The Best Small E Cigs And Mini Vapes Of 2021

Bigger is not always better, and the small e cig market is going from strength to strength. For many people portability and discretion is more important than huge amounts of power.

There are two main categories of mini ecig on the market. Here we are going to explain to you why one is massively better than the other and give your our best small ecig recommendations of 2016.

The Two Kinds Of Small E Cigs

Let’s start with the smallest kind of electronic cigarette, cigalikes. Cigalikes are roughly the same size as a traditional combustible cigarette (but usually a little larger). These tiny ecigs were the first kind of electronic cigarette to ever be produced. While other electronic cigarette technology has evolved, most cigalikes are basically the same technology as the originals from 10 years ago.

Cigalikes are what most people try as their first e cig, because of this they are utterly despised within the electronic cigarette community. They produce very small amounts of vapor that do not satisfy nicotine withdrawal cravings. They are unreliable, break easy, and do not hold enough charge in their battery to last a whole day. Cigalikes give new e cig users a terrible first vaping experience. They are so bad that they put many people off the idea of using electronic cigarettes again all together.

The second kind of small ecig is called an Ego, or a vape pen. They are not as small as a cigalike but are still very compact. (They are similar in size to a ball point pen, but slightly thicker). You have probably seen people using these small e cigs while you have been out and about as they are undoubtedly the most popular kind of electronic cigarette. They are superior to a cigalike in every way.

They have a much longer battery life and they hold more e liquid. They are almost always cheaper (when you account for cigalikes being notoriously fragile and regularly breaking down). Most of all, they produce larger amounts of higher quality vapor. More than enough to satisfy the nicotine withdrawal cravings of all smokers (except chain smokers, they may need something a little more powerful).

We are going to go into the technical details behind our claims later in this article. But if you want to take our word for it, here are the best small e cigs of 2016.

We have personally tested and used all of the small e cigs on this page. We never review a product we have not personally used. We have not been paid in any way to rate these products favorably.

The Best Small Ecig: Halo Triton 2

halo triton 2

The Halo Triton 2 is almost the smallest vape pen on the market, and is one of the most advanced. It is available in 7 different colors and can easily fit discretely into a pocket or a handbag. It has a powerful 700mAh battery that has been squeezed into a small cylindrical casing and can be charged by USB. This is more than enough to last most people a full day of vaping. The battery is 3.6 inches (92mm) long and a mere 0.5 inches (14mm) in diameter. The tank that holds the e liquid is 2.75 inches (70mm) long. Making the whole vape when assembled just over 6 inches (161mm) in length. Tiny but powerful thanks to its advanced firmware chip!

The Triton 2 produces incredible amounts of vapor for its size, and is more than enough to mimic the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. Unless you are a chain smoker, you will not be disappointed.

It is designed for new vapers (or people that are upgrading from a cigalike to something that doesn’t suck). It is very easy to set up, use, and maintain. Full instructions are provided. You simply put some e liquid into the tank, and then screw the tank on the battery. Then you are ready to go! Press the button and inhale your tasty vapor.

Halo Cigs have been one of the biggest brand names in the vaping industry for over 7 years now (which for the ecig world is a very long time). As far as electronic cigarette brands go, they are as reputable as you can get. They started out by creating some of the most popular e liquid flavors the world had ever seen, and then transitioned into making e cigs of all sizes. This is their smallest vape pen, and is a marvelous first e cig.

It is also very affordable too! The Halo Cigs Triton 2 Starter Kit costs $45 and contains everything you need to start vaping immediately. The Starter Kit has 2 batteries, 2 tanks, 2 coil heads, 3 mouth pieces of different sizes, a USB adaptor and a wall charger. Halo also include a bottle of their world renowned e liquid in the starter kit too. Simply pick a flavor that you like from the drop down box and get ready to quit smoking!

Note For New Vapers About E Liquid: If you do decide to order the Triton 2, you will notice there are “mg/ml” options for each flavor of e liquid. This is the amount of nicotine in the e liquid. As a starting point we recommend moderate smokers go for 6mg/ml, and heavy smokers go for 12mg/ml.

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Runner Up: Vapor 4 Lyfe Ego
vapor 4 lyfe ego

Vapor 4 Lyfe are a newer company than Halo Cigs, but have been producing high quality electronic cigarettes for some time now. Their smallest ecig called the Ego is compact and reliable. A very worthy contender for the best small ecig crown. However it misses out on the top spot due to a few flaws when compared to the Halo Triton2.

The Ego is a reasonably similar size to the Halo Triton and is operated in a similar way. Its simple assembly, and push button controls ensure anyone will be able to start vaping with this tiny e cig. It has a similar battery size to the Triton and is available in 4 colors.

This is a great small e cig, that beat 10 other mini vapes to get to the runner up, second best spot. However there are several things that could be improved. Mainly we are not very fond of the mouth piece, it is a long thin tip that kind of feels like you have a whistle in your mouth. Mimicking the sensation of smoking is something that many new vapers want to achieve. As time goes on, this becomes less important. But at the start of your vaping journey its very important. Even for us long term vapers at Quitza this felt slightly weird and unnatural.

However this might not be a problem for you, it all depends on the experience you want. The recommended starter kit costs $69.99 and contains all you need to be vaping the Ego for several months. It includes 2 batteries, 5 tanks, 5 tips, and a wall charger. E liquid not included.

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Best Small Cigalike

halo g6

I know we just said that we would not recommend a cigalike to anyone, and we stand by that. There is absolutely no situation where a cigalike will be better than a vape pen. The size increase is almost negligible, and the cost is around the same long term (1 Month). This possibly sounds like we have some kind of vested interest in vape pens, but we do not. Cigalikes are honestly that bad.

If you absolutely must get the smallest electronic cigarette possible, we “recommend” the Halo Cigs G6. (We would love to know why you need a cigalike, let us know at the end of this page!)

The G6 comes in a starter kit package that will have everything you need to be vaping within minutes of receiving your package. It has batteries that are reasonably long lasting (for a cigalike) and you may only need to change them twice a day with regular usage.

The tanks can be filled with about 0.9ml of e liquid, which again is reasonably large for a cigalike. But you will still probably have to refill this several times a day.

It produces a reasonably small amount of vapor just like any other cigalike. But we must admit that compared to all the other small cigalikes we have tried it is probably the best in terms of vapor production. (It is still nothing compared to a vape pen).

You will receive two batteries, 3 tanks, and a USB charger. The starter kit costs $35 (only $10 less than the far superior Triton 2) and is available in 4 colors.

Basically the Halo G6 is the best of a bad bunch. A cigalike is never going to be good, but if you really have your heart set on a super small e cig. This is the one to get.

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Tiny Cigalikes Vs Small Vape Pens

So you have seen us say some pretty harsh things about cigalikes in this article so far.

It’s about time we fully explained the differences between the two and why these differences matter. Because as you will find out, there is really

Small Batteries

This is the main problem that cigalikes have compared to vape pens. Battery technology is not advanced enough for us to fit the power required for good amounts of vapor into a small battery. This is why until battery technology advances and miniaturizes, there can never be a good cigalike.

Vape pens are still very tiny, yet they have a battery that is at least twice the size of a cigalike. Basically, the amount of vapor that is produced by an electronic cigarette depends on the amount of wattage that is applied to the coil. Miniature ecigs like cigalikes can usually only produce 5 watts or so of power. This is not enough to mimic the sensation of smoking. Small ecig pens can produce up to 20 watts of power, producing four times the amount of vapor to a cigalike.

Now 20 watts of vapor is not a huge amount when you compare these small compact ecigs to the larger box mod style ecigs. Even with a vape pen you will not be blowing huge clouds of vapor. It’s still going to be discreet. But it will be enough vapor to feel in your throat. It will be enough to satisfy your cravings. Which is what this is all about.

Then we have the issue of battery life. Not only are the batteries in cigalikes too small to produce adequate amounts of vapor, they do not last long enough either. Again due to the ecigs small size and small battery the amount of charge it can hold is not enough to last you one day. You will need to carry spare batteries around with you everywhere you go, or risk being without your ecig.

Because of this, with a cigalike you need to have a strict battery charging routine every night. This can be difficult as you can usually only charge one battery at a time. So with a cigalike you either have to make charging batteries a part of your life, or buy several chargers. All of this to just save 2 inches of space in your pocket.

On the other hand, if you decide to get a vape pen style ecig all of your troubles are gone. Your battery will probably last you all day, and you do not have to carry spares with you. The slight size increase is worth every millimeter in terms of power and reliability. (This is why many dedicated vape stores do not sell cigalikes)

vape pens

Small Tanks / Cartomizers

Not only will you need to carry spare batteries with you if you use a cigalike, you will need to carry spare e liquid with you too. The tanks that are used in cigalikes are notoriously small. A pen vape will have an adequate 5ml tank that can last you all day with average usage. A cigalike will always have less than a 1ml capacity. The Halo G6 we “recommend” on this page has one of the largest cigalike capacities at 0.9ml. This is still nowhere near enough for a full days usage.

It’s not just the hassle of carrying your extra e liquid around with you that will be annoying. It’s also the refilling process. It’s not particularly hard, and it does not take a particularly long time. But it is annoying to have to regularly refill your ecig. We have been vaping since cigalikes were the only option, we know the frustration you will feel all too well.

E cig Size

Cigalikes are smaller than vape pens, there is no doubt about it. They are slightly more discreet and look and feel like a normal cigarette. This is actually a reasonably important factor for some people as nicotine addiction is not just a chemical addiction, but a physical habit. But the physical habit is something that is very quickly overcome, with any decent e cig. The only real benefit we can see from this e cig being so compact is that some people like the fact it looks like a normal cigarette from a distance.

So perhaps if you live in a country vaping is illegal and you need to be stealth vaping, a cigalike could be a good choice. But apart from that the size difference is almost negligible in real world terms. Most vape pens are around 2.5 inches (65mm) longer than a cigalike which is not too much of an increase at all. We cannot see any situation at all that would occur in real life where that size increase matters. Vape pens are so small that they easily fit in any pocket and any handbag.

vape girl

But wait, there’s more! What about all of the extra batteries and e liquid you need to carry around throughout your day if you use a cigalike? You will almost certainly need some kind of vape case or bag to store it in. This almost negates the size benefits of them being such a small ecig. Your choices are either an all in one slim slender small vape pen. Or a tiny cigalike, with a case full of batteries and e liquid.

When you take into account the amount of hardware that you need to carry around on a day to day basis. It could be said that cigalikes are actually larger than vape pens.

So as you may have guessed by now the smallest ecigs are also the worst e cigs. You can still get a compact and thin electronic cigarette that will satisfy your cravings and help you quit smoking. But do yourself a favor, don’t order a cigalike. Get a small ecig pen instead.
Oh man I hate cigalikes. They were the first kind of electronic cigarette that I used. They were my introduction to the world of vaping. It was such a small ecig I loved it. So thin so elegant. But then the problems started. You see the problem with these small vapes is that the batteries are really unreliable. Not all cigalikes are disposable, they are designed to be recharged. But I don’t know what it is, but they always break. I have had 3 different types of cigalikes in my life so far. I didn’t know why they kept breaking and I loved how small they were. This was back before vape pens existed. So my choice was a small cigalike or a huge mech mod that was dangerous back then. It was only when the first small ecigs that were not cigalikes came on the market that I made the change to vape pens that changed my life. They are so much better. I must say thanks to cigalikes because they helped me quit smoking. These tiny little devices are something I owe my smokefree life too. But honestly I would not recommend them to anyone now there are vape pens that are a similar size on the market.
Totally agree with this article. Cigalikes suck and are not much smaller than other ecigs you can get with more power. I tried a cigalike that I got from a gas station first and hated it. I still had loads of cravings, it was difficult to quit smoking. Then I met someone that told me about the alternatives that were still compact. I mean look at the size difference, its nothing!
Bigger is better when it comes to the size of ecigs. It’s a simple rule that cannot be changed. We just do not have good enough batteries to make something as small as a cigalike good. Vape pens are not good enough for me either, their batteries are too small too. I need a large box mod that can produce huge clouds. But then again I was a 40 a day chain smoker.
Virginia Stephens
My reasons for liking the e-cigs that look like a cigarette is the way it is more comfortable in the hand, it looks so much better vaping on one then the clunky large ones or the fat ones or the fat long ones. Really, I just don't get it. Why did e-cigs ever go to these type of new styles. And what is so bad about an e-cig looking like a cigarette? What are you afraid of? Someone thinking you're smoking a cigarette? Who the heck cares what others think? I love the old styles of e-cigs. The Joyetech 510cc. That was one great e-cig! And now I can't find any small ones like those until I came across your website. I'm very interested in your small ones and I sure hope someone out there is listening. Also women prefer the small ones that, yes, look like cigarettes. It's the size we like. Thanks for letting me rant on. 😊
I totally agree!.. Smaller is better.. Why do i want to walk around with something that looks like a hand grenade .. Bring back the eroll
I agree with Scottie. so idiotic, 200 million of giant ecigs, and no eroll anymore. At least they should have kept the eroll batteries at the market. Damn Joyetech.
I prefer e-cigs, what you call "cigalikes", mainly because sucking on a VHS tape looks ridiculous. So, the battery doesn't last all day? I just keep 3 in my pocket. It's still better than lugging a brick around. But maybe my reasons for using them are different from your reasons for vaping. I don't do it to enjoy the flavors. I do it to stay off cigarettes. And maybe the image of vaping is different where you live than where I live. Where I am, vaping is tacky. Why do I care what people think? Because that's life. The people who really don't care what others think are the ones who go out in public in pajama pants and armpit stained wifebeaters... sucking on a brick.
i also love the small e cigs, & hate how they have stopped them, never had any problems with them,,, so,,,, it looked like a cig, so what. hard to get a half decent 1 now, not happy.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the volt line by smokeless image. I had a handful of egos and even some really cool mods never got into the sub ohm craze and can't make a coil to save my life. so I went back to basics v2 was good but way to expensive for my tastes still am curious on all the pod vape devices but with iffy refillable capabilities price again was the factor. Enter volt open system bat life still at what all the cigalikes have but everything is refillable and cheap. I can kill off a bat from loving it to death and replace it for under 10 bucks. I always carry out with me a case with 4 fully charged batteries two bottles of spare juice and some paper towels so I don't make a mess refilling it. Vapor plenty of it for a small device taste depends on juice you use but the cartos and tanks made for it work really well and carry the flavor over well. No dry hits if you keep everything filled leaks are minimal. Volt would be my top pick for anyone that just wants something simple cheap and that works well
Curious to know why the Juul is not on here, as it is easily the best electronic cigarette / vaporizer for heavy or long-term smokers looking to transition. Also, interested in your thoughts on the Von Erl?
Id rather a cigalike. I work construction and had a bad habit of smoking all day while I work. Like constantly. Having a cigarette in my hand while I worked was just a habit that I replaced with a cigalike. The size fits in the palm of my hand and make it easier not to smoke. So cigalikes have their purpose.
If there was a cigalike that worked great then I would use them all the time because it feels like a cigarette
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