Cigavettes "Ultimate VIP" Go Mega & Go Ultra E-Cigs - Reviewed

We review the Cigavette Ultimate VIP Go Ultra and Go Mega e cigs. These two electronic cigarettes are the only rechargeable e cigs produced by Cigavette. Instead of creating a wide product range, they have poured all of their efforts into making these two rechargeable vapes. The Go Ultra was the first version of the Ultimate VIP ecig range which got rave reviews within the vaping community. The Go Mega was released about a year later which vastly improved upon all aspects of the already impressive Go Ultra. With a name like this, we expect good things. Lets see what happened in the review.


Both the Go Ultra and the Go Mega e cigs are very slim and portable, they are small ecigs that are roughly the same size as ball point pen. They are available in two colors, a classic matte back, and a modern polished stainless steel. They also feature an orange LED light on the tip, which automatically lights up when you inhale thanks to an airflow senor. They also have a partially translucent e liquid reservoir enabling you to see easily when your e liquid needs to be refilled. We wish this was a little more transparent as it can be hard to see how much e liquid you have left when in low light conditions. But apart from that, we love the way both these ecigs look. They feel comfortable in the hand and have a very slight amount of weight to them. The Go Mega is slightly larger than the Go Ultra by about half an inch and is also very slightly thicker. But apart from that they look almost identical to one another.

Go Ultra

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Battery Life

This is the main difference between the Cigavette Go Ultra, and the Go Mega. The Go Ultra has a huge 650mAH battery which is incredible considering the compact size of the device. This is more than enough to last us a full days vaping without needing to recharge. The Cigavette Go Mega however builds upon the success of the Go Ultra increasing the battery size even further. Much further. It literally doubles the size of the Go Ultras battery with a gigantic 1300mAh battery. This is over 5 times the amount of power that the average e cig battery contains. We have vaped this for several days without needing to recharge it. Both of these e cigs are more than capable of powering the high quality atomizers in the cartridges that produce incredible amounts of vapor.

Vapor Quality

We were blown away by the quality of the vapor both of these e cigs produce. Cigavette have really put a huge amount of research and development time into these products. These two e cigs some of the most technologically advanced compact devices we have seen. They both contain prefilled and heatsealed cartridges that contain Cigavettes world renowned delicious e liquids. No messy and time consuming refilling required, simply pop out the old cartridge and insert the new one. You can choose from either traditional classic tobacco, or super cool icy fresh menthol flavors. Both of which are high quality blends of various flavoring extracts that create a sophisticated and complex flavor profile. Both of these flavors are available in 5 different nicotine options, ranging from no nicotine, to super strength. We only recommend the super strength for chain smokers, it is very strong.

We love the size of the cartridges in the Go Ultra, they are more than enough to last us a whole day of vaping without needing to replace them. In fact we often make it two days on a single cartridge. They claim that each one is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes, which is huge compared to many other e cigs on the market of this size. However as always, Cigavette are constantly upgrading and improving.

The Go Mega version uses the largest capacity e cig cartridges in the world. Literally. There is no other company that produces anything larger. Each one will provide you with enough e liquid to last you 3 or 4 days. Around the equivalent of 70 cigarettes. The larger cartridge size in the Go Mega contains an upgraded atomizer. When this is powered by the double sized battery the Go Mega creates some of the most delicious thick vapor we have ever tried. It is a significant improvement upon the already impressive Go Ultra.

Build Quality

This is not a cheap made in china product. Cigavette have been around for over 8 years now. For the reasonably new ecig industry this is a very long time. They have gone from strength to strength on the back of the reputation they have earned by providing high quality products at reasonable prices. Customer service is their number one priority and if you receive a faulty item (unlikely) they have a cast iron no questions asked refund policy.

Cigavette Go Mega Ranking

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Usage And Maintenance

Set up of both the Cigavette Go Ultra and Go Mega is incredibly easy, and full instructions are provided. The set up process is identical for both. The batteries ship with some charge, but this is because they have been quality tested before shipment. To get the longest possible battery life it is essential you fully charge them before using your ecig. This will usually only take 45 minutes or so, but it really improves how long they will last. Once your batteries are charged simply select the flavor cartridge you want to use and screw it onto the battery. All that is left for you to do is press the button, inhale and enjoy the flavors. Replacing the cartridge when it has run out of e liquid is an equally easy task. Simply unscrew the old cartridge and screw a new one in, you will be vaping again in less than a minute.

Value For Money

The Cigavette Go Ultra starter pack costs $79.95 and the Go Mega starter pack costs $199.95. Both of these are well priced considering the quality of the product and what is included in the starter kits. You will receive everything you need to start vaping. They both include 2 batteries so you can always have one charging with the provided charger, and they both contain 10 refill cartridges. This equates to 400 normal cigarettes with the Go Ultra Cartridges, and 700 cigarettes with the Go Mega Cartridges. When you compare the amount of money that many normal cigarettes would have cost you, it is easy to see how both of these e cigs are excellent value for money.

Go Ultra and Go Mega: Rankings

Both the Cigavette VIP Go Mega and the VIP Go Ultra are incredible electronic cigarettes from one of the most reputable e cig manufacturers in the world. We personally feel the upgrade to the Go Mega is worth every penny if you can afford the additional cost. If not, the Go Ultra is still an excellent choice for both new and experienced vapers alike.
Battery Life
Vapor Quality
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Cigavette Go Mega & Go Ultra Final Rating

I first got the Cigavette Go Ultra when it came out. It was my first electronic cigarette so I didn’t know what to expect. It helped me quit smoking so easily it was like magic. I had tried every other kind of method of quitting in the world before this. After using it for a year the Cigavette Go Mega came out and I could not resist upgrading. The difference is incredible. Totally recommend the Go Mega if you have the cash.
Yup, you can’t go wrong with Cigavette. Great company with great products.
I never knew about the Go Mega! I have the Go Ultra and it is already amazing for my needs. Maybe it is time for me to treat myself to a very early birthday present and get the upgrade. I am saving so much money by not smoking its basically free anyway!
Just received my Cigavette Go Ultra because of this review. Very happy with it and I am now 3 days smoke free. The first day was unusual, but after that it was super easy. Thanks so much for the recommendation.
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