Cigavettes Disposable E-Cigs - Reviewed

There are not many brands that have been making e cigs as long as Cigavette. The Cigavette disposable was one of the first e cigs on the market, and has been developed continuously ever since its release. This has resulted in them selling one of the best disposable e cigs on the market. Here we rate and rank the Cigavette Disposable in our impartial Review.


The Cigavette Disposable is identical in shape and size to a traditional cigarette. Something that is very important for many people looking to emulate the sensation of smoking as closely as possible. Smoking is both a chemical addiction and a physical addiction, it makes sense to try and recreate both. From a distance the Cigavette Disposable is indistinguishable from a traditional cigarette. It has the same white body and dark orange filter like a normal cigarette. The only difference is the Cigavette logo near the filter, this is colored dependent up on which flavor of e liquid you have chosen. It contains an orange LED light at the tip that emulates the glowing embers of burning tobacco when activated.


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Battery Life

There is a limit to the amount of charge than can be held in a battery that needs to fit into something the size of a traditional cigarette. And the engineers at Cigavette have done all they can with the technology available to them. They squeezed as much power into the Cigavette Disposable as is physically possible. Each Cigavette Disposable is designed to hold enough battery power to produce 500 individual puffs. The roughly equates to two packets of normal cigarettes. More than enough to last you a day, but if you are going on vacation for a week or two you might need to take two or three Cigavette Disposables with you. It is amazing just how much power can be put into a small eciglike this.

Vapor Quality

With the continuous development and improvements that have been made to the Cigavette Disposable over the years, it is no surprise that they have created one of the finest disposable e cigs on the market. The amount of vapor that is produced by each puff is second to none in terms of both quantity and quality. Every puff on one of these feels just like a puff on a traditional cigarette. They have paid great attention to mimicking the sensation of smoking. It feels smooth and plentiful as it rolls down your throat, without making huge obnoxious clouds of vapor when you exhale.

The Cigavette Disposable is available in two flavors. A classic blend of various tobacco extracts, and an icy cool menthol. The tobacco flavor is very convincing and recreates the taste of a cigarette accurately. The menthol flavor contains no tobacco flavoring and is just an icy cool blast of freshness. We personally prefer the menthol flavor, but if you are trying to recreate the sensation of smoking as closely as possible you should try the tobacco flavor.

Build Quality

Sometimes disposable cigarettes can be a little bit unreliable, especially when you buy from a less than reputable company. Cigavette have been making e cigs for so long now that they are almost the masters of disposable e cig technology. We have never run out of e liquid before the battery has ran out of power. And we have never had one break down on us before we have gotten our 500 puffs out of them. If you do get very unlucky and get a dud, Cigavette have a no questions asked refund policy on faulty items.

Cigavette Disposable Ranking

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Usage And Maintenance

Using the Cigavette Disposable could not be easier. It ships from the factory fully charged and carefully packaged. It does contain full instructions for usage, but you do not need them. If you know how to smoke a normal cigarette you already know how to use the Cigavette Disposable. Simply unpack it and inhale. There is a sophisticated internal airflow sensor that detects when you are taking a puff. This automatically activates the atomizer and LED light on the end. When you have finished your puff the airflow sensor turns off the atomizer and stops producing vapor. Very easy and intuitive, just like smoking a normal cigarette.

Value For Money

We would expect something that is high quality like this to be reasonably expensive. Fortunately that is not the case and you can pick up an individual Cigavette Disposable for $6. You can save more money if you buy them in bulk, which we highly recommend. You get a 10% discount if you buy a 5 pack ($27) and you get a 20% discount If you buy a 10 pack ($48). When you consider the fact that each individual Cigavette Disposable will last you roughly as long as 2 packets of cigarettes, you begin see just how affordable these devices are.

Cigavette Disposables: Rankings

The Cigavette Disposable is one of the best disposable e cigs available. It is almost unbeatable in terms of quality, value for money, and vapor production. Worthy of any new or experienced vapers consideration.
Battery Life
Vapor Quality
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Cigavette Disposable Final Rating

I quit smoking using the Cigavette Disposables. I really do not want all the hassle and complexity of getting a reusable e cig. I love the way I can just unwrap one and start using it. They taste great, the tobacco really tastes like a cigarette. The menthol is not like a menthol cigarette though, there is no tobacco taste. It is just like inhaling mint. Its really nice!
Just a little word of warning, the nicotine levels that are in the flavors are different depending up on which flavor you buy. The menthol has more nicotine than the tobacco flavor. They both taste really good but if you are very specific about the amount of nicotine you want to use be sure to check the website. I have used the Cigavette Disposables for 3 years now. I have never even once come close to smoking a normal cigarette again. They have probably literally saved my life.
Just ordered, looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about! I always hear good things about these little e cigs.
So easy to quit smoking using these things. I say to people that I did not quit smoking, I just stopped. It was that easy. Rechargeable e cigs will always give you more vapor and flavor but they are much more complex. The Cigavette Disposable is easy to use and there is no messing around with charging and coils. Great ecig.
I have tried all kinds of disposable e cigs, and the Cigavette is the one I come back to time and time again. Huge amounts of vapor for a disposable.
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