The Best Online Vape Stores - Our 2021 Review

We have a large number of long term vapers on the team at Quitza, We have compiled a list of (what we think are) the best online vape stores selling some of the best vape supplies.

Our reviews are independent and our ratings and rankings are impartial, totally based on our personal experiences. We have not been paid by any of the websites on this page to rank them favorably, and we do not review any site we have not personally used.

We started off the review process by selecting 30 online e cig retailers. After applying our thorough review process we ended up with the top 5 online vape stores you see below. All of the online vendors we have listed on this page are excellent places to buy vape supplies, they are all winners. We highly recommend you check all of them out before making your next purchase.

The Best Online Vape Stores 2021 - Top 3

  1. Vapes
  2. The Vape Mall
  3. My Freedom Smokes
best online vape stores

#1 Vapes Logo are a small family business from "The Good Ol' Midwest" as they put it. They have been one of the best places to get your vape supplies from since 2010.

They have a large selection of e cig starter kits, as well as big mods, small ecigs, APV's, tanks, RDA's and atomizers. They are at the very top of this list when it comes to hardware. The size of their product range is quite impressive.

They have a wide selection of e liquid brands, and many of them are priced very competitively. However we feel they could possibly stock more premium e liquid. We only saw a handful of the big brands many customers know and love. They do not sell any clones and we have always received genuine and original hardware from them.

We really like the honest nature of their reviews. Many of their reviews are screen shots from their Facebook page which helps ensure they are genuine. (We actually took the time to search through the reviews on their Facebook to ensure the screen shots on their website are real. We were able to find them all, and many more glowing reviews).

Like most of the other great online vape stores in this list have a top notch delivery system in place. Their parcels are well packaged and dispatched and delivered quickly. They offer international delivery on all orders.

Their customer service has usually replied to us the same day via email. They also offer a telephone ordering system, great news if you would rather order the old fashioned way instead of buying online. (They also have an international phone number if you wish to order via phone from outside the United States). Their website is clean, intuitive, and secure.

They are priced very competitively and offer a free shipping coupon for domestic orders placed on their website ($50 minimum spend required).

+ Very reputable company
+ Large amount of hardware
+ Loyalty program
+ Reasonably priced
+ International shipping
- Could stock more big brand e liquids
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#2 The Vape Mall

The Vape Mall Logo

You come to us looking for the best online vape stores, and we go one better and find you the best online vape mall. Honestly, it is just another excellent online vape shop. There is nothing “mall like” about the website apart from the name. Based out of Wentzville, MO they have been around for several years now and are growing in popularity year on year.

Their starter kit section is particularly useful for new vapers. When we took a look through what vapes they were recommending for new electronic cigarette users, we were very pleased. Many other online vape stores have a few dud starter kit recommendations for new vapers. The vape mall has nailed it with their choices. Every single one of them are great introductory e cigs that are easy to use and maintain.

They have a reasonable range of e liquid for sale, mainly promoting their own brand vape juice (which is excellent value for money) alongside a handful of the other big name brands. If you are an experienced vaper this may not be what you’re looking for. But if you are new to vaping this could be a good opportunity to get your first e cig and some very reasonable mid range e liquid for a good price. They categorize most their e liquid by flavor - again good for new vapers that do not specifically know what brand they want, but know what kind of flavor they would like to try.

That being said it’s not just new vapers that will find what they need at The Vape Mall. They have some of the lowest priced hardware we have come across and have a large inventory. Hundreds of tanks, mods, and RDA’s are available with most of the big name e cig brands for sale.

Once you have ordered from the vape mall items are usually dispatched the next business day (we have actually had orders dispatched on the same day on occasion). Delivery is quick, your order is well packaged and they provide you with a delivery tracking number. Customer service replies to inquires quickly and they have a USA telephone number if you wish to order over the phone or have a question about ordering from their online store.

They often have sales on their website, although they were not significant discounts at time of writing. However this is not really an issue as their every day prices are very reasonable already.

+ Very reputable company
+ Large amount of hardware
+ Low Cost
+ Quick order dispatch
+ Great for new vapers
+ International shipping
- Discounts in the sale section could be greater
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#3 My Freedom Smokes

My Freedom Smokes Logo

My Freedom Smokes were established in 2008 and over time have grown to be one of the most well known and respected online vape stores on the net. They have one of the largest inventories we have ever seen. They sell many well known brands of e liquid and also make their own brand “My Freedom Smokes” line of e liquid. They do stock several brands of high VG liquid, but we would personally like to see a few more high VG options for sale. (They may actually have a wide range of VG liquids. But we could not find them easily, there is no High VG Category on their website).

They also have a wide range of hardware available with several mods, tanks, and RDA’s in stock. We could not see any clones for sale on their website, and every piece of hardware we have ordered from them has been original.

They provide their products at very competitive prices, stocking some of the cheapest hardware we have seen anywhere. They occasionally run promotional discount coupon codes, which can be picked up by subscribing to their newsletter. delivery is fast, well packaged and comes with a tracking code, international delivery is available to most countries. they also offer a free domestic shipping coupon valid for all orders made on their website over $75.

We really like the way they have laid out their websites navigation menu. Any reputable online vape shop will have many different categories of product for sale. It can often be time consuming to navigate your way through many sub pages to find the type of product you are looking for. The My Freedom Smokes website makes all product categories easily accessible from each page – without the navigation menu ending up cluttered. As programmers ourselves we understand how difficult this can be. Top marks for design!

Their customer service is fast and polite, and you can order by telephone if you wish. However this does cost an additional $5.95 service charge (which they say is used to cover the costs of processing a telephone order). They state on their website that they wish to keep their overheads low to keep their prices some of the lowest on the web. Their prices are indeed very low, but other vape stores are able to offer this service without an additional charge. This is our only real negative point on MFS – but if you are planning to order online, it is not really an issue.

They accept payment with all major credit and debit cards.

+ Large amount of hardware
+ Quick order dispatch
+ Great prices
+ Great website layout
+ Very reputable company
- Could stock more high VG e liquid
- Ordering by phone is not free
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#4 Mount Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor Logo

These guys are one of the many online vape stores on this list that create their own e liquid. They are well known for creating high quality vape juice at great prices (They ranked highly when we compiled our top e liquids list). They also stock a wide range of other manufacturers e liquids that they call their “flavor partners”. At time of writing Mt Baker Vapor stock over 240 different e liquids. All of their own e liquids are available in various PG/VG ratios and they stock several high vg flavor partner e liquids too.

The only thing we feel that lets Mt Baker Vapor down slightly is the lack of other big name brands. There are a several large names available like Charlie’s Chalkdust and Geek Vape, but we would like to see a little more choice. They have a large selection of tanks and clearomizers in their inventory and they stock a huge amount of coils for most of the tanks on their virtual shelves.

However the amount of RDA’s and mods in stock is slightly disappointing. We feel they could possibly stand to benefit from expanding the amount they carry their inventory. They stock a few of the big name 18490 and 18650 batteries, and a few reliable chargers - but again, we would like to see more choice.

Most of Mount Baker Vapors hardware is authentic but we did find a few clones in their store. However they are clearly marked as clones and are priced appropriately.

Their customer service is top notch, and their prices are rock bottom. Delivery is fast, they offer a wide range of payment options and they also often offer site wide discount coupon codes. (We like Mount baker vapor so much that we actually wrote a dedicated review on the company – read it here).
+ Quick order dispatch
+ Great prices
+ Very reputable company
+ Own brand e liquid is cheap
+ Returns permitted on certain items
- Could stock more well known e liquid brands
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#5 Aspen Valley Vapes

The Vape Mall Logo

An all American Colorado based vape supplier that has undertaken the mission of “helping all tobacco smokers make the switch to vaping”. They are supporting the vaping industry by donating a portion of all profits to the American Vaping Society who is fighting the FDA and their damaging regulations.

They have a respectable inventory of hardware and you will find many of the big brands like Kanger, Smok, and Aspire on their virtual shelves. They have a great “Blowout Deals” section where you can find some pretty amazing discounts, at the time of writing we were able to find discounts of up to 40% on some specific items. (Although their prices are already very reasonable even without the discount. So this is not really that much of a problem.)

They are one of the best vape shops on this list in terms of big brand e liquid. They have many of the most well known brands available and it all seemed to be in stock.

We expect excellent customer service from all vendors on this list and Aspen Valley did not disappoint. They had fast response times to all our questions and seemed to be very knowledgeable on several aspects of electronic cigarette usage and maintenance. Their shipping is top notch, they provide a tacking number and offer free US shipping on orders over $65.

One criticism we do have of Aspen Valley Vapes is the navigation menu on their website. We do not like the way they have labeled the e cig section of their website. The have named it “VV/VW Devices”, which to a new vaper is probably gibberish (It stands for Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Devices). We would like to see them rename it to something that it a little more accessible. (We know this seems like a small silly issue, and in all honesty it is silly. But we are software developers, we notice these things!)
+ Donate some profits to AVS
+ Huge amount of big brand e liquid
+ Low prices
+ Fast delivery
- Confusing website navigation menu
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How We Rate The Top Online Vape Stores

The most important thing about any ranking or rating of anything on the Internet is trustworthiness and reliability. It is no secret that many unscrupulous people online will simply positively review a product or store that they have not used to gain a commission from the sales the generate.

Before we get into the specifics of how we rate each online vape store it is important to tell you why we are different. If you have taken a look around our site you will see that we are not a website that has solely been set up to generate commissions from promoting vaping products. We are a large team that have together developed what is probably the most sophisticated tobacco cessation software on the planet. Nearly all of our team are ex smokers, and over half of us are vapers. All of us support the use of electronic cigarette technology.

E liquid

What makes us different from the rest of the review websites out there is that making money from suggesting the best vape stores is not our primary aim. Our aim is to help people quit smoking by developing and improving our free software. We are full time soldiers in the fight to end the global tobacco epidemic.

We will never positively review a bad store for money. We will never rate a vape shop we have not personally been customers of. We will never praise a product simply because they have given us a free sample (although to date we have never received any free samples from any vape store or manufacturer). All our reviews and ratings are unbiased, and based on personal experience.

Now we have got that out of the way, this is how we rank and rate the best online vape shops.

Best Selection Of Vape Supplies

One of the most important things about any online vape shop is the size of their inventory. The best online stores will stock all kinds of vape supplies. We award points based on the size of their vape supply inventory. We ask questions like, do they stock newer mods, or just older ones? Do they stock many well known big name e cig brands or do they just stock the ones they have deals with? How about their selection of RDA’s and tanks? Do they have a good selection of replacement coils for the tanks they sell? Do they have a wide range of coil building supplies? We look into the answers to all these questions and more.

E Liquid

The most commonly purchased item from an online vape shop is e liquid. it is obviously the thing that needs to be replaced most often for any vapor. now as many vape shops are also e liquid manufacturers. we do not award or deduct points for them being a manufacturer as we feel it is quite subjective.

We figured that most people interested in our online vape shop rankings are looking for places that sell a wide range of products. Some people just want to find the shop that sells the cheapest e liquid and do not care about the brand name. Others are looking for very specific brands that they trust and love. S

Due to this, choice is our main ranking factor when we look at the selection of e liquids for sale in each shop.

Vaper And Glasses

We also briefly check that there are no known brands for sale that contain diacetyl. The potential dangers of including diacetyl in e liquid are hotly debated. But we know most vapers will choose to avoid e liquid that contains it.

We do not claim to have exhaustively checked all the e liquids in every store on this list, so please make sure you do your own due diligence when ordering from any of them. But as part of the research process of this list we adopted the following policy: If we find a vape shop does sell a e liquid that is known to contain diacetyl (and does not visibly disclose the diacetyl content) they are automatically excluded from this list.

As such, as far as we can tell, none of the e liquids for sale on any of the websites of these vape shops contain diacetyl. (If you have reason to believe otherwise, please let us know in the comments section below so we can review).


This is a huge ranking factor that excluded several vape shop websites from this list. You may or may not know that fake e cig hardware (called clones) is very common.

Some clones are obvious replicas being sold under a different brand name. Many of these clones are high quality and much cheaper, but some are not. It is very much a case of trial and error to find a clone that works as good as an original. We have no problem with vape shops selling these types of clones, in fact we award points for it as they are giving customers a choice.

Authentic Not Clone Mod

However there is a darker second type of clone. Clones which are designed to totally replicate a original device and are being sold as an original device. This we are not ok with. They are often much lower quality than the original, but are almost identical in appearance most of the time. Any vape shop that has ever sold us a clone that was being sold as an original piece of hardware was automatically excluded from this list (and we never order from them again). We have ordered hardware from all of the companies on this list and they all provided us with original hardware.

It’s not just hardware either, clone e liquid is also rising in “popularity”. Many e liquid vendors use standard bottles that can easily be purchased by a company that wants to create clone e liquid. Then it is just a case of filling the bottle with the clone liquid and printing an identical label. It is very difficult to spot a clone e liquid unless you are familiar with the original version. Lucky for you we have a large team of long term vapers here at Quitza. As far as we are aware we have never received a clone e liquid from any vape supplier on this list. (We excluded one company from the list for selling us a clone e liquid.)


Lets be honest here. When most people are shopping for vape supplies online they are mainly looking at one thing. The price. This was a particularly tricky thing for us to quantify and rank. The first thing we tried doing was selecting a range of commonly sold items and then check the price of each item on each vape stores website. We then would average the price for each store and use that as a method to quantify the overall price and determine the best value vape store.

However this quickly turned out to be a impossible task to do without us influencing the results. Many vape stores have discounts on several items at a time. Some stores had discounts on the items we were checking in each store and others did not. This resulted in the average price being much lower for one website than another website just because of the items we chose to compare. If we had chosen a different set of items to compare the price rankings would be different. This is obviously not very scientific, and certainly not fair or accurate.

The way we decided to best rank on price was by our general gut feeling. As you know by now we have been vaping for a long time. We generally know how much a product should cost. We looked through much of the inventory of each vape shop and kept an eye out for items that were much cheaper than what we expected. We also looked out for items that were much more expensive than expected, we added points for discounts, deducted points for overcharging.

Discount codes are also a large ranking factor for price. We feel that any company that deserves to be listed as one of the best vape suppliers should give back to the vaping community wherever they can. Discount coupon codes are a good way of doing this and we wish to encourage this practice by giving vendors points for distributing them.


The difference between fast and slow delivery of vaping supplies can literally be the difference between remaining a non smoker and relapsing due to nicotine cravings. If your e cig breaks, or you need to re supply your eliquid stash as you are down to your last bottle – it is very important you get your delivery on time.

The main thing we focus on when rating the delivery of vape shops is dispatch time. Because quite honestly the speed of the worlds postal services is out of control of the vendors. Same day dispatch gets a several points added, next day dispatch gets a few points added. If it takes a vendor more than 3 days to dispatch an order they are excluded from the list. (Note: We only count Monday to Friday as business days that are eligible for dispatch).

We also rate companies on the way they package the orders you make on their websites. Improper packaging can lead to broken hardware or smashed bottles. All the companies on this list will allow you to return items that are broken during transit. However due to the time sensitive nature of the delivery of vaping supplies any company that did not package items correctly was excluded from this list. We do not view any company that risks breakage during delivery worthy of being listed as one of the best vape stores.

International shipping also earns vendors points, as many countries can have limited domestic options and vapers worldwide often order from US websites. The vape shops we reviewed also earned ratings points for providing a tracking number, offering free delivery on orders, and offering next day delivery as standard.

Customer Service

One of the things we like about brick and mortar vape shops is the amazing interaction you can have with the staff. They are almost always genuinely enthusiastic about vaping and highly knowledgeable. A hard sell is reasonably unheard of. They honestly wish to promote electronic cigarettes as a form of tobacco cessation.

We expect the same level of support from the best online vape stores as we do from their offline counterparts. We sent each e cig store that had made the final cut a basic question that someone totally new to vaping would ask. We then rated them on the speed of their reply, and how accurate / honest it was.

We wanted to verify that the stores we were going to rank as the best were not going to try and sell new vapers products that they did not need just because they were expensive. While the responses we got from each store varied, none of the vendors on this page made bad recommendations. If they did they would have been excluded from the list.

A Vape Pen

All of their responses were personalized and not boiler plate customer service responses. Some of the vendors on this list also offered to call us for a chat about vaping to find the best solution to their needs. (We declined these offers as we did not want to waste any more of their time further than a simple email reply).

Refunds were something that earned vendors a higher ranking score. Many vendors only allow refunds when a product is faulty, which we do not like. No store will allow refunds of e liquid. This is something we totally agree with, as vape juice is a consumable product and should be treated the same way as food when it comes to refunds. It may actually be a legal requirement to not allow refunds of e liquid (Citation Needed).

However we see no reason why vape shops should not accept refunds of unopened and unused hardware. Unfortunately most stores utilize this policy, including some on this list. As it seems to be standard practice in the vaping world to not allow refunds we did not mark shops down because of this. Instead we awarded points to the stores that were more generous with their refund policies.


A good website is essential for any vape store that was going to be listed as one of the top options online. It was a very influential ranking factor for us. We may be a little biased here, as we are all software developers at Quitza. But as the website is the primary point of contact between an online shopper and the store the website needs to work, and it needs to work well.

We want to be treated like valued customers, we want to buy our vape supplies from a website that cares about us. Vape stores can show this by developing a website that has had obvious thought and skill put into its design and implementation.

An e commerce website needs to be secure. Https encryption is a requirement for making the list. Easy to use navigation and well thought out intuitive categories were also weighted heavily. We like to see visible and clear refund policies, shipping policies, and contact details.

Ideally we would like to see PayPal listed as a payment option on these websites. But unfortunately none of them accept PayPal. This is not the fault of the website designers, or the vendors. It is due to PayPal.

They do not permit their payment processor to be used for anything that is e cig related. As such all of the websites on this list are ineligible to use PayPal as a payment option. (It is worth noting that PayPal EU have relaxed their rules on this and EU based online vape shops are permitted to offer PayPal as a payment method.)

Because all of the companies on this list are based in the US, we just checked that all major credit cards were accepted – which of course they were.

The Best Vape Shop For You?

So as we mentioned at the start of this article, every single entry on this page is an excellent online vape shop. They are all high quality trustworthy vendors that will deliver the goods you order, and deliver them on time.

Honestly there is not a huge amount of variation between the top online shop and the others. You could order from any of them and you would be in good hands. So just pick one you like and you can order in the confidence that you are going to be getting the best vape supplies from one of the best online vape shops on the planet.

Thank you so much! I am SO happy you did not do what all the other review sites are doing by promoting V2 cigs just because they give the most commissions. They are such a terrible company that used to be good. I started vaping a V2 cig as my first electronic cigarette. And that thing used to be so good. Their customer service was great, their e liquid tasted amazing, and I could not have been happier. I stayed vaping a V2 cig for the next 2 years and never needed to find another online vape shop. I had found the best vape supplier. Or so I thought. As time went on their quality went down and down and down. I ordered replacement ecigs from them and it just got worse and worse. I tried to return them but customer service just ignored me most the time, refused me a refund the other times. They were almost plain rude in some cases. I really do not know what has happened to them. They used to be so good. I would never recommend V2 to anyone. If you see them being promoted and reviewed really highly online please ignore the reviews, or at least check the comments sections. V2 cigs used to be one of the best places to buy your vape supplies, they used to be one of the best vape companies in the world. They now suck, and I would never use them again.
I know that most people on this site will be from the USA and I know that most of these websites will ship to the UK. But I just cannot wait that long to get e liquid each month, and the shipping is very expensive. Can you please consider writing a UK version of this list? I am sure many of us brits would appreciate it.
Thanks for this list. I am a new vaper, I have just ordered my first electronic cigarette from I am now the proud owner of a Kanger starter kit. I also got other vape supplies from them. I am not sure if I got the right coils as I didn’t understand about the ohms. But I got the same ones that came with the starter kit. I look forward to quitting smoking and becoming a vaper!
I really hate it when online vape shops sell clone products but label them as authentic. I have no problem with clones and actually own a few myself. But when I am paying original prices I want original hardware. I have used a few of the companies on this list and have never received a clone (unless I ordered it specifically). I am glad you included this information, it is very important.
I have used the vape mall and before. They both delivered my products quickly and their prices were very low. Authentic genuine hardware and e liquid. Never received a clone and I am a long term customer. I find that once you have found one or two vape shops to buy from you do not really need to look around online any more. There is always a risk when trying out a new shop, so it is good to find reviews like this. I wish amazon sold vaping products though. They would be able to make so much money by undercutting all of the other vape stores.
I used to use ecig avenue they are a darn good company. But then I decided to take a look at My Freedom Smokes. They sell many more products on their website and their prices are a little cheaper. They totally get my vote as the best online vape store.
Great list. What about Five Pawns though? I remember them being on your best e liquid manufacturer list but why are they not on this list? They are a great company that I think should have been included?
I remember when mount baker vapor were just a eliquid supplier. Back in the day when vaping was niche and no one knew what an e cig was. These guys are fighting the FDA and their deeming regulations that are killing vaping. If the price and quality of their vape supplies is the same as other online stores I recommend you go with them. They deserve the support of the vaping community while they fight the FDA to try and save vaping.
I would include VaporHub on this list. I have been a loyal customer of theirs since they first opened. They offer free delivery and regular discount codes. The only thing that is a little bit bad about them is their small range of hardware. They only seem to stock one or two different brands which is a little annoying. So i go and get my e cigs somewhere else (I actually go to the vape mall!). But they have such a huge selection of e liquid and it is really cheap. Next time you update this list I recommend that you look into them and see if they are worthy of being included.
I thought I had heard about all the good ones before, but there some new ones on this list I will have to check out. It’s a shame there will be no new products on the market thanks to the FDA’s regulations.
Big shout out for velvet vapors here. They are a good company that is loved by the online vaping community. They always respond quickly to comments and emails and have some tasty eliquid.
Great to see a honest list of good vape shops. I really agree with most of the entries in the top 5. Never tried but have always heard good things about them. Good job Quitza!
I would love to know what companies you excluded from the rankings because they sold you clone hardware or e liquid without telling you. We as a community need to out these people to try and stamp this practice out. Selling people products that are not as advertised is terrible – especially when the vaping industry is under so much media scrutiny now.
Bitcoin payments are something more and more people want but only a few merchants offer it. I think you should probably include this as a ranking factor the next time you update this list.
I have to say that mount baker vapor are one of the best vape stores I have ever been to both online and offline. Their brick and mortar shop is awesome. The staff is very friendly and their prices are the same as their online store if I remember correctly. Their juice is tasty and cheap and their customer service is impeccable. I have been vaping for over 6 years and always get my supplies from mount baker whenever I can. I do agree with this review though, their selection of mods and RDA’s is very limited. I wish they provided more options. When they do not have the mod I want I usually go to They seem to have a bigger selection.
This is not a list of e liquid manufacturers, it is a list of online vape stores. Five pawns make great vape juice but they do not sell other vaping supplies online. I guess that is why they are not included.
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