Cigavettes E-Hookah Pens - Reviewed

The Cigavette E-Hookah Pen is one of the most popular e hookahs in the vaping world. We actually rated it in our top 3 E-Hookah pens in our annual review. Lets take a look at why we think it is so good.


The Cigavette E-Hookah is roughly the size of a ballpoint pen. Its sleek white outer casing contrasts beautifully with the color coded logos and filter tips. It is a little bit too large to be totally discreet if that is a concern. But if it were any smaller Cigavette would have had to of compromised on power and battery life. The LED light at the tip of the E-Hookah is activated by an internal airflow sensor and the LED’s color corresponds to the respective flavor.

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Battery Life

Cigavette have been making electronic cigarettes for several years now. They are one of the oldest e cig manufacturers on the planet. Throughout the years of development they have developed techniques of fitting huge amounts of power into small batteries. And the powerful battery in the Cigavette E-Hookah is one of the best parts about the whole product. It delivers a huge amount of power to the atomizer creating massive amounts of vapor for its size. You will get around 1800 puffs out of each E-Hookah which will last you well over a day of continual usage. We usually get about 2 weeks of usage out of each one because we are not using them all day every day, just for special occasions as a little treat.

Vapor Quality

The flavor profiles that are available in this e-hookah are vivid and intense. This is yet another reason why we rated them so highly in our annual best E-Hookah Pens list. There is a range of 6 flavors to choose from, each more delicious than the last. We particularly like the Strawberry Daiquiri flavor. One of our only issues with the Cigavette E-Hookah is the naming system. We have no idea why they are named after cocktails, they certainly do not taste like alcohol.

The amount of vapor that is produced is very respectable thanks to the large battery. The high quality atomizer heats up perfectly every time delivering a tasty cloud of flavor into your mouth. While this is one of the best disposable e-hookahs on the market in terms of vapor production, it is still disposable. So do not expect to be blocking out the sun with your clouds. You need a high end premium rechargeable e-hookah for that. But it produces more than enough flavor to be enjoyable and satisfying with every puff.

Build Quality

Cigavette are well known for their high quality products and their E-Hookah is no exception. This is an incredibly well made device that comes with plenty of e liquid to ensure you will get every last puff of flavor out of the E-Hookah. This is something that cannot be said for many other disposable e-hookah pens that are often made in china for as cheap as humanly possible. That is the difference between Cigavette and the other brands. They are a long standing member of the vaping community and do not cut corners to save a few dollars. The returning repeat business of their satisfied customers Is worth much more to them.

Cigavette E-Hookah Ranking

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Usage And Maintenance

The Cigavette E-Hookah is simple and intuitive to use. There are no complex set up instructions or requirements. A full instruction manual is included but not required. You simply unwrap the E-Hookah and start inhaling. There is nothing more to it than that. The internal airflow sensor detects when you are taking a puff and automatically produces vapor and turns on the LED light. It ships fully charged from the factory and is easily disposed of when it finally runs out of battery.

Value For Money

At $8 for each individual stick it is a well priced mid range e-hookah pen. The build quality combined with the huge battery ensures you will get a huge amount of satisfaction and enjoyment out of each and every one of the 1800 puffs. We recommend you consider getting the sampler pack which costs $43. It allows you to try all of the flavors they offer and gives you a small bulk buy discount.

Cigavette E-Hookah: Rankings

The Cigavette E-Hookah is a great little shisha pen that will provide you with hours of enjoyment and flavor at a very low price. It is one of our all time top rated E-Hookah pens for a very good reason. Enjoy!
Battery Life
Vapor Quality
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Cigavette E-Hookah Final Rating

Just ordered my first sampler pack, going to break it out at my next party!
The best e shisha pen by far.
I used to use the Fantasia E-Shisha pens before I found out about these. The Cigavettes are much higher quality and the flavor they produce is incredible.
Totally agree, I love these things.
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