are usually not gourmet and sophisticated combinations, they never fail to impress. They provide good quality e liquids at rock bottom prices. But, because I am cheap i am always looking out for more coupon codes to save even more money.
An all American company, making all American e liquid with FDA approved flavorings at half the price you would usually pay for some cheap Chinese e liquid filled with diacetyl. Try them you will not regret it.
It Worked
Just applied the 10% discount and saved $6. There is no minimum order value to make the code work. Thanks.
The banana cream pie is such a good e liquid flavor. I cannot get enough of it. I order it in the huge 100ml bottles because of the bulk buy saving. I always have a bottle steeping of this stuff.
I use these guys for all of my vaping supplies now. I started off just getting juice from them, but their prices are so low and their shipping is so fast that they are just my overall vaping vendor now.
Honestly I do not know what all the fuss is about with mount baker vapor. They provide reasonable e liquid at a cheap price. It is not gourmet stuff. Why the big fuss?
There are many other e liquid manufacturers out there that will sell you regular or acceptable quality vape juice but try and market themselves as a gourmet or premium vendor. Meaning you get average quality e liquid for a premium price. Mount baker do not claim to be the most sophisticated high end e liquid manufacturer. They are honest. They say it is simple great quality e liquid that you can buy for very cheap.
The GWAR e liquid line is their premium e liquid line. It is a bit more expensive than the standard e juice they sell and they only sell it in 30 ml bottles. But it is the gourmet stuff you may be looking for. Some delicious flavor profiles available in a wide range of VG/PG ratios. Their sitewide discount codes apply to the GWAR e liquid too.
Just wanted to add how good Mt Baker Vapors customer service is. I ordered a Kanger starter kit from them and decided that I needed to return it. The process was simple and their customer support was very friendly on the phone. Within a week of me returning the mod I had the money back in my bank account. Very happy I went with them – I almost chose a smaller online store that was $1 cheaper than Mt Baker Vapor. I do not think I would have had the same level of support from the other company as I got from these guys. Now I think about it, if I had used one of Mt Baker Vapors coupon codes the discount would have actually made it cheaper than the other shop I will not name. Long live MBV!
The 20% coupon code for their newsletter signup works. Click on the link at the top of this page and put your email in the sign up box that is about half way down the page. When you receive the verification email confirm your email address and then await your code to be delivered. I am not sure if this code can be used more than once however. I think it may be a single use coupon.
Their customer service is honestly amazing. There is nothing they will not do for their customers. They really go above and beyond to ensure that you are totally happy with your order.
Thanks for the mt baker coupon. I just saved $18.33 of a my order of e liquid. Not a huge saving, but every little helps!
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