The Best E-Liquids And Vape Juices: A 2021 Review

Ever wondered what the best e liquid is? Well we at Quitza have been vaping for almost as long as e juice has existed, so we like to think we know what makes a good vape juice great.
Disclaimer: Electronic cigarettes are not FDA approved tobacco cessation products. They are electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

In the list we have complied below you will find a wide range of e liquid and we personally use some of them as our best all day vapes.

We have personally tested and rated all of these flavors below and have not been paid to favorably rate any of them. Quitza will never write about any product that we have not personally used. We ensure that all the e liquids on this list are made with food grade flavorings in medical grade clean room facilities.

Many of the e liquid vendors below have provided Quitza with discount coupons which we have listed alongside the reviews. Be sure to use them to save a little money when ordering.

We have listed our top overall picks, and the best e liquid for each category of juice we have reviewed.

Our Top Rated E Liquids

#1 Halo
Halo Cigs Logo
Halo are one of the biggest and oldest e liquid manufacturers on the market. They have been providing high quality vape juice since 2009, for the e cig industry this is a very long time. You will find it difficult to find an e liquid manufacturer that is more reputable than halo (although there are several that are their equals).

They are well known for having a wide range of creamy, fruity, and classic tobacco flavors. They offer sample packs for people who wish to try a selection of flavors before committing to buying a whole 30ml bottle. They have two lines of e-liquid available, one named “Halo” and another named “Evo”.

Halo also provides a points based loyalty scheme. You earn 100 Halo points for every $20 you spend on vape juice and 75 Halo Points for every $20 you spend on tanks, mods, batteries and other hardware. These points can then be redeemed on future purchases making your day to day vaping that little bit cheaper (or you could use a halo cigs coupon code).
Our Preferred Tobacco Flavor: Tribeca
Tribeca is one of the most popular tobacco flavors in the world, and as such is quite famous. It combines a smooth blend of tobacco with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.
Menthol Ice
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Menthol Ice
A classic cool icy mint flavor with a softening sweet aftertaste. A great all day vape choice if you like your menthol flavors.
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Devlin
Devlin is one of those e liquids that almost tastes better than the real thing. A sweet slightly salted caramel flavor that will make your mouth water without becoming too sickly.
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Wild Watermelon
A Super fresh and super powerful watermelon flavor will have you feeling like it is summer every day of the week. One of the most intense watermelon e liquids we have ever tried.
+ Very reputable company
+ Large amount of nicotine options
+ Sample box allows you to try various flavors
+ Loyalty program
+ Reasonably priced
+ International shipping
- Could be a little cheaper
#2 Mount Baker Vapor
Mt Baker Vapor Logo
It’s no surprise that the next e liquid vendor on the list is another company that has been around basically since the start of vaping. They are probably the biggest name in e-liquids right now and their reputation for quality is deserved.

Like halo they also used to sell a sample pack where you can try several of their most popular vape juices in small quantities for a low price. However as of early 2016 these are no longer available.

However with a great selection of high quality flavors they still rank high on our list. Mt Baker Vapor has excellent customer service and will usually ship within 24 hours of your order being placed. All of their e juice is made in Arizona, USA.

Like Halo Mt Baker Vapor also have a loyalty program where you can earn points with every purchase you make to save money the next time you stock up on e liquid. Be sure to look out for Mount Baker Vapor coupon codes, as they are known to provide some great discounts throughout the year.

USA Blend
Our Preferred Tobacco Flavor: USA Blend
Closely mimics the taste of a filtered tobacco cigarette without additional flavorings or aromas. A very simple yet very enjoyable vape.
Extreme Ice
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Extreme Ice
You can probably guess from the name how this tastes. A strong crisp menthol flavor that is not sweetened. One of the freshest vapes on this list.
Banana Cream Pie
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Banana Cream Pie
This is a sweet and very creamy e liquid that is vivid without being overpowering. The graham cracker nutty aftertaste ensures a full bodied well rounded vape. One of our favorites on this whole list.
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Blueberry
This is one of the most intense blueberry flavors we have ever tasted. It is a simple, slightly tangy yet sweet single flavor e liquid.
+ Very reputable company
+ Huge selection of e liquid
+ Fast shipping
+ Loyalty program
+ Cheap
+ Made In The USA
- Sample pack no longer available
- Bottles could possibly look nicer

The Best Cheap E-liquid

#1 Vista Vapors
Vista Vapors Logo
Vista vapors founder William said that when vista vapors were first going into business they wanted to be the most affordable e-liquid manufacturer on the market. With 32 ml bottles of e juice costing just $7.49 we think that vista vapors have achieved that aim.

Vista vapors go further than just offering 32ml for under $10, if you find a flavor you like you can increase the size of your bottle to 102ml for just $16.99. When we did the math, this works out to $4.99 for 30ml of juice. This is not a special promotional offer, it is their everyday low price. We have never seen any other manufacturer so consistently cheap.

Just because vista vapors are cheap does not mean their e liquid is low quality. Just like all of the other manufacturers on this list they use only FDA approved food grade flavorings and manufacture their vape juice in clean room facilities.

We feel that there is a slight flavor difference between vista vapors and premium vape juice brands. But they are still delicious, great tasting vapes that always leave us going back to them time and time again. Several of us at Quitza have found all day vapes from vista vapors, the savings are substantial over time.

The only “downside” is that the packaging is a little less attractive than other manufacturers. But if you are looking for a cheap e liquid, the chances are that you will not care about this.
Our Preferred Tobacco Flavor: Berrybacco
A combination of tobacco with a sweet berry flavor creates a twist on a normal cigarette with a fruity aftertaste.
Creme De Menthe
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Creme De Menthe
A moderate amount of mild menthol is combined with a dash of dark chocolate to give a refreshing sweet minty chocolate flavor.
Sundae Drizzle
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Sundae Drizzle
Imagine if you could vape the chocolate sauce we all love to drizzle all over our ice cream Sundays. Well with Sundae Drizzle you can. It is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Sweet and Moorish.
Strawberry Watermelon
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Strawberry Watermelon
Two of the most popular fruit flavors combined into one. Tangy strawberry meets sweet watermelon, in expertly balanced proportions. One of our all day vapes.
+ Cheapest overall manufacturer
+ Huge selection of flavors
+ Fast shipping
+ Customizable VG/PG ratios
- Bottles could look nicer
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The Best Organic Natural E-liquid

#1 Velvet Vapors
Velvet Vapors Logo
Velvet Vapors are a reasonably new e liquid manufacturer and are steadily increasing their reputation within the e cig community.

We are adding them to the organic e liquid section of this list because the majority of their e liquid uses only natural flavorings and organic VG and they do not use any artificial colorings. They state on their website:

“Who needs their grape-flavored e-liquid to look purple if it tastes like grapes?“

And we totally agree. There is no need to e liquid to have any kind of artificial coloring in it whatsoever. The less ingredients we can inhale while vaping, the better.

However velvet vapors do use a few artificial flavorings in some of their juices, and their nicotine is not organic. They explain their reasoning for doing so very articulately on their website and clearly state on each product if it has artificial flavorings. There is nothing dangerous or wrong with artificial flavorings at all, and many manufacturers only use artificial flavorings (or use them much more than velvet vapors do). We just want to be totally transparent by pointing this out.

You will be able to pick up a 30ml bottle of velvet vapors e liquid for around $17 USD which is a very reasonable price considering the quality of the product.

Their high quality flavorings are superb and provide a massive amount of flavor in each hit. They stock well over 100 different e liquids ranging from simple single flavor e liquids to complex and delicious combinations. They offer a very reasonably priced sample pack if you want to try a few flavors without committing to 30ml of each.
Honey Hookah
Our Preferred Tobacco Flavor: Honey Hookah
A enjoyable and interesting take on tobacco. A middle eastern mild tobacco flavor infused with a raw honey aftertaste.
Arctic Blast
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Arctic Blast
Natural peppermint flavorings combined with natural menthol creates a strong dry and icy vape perfect for any menthol lover.
Blueberry Cheesecake
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Blueberry Cheesecake
A combination of creamy cheesecake and fresh blueberries is a sophisticated and all natural vape that is very Moorish.
Berry Dream
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Berry Dream
A undisclosed combination of berries (we suspect blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry) that delivers a strong and tangy yet sweet and delicious vape.
+ Offer Military Discount
+ No Artificial Colors
+ Offers Sampler Packs
+ Wide range of flavors
+ Very Reasonably Priced
+ Excellent Customer Support
- The product search function on the velvet vapors website is a little cluttered with the PG free versions of each juice being listed as a separate product.
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#2 Kind Juice
Kind Juice
Kind Juice is the closest thing we have ever found to an “artisanal” e liquid manufacturer. They only ever use totally organic natural flavorings extracted from fruits and plants. All their e juices are GMO free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan friendly and made in Florida, USA. In fact they even call their e-juice “E Nectar”;

The flavor in every bottle of Kind Juice we have tried has been full bodied and exceptionally vivid. They contain no PG at all and the flavor combinations available are some of the most creative we have come across. For example take their “Geisha Moon Song” e liquid, which is plum wine combined with jasmine blooms. Have you ever heard of any other juice this exotic!

To top it all off these complex organic flavors are packaged in beautiful dark green glass bottles with subtle yet appealing labeling.

However all of this organic artisanal goodness comes at a premium and is one of the most expensive vape juice vendors on this list.
Alpine Frost
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Alpine Frost
There are only three ingredients in this juice, organic menthol, VG, and nicotine. It is a clear and crisp menthol flavor that is slightly dry and is not sweet.
Pirates Gold
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Pirates Gold
A soft banana cake is combined with the faintest hit of dark Caribbean rum to produce a complex and sweet flavor. The nutty aftertaste of walnuts completes the experience perfectly.
Jungle Juice
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Jungle Juice
A complex yet balanced combination of strawberry, pineapple, mango, and guava with a citrus aftertaste. A great vape for special occasions.
+ Vegan friendly
+ No artificial colors
+ No artificial flavors
+ Intense flavors
+ Creative flavor combinations
- Reasonably Expensive
- Limited Selection Of Flavors
Save With Kind Juice
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Best Custom E Liquid

#1 Vista Vapors
Visa Vapors Logo
If you have been reading the whole article and have not just skipped to the custom blend section you will already know that vista vapors is the cheapest e liquid manufacturer on this list. They are also one of the most comprehensive custom e liquid manufacturers in the industry.

Their “mix your own juice” mixing software makes it very easy to select and combine flavors to get the exact combination you want. You select from 100 “primary flavors” to get started and then select from a whole range of secondary flavors that have been specifically designed to complement the primary flavors on offer. However just because it is designed to be complementary does not guarantee it will taste nice! But that is half the fun of creating your own flavor of e liquid, isn’t it?

32ml bottles are the minimum size you can create and they are priced as reasonably as the rest of their off the shelf inventory. You will be paying $9.49 for a 32 ml bottle and $18.99 for a 102ml bottle.
+ Very cheap
+ Wide range of flavors
+ Fast shipping
+ Easy to use juice creation software
- Certain flavor combinations are no longer available due to FDA regulations
Save With Vista Vapors
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The Best Gourmet Premium E-liquid

#1 Five Pawns
Five Pawns Logo
Ever since five pawns entered the market they have been a buzzword for quality. Their artisanal flavorings combined with their meticulously designed bottles and packaging instantly earned them a place among the best premium vape juice vendors in the world. In fact it could be said that five pawns actually created the gourmet vape juice market. Many others have since joined the gourmet niche, but in our opinion five pawns are still the best.

Their flavorings are the highest quality money can buy and their flavor combinations are nothing short of brilliant. Five pawns e liquids are probably the best e liquids we have ever tasted in for flavor intensity.

But as you might expect these sophisticated flavor profiles and the beautifully designed packaging comes at an additional cost. You will be paying around $30 for a 30ml bottle. For many people this is a little too pricey to be an all day vape. However five pawns e liquid is second to none when it comes to quality and is a perfect choice for those times when you feel like treating yourself to a little bit of excellence.
Bowdens Mate
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Bowdens Mate
The only menthol flavor that Five Pawns offer at the moment is one that is beautifully crafted. A chocolate and vanilla base is mixed with a very light hint of menthol to create a cool sweet vape similar to an after dinner mint.
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Grandmaster
A initial light and fluffy combination of peanut butter and banana cream sets up this flavor for brilliance as it is met by an after taste of slightly salted, yet still sweet caramel.
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Queenside
An intense blood orange citrus flavor overwhelms your taste buds right until the light and sweet vanilla aftertaste completes the hit.
+ Very high quality ingredients
+ Expert flavor profiles
+ Beautiful packaging
- More expensive than most other e liquid
- Limited selection of flavors
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The Best High VG E liquid

#1 Halo High VG
Haloe VType Logo
Halo was one of the first e liquid manufacturers in this list and we have included them a second time because of their excellent high VG product range called “Halo V-Type”. Halo V-Type e liquids contain a 70/30 VG PG split.

There are currently 16 V-Type flavors available, some of which are high VG recreations of their popular main product range and others are brand new creations. They are available in 0 and 1.5mg nicotine levels

We are a little disappointed that they have not expanded their high VG range to include many more of their standard range. As some of their standard line products are among the best vape juices we have tried.
Our Preferred Tobacco Flavor: Tribeca
Tribeca is one of the most popular tobacco flavors in the whole industry, and as such is quite famous. It combines a smooth blend of tobacco with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel.
Sub Zero
Our Preferred Menthol Flavor: Sub Zero
A super strong icy blast of menthol. Strong cool mint and super fresh menthol, great for serious menthol lovers and the adventurous.
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: Devlin
Devlin is one of those e liquids that almost tastes better than the real thing. A sweet slightly salted caramel flavor that will make your mouth water without becoming too sickly.
Madagascar Sunrise
Our Preferred Fruit Flavor: Madagascar Sunrise
A complex flavor combination of fresh lychee and juicy vine grapes is as delicious as it is exotic. A very unique flavor unlike anything else we have tried.
+ Reputable company
+ Great customer service
+ Customer loyalty scheme
+ Large amount of nicotine options
- Limited Selection
- No V-Type Sample Box
#2 Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Logo
Mad Hatter are known for keeping it simple but being quirky at the same time. All of their e juices are a 70/30 VG PG split.

Their packaging and branding is quirky, bright and inviting but they tend to stick to the classics with the flavors that are available in their product range. They mainly produce sweet dessert flavors like popcorn, taffy, donuts, and cookies.

They are a premium vape juice with 30ml bottles starting at around $20. However many products are sold in a minimum of 60ml which can be quite a commitment if you have not tried their juice yet.

However they are well known for being high quality e liquids and the chances of you being disappointed with a purchase are low if you are sure it is a flavor you will like. We just wish they had a larger range of flavor options, they are really good at what they do.
I Love Cookies
Our Preferred Dessert Flavor: I Love Cookies
A combination of freshly baked cookies covered in milk with a hint of strawberry. A sweet caramel aftertaste delivers the finishing blow to this complex yet seemingly classic combination.
+ Great packaging
+ Bulk volume discounts
+ Great customer service
- Limited flavor options
- Lack of 30 ml options
- Limited nicotine options (0ml,3ml,6ml,12ml)
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Best E liquid Subscription Box

#1 Vapebox
Vapebox is our highest rated e juice subscription service. When you join the site they ask you a few questions about your vaping preferences. Do you like fruity juices or menthol juices? Do you like high VG? What nicotine levels do you vape? Do you prefer tanks or RDA’s?

They offer three subscription levels, and once you have signed up they will tailor make you a vapebox that is delivered to your door each month. They are surprisingly good at picking flavors you will like from the questions you answer when signing up. It is rare we receive a flavor that we do not like.

The “Sampler Plan” gets you 3 or more bottles of vape juice totaling 45ml for $20 per month.

The “Juice Lovers Plan” gets you 4 bottles of vape juice per month totaling 75ml for $32 per month

The “Enthusiast Plan” gets you the same e liquid you get in the juice lovers plan, plus what they describe as “hardware”. This hardware could be a new mod, or a new tank or a new RDA (again tailored to your initial sign up questions).

Apparently 80% of their customers select the “Enthusiast Plan” and anecdotal reviews seem to be very positive. There is no commitment or minimum contract length, and canceling is easy and all done online.

The e liquid brands that are included in the box are usually well known and high quality. The same can be said about the hardware, with big name brands being sent to customers regularly. This results in huge discounts over buying the hardware individually due to the group buying power of vapebox.

After a few months of subscribing it still feels like Christmas every time we open the box.
+ Well known brands of e liquid
+ Various subscription levels
+ Flavors are well tailored
+ Choice of VG / PG ratio
- One of the more expensive e liquid subscription services
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#2 Zamplebox
Zamplebox was one of the first e juice subscription services available and they are still probably the most well known. When you sign up you select a flavor profile. This determines the kind of juices you want to receive. You then sit back and then let the Zamplebox team do the rest.

They are the cheapest e liquid subscription service and excellent value for money. You can even sign in to the Zamplebox community on their website and trade unwanted e liquid with other members if you get one you do not like. It is easy to cancel if you no longer want to subscribe and there is no minimum contract.

They have three subscription levels.

Silver $19.99 - 3 bottles per month (between 30ml and 50ml of e liquid)

Gold $24.99 - 6 bottles per month (between 60ml and 100ml of e liquid)

Platinum $44.99– 11 bottles per month (between 120ml and 180ml of e liquid)
+ Very cheap subscription service
+ Various subscription options
+ Easy cancellation
+ International delivery
- Sometimes unknown brands of e liquid included in the box
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e liquid

What is E liquid?

E liquid can seem like a mysterious substance to new e cig users, but really it is very simple and only made up of a few ingredients. Let us walk you through the basics of e juice.

E liquid is the fuel that powers any electronic cigarette. Without it there would be no vapor. It is a liquid that is vaporized by the coil inside an e cig to produce vapor to be inhaled.

It sounds complicated, but in reality it’s not. E liquid is made up of 4 main ingredients. Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), the flavoring, and the optional nicotine.

The bulk of any e liquid is made up of VG and PG. They can be found in different ratios for experienced vapors to tailor their vaping experience to exactly how they like it.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin is a non toxic, non carcinogenic, hypoallergenic chemical that creates the clouds of vapor when you use your e-cig. it is commonly used in smoke machines at night clubs.

The reason VG and PG are used in combination is that VG does not carry flavor well, so PG is used to enhance it. High VG juices are quite popular among many experienced vapers who wish to create large clouds of vapor at the expense of a little flavor. It is for this reason that you will find many e liquid manufacturers creating various VG/PG ratios for some e liquids, it enables them to cater to all tastes.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is the second part of (nearly) all e liquids. It has gotten quite a bad reputation among some anti vaping organizations for being used as antifreeze.

Fortunately this is not the case at all. The mistake people stating this are making is that the PG used for industrial antifreeze applications is actually blended with other chemicals and is nowhere near pure. The PG that is used in vape juice is a 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade product.

In fact the FDA themselves have previously classified pg as an additive that is safe for use in food and cosmetic products.

PG is an excellent carrier of flavor but does not create much vapor and is quite harsh on the throat when pure. Hence the need to create VG/PG blends. Ensuring a smooth, flavorful vape, which does not hurt the throat and produces adequate amounts of vapor.


The nicotine in e-liquid is responsible for the majority of what is called “throat hit”. Throat hit is the sensation you feel in your throat when you take a puff on an electronic cigarette. Simply put this means - the less nicotine content in your e-liquid, the less you will feel the vapor when you inhale.

Nicotine levels in e-liquid are measured in “mg/ml” and usually come in the following concentration levels.

This is nicotine free e-liquid aka E-Hookah. Many vapers like to attempt to reduce the amount of nicotine they are inhaling over time and end up on 0mg/ml. There is almost no throat hit and it is almost like just inhaling flavored air.

This is commonly the lowest amount of nicotine you can buy in an e-liquid (obviously with the exception of 0mg/ml). There is a slight throat hit that can be pleasant. At first new vapers usually need a higher nicotine concentration than this to emulate the cigarettes they are used to.

This is usually recommended for light smokers when they first start vaping. So if you are a social smoker or smoke less than 10 cigs a day this may be a good place to start. It has a pleasant throat hit that emulates the feeling of inhaling a “normal” cigarette adequately.

Recommended for moderate smokers. If you smoke around one pack per day this will be a good starting point. More throat hit than 6mg/ml but still enjoyable for many new vapers.

Recommended for heavy smokers that smoke more than a pack a day. This is a high concentrate of nicotine that can be a little harsh on the throat at first. If you are unsure if you need this amount of nicotine try 12mg/ml first and switch to 18mg/ml if you are craving too much.

Chain smokers only. This is the strongest concentrate you will be able to find from any reputable e-liquid supplier. It has a very strong throat hit and many people comment that it does not taste as nice as lower nicotine levels. Try 18mg/ml first then switch to 24mg/ml if it is not enough.


At the risk of sounding obvious, the flavorings are the only component in e liquid that has any noticeable flavor to it. A PG/VG base is essentially flavorless, although it does have a very slight sweet taste to it.

The flavorings in e liquid are where there could be a potential long term health risk associated with vaping. Most reputable manufacturers (and all of those on this best e liquid list) will use food grade flavorings in their e liquid. These flavorings are FDA approved for ingestion - but not inhalation. This is where the debate on e cig safety begins.

Researchers have done studies on the long term health effects on the inhalation of PG, VG, and nicotine. None of which have shown any serious long term health consequences (with the exception of nicotine). However we do not have this long term history of inhalation of flavorings.

Studies have been done to try and figure this out, and so far there is no evidence that inhaling e liquid flavoring causes any long term harm. But we cannot say for sure, simply because we have not been inhaling it long enough to say definitively.

We have just recently begun seeing the worlds first 10 year vapers (people that have been using e-cigs for 10 years or more) and so far there seems to be no evidence long term negative health consequences for them. So things are looking good! But we need another 10 years of people vaping before we can say definitively.

The way we look at it on a personal level is simple. Even if there does turn out to be long term health consequences from vaping e liquid (which does not seem to be the case), they are almost certainly going to be much less damaging than decades of smoking cigarettes.


Steeping is the process of letting an e liquid age to enhance flavor. The idea behind it is similar to aging a whiskey or wine.

E liquid has a very long lifespan, often over a year. By letting the e liquid age or “steep” vapers think that it can enhance the flavor of a juice. They claim that it gives the flavors time to fully combine and intertwine to develop into a more sophisticated flavor.

If you get a bottle of e liquid and don’t think it tastes as good as it should you can try steeping yourself. It can really change the flavor.

Simply place the bottle in a dark cool place that is well out of reach from children, leave it there for 2 or 3 weeks and try vaping it again. Some people like steeped juice, others don’t but there is a market for it. Some vape juice manufacturers will actually sell pre steeped juice off the shelf.

Mouth To Lung (MTL) & Direct Lung (DL)

Mouth to lung and direct lung are two different ways of inhaling vapor. If you have never tried an e-cig you do not need to worry about this too much, you should just do what feels natural to you. But this may be worth remembering if you want to experiment.

MTL is the traditional older way of using an ecig. The idea behind it is when you inhale the vapor you hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before inhaling it into your lung. Proponents of this method say it allows you a few seconds to really taste the flavor in the e liquid and is a much more satisfying experience.

DL is a more recent method of vaping. It involves directly inhaling vapor from your electronic cigarette into your lungs without holding the vapor in your mouth. Proponents of this method say it allows you to use less nicotine in your juice and produces a greater flavor, as air is not mixed in with the vapor in your mouth.

The truth is either of these methods are just personal preference and are equally as effective and safe. Most electronic cigarette users are unaware there are even two methods for inhaling. Its all just personal preference, at first just inhale the way that feels most natural to you

All Day Vape

An all day vape is kind of like the holy grail of e liquid. As the name suggests, an all day vape is an e liquid that is so good you can vape it all day long.

It is a personal choice. What I choose as my best all day vape would probably not be what you choose as your best all day vape. And visa versa.

It can take a long time to find a juice you like enough to become an ADV, as several factors come into play. Some people do not want their e liquid to be intense and highly flavorful when choosing an ADV as it can get repetitive and sickly after a while.

Other people feel the opposite way and want their taste buds to be dancing with every puff all day long from strong intense flavor.

In the end, what you choose for your all day vape is personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer.

How We Rate And Rank E Liquids

We at Quitza are long term vapers. We have been vaping e liquid since back in the day of unregulated box mods. Back when an e cig was truly a dangerous device. Back when they were so new they were prone to exploding before safety features were engineered in. So we like to think we know what we are talking about when we try and recommend the best e liquids and e liquid suppliers.

You can find several websites that have been made to purely create commission from e juice reviews. They will claim the have rated e liquids equally and fairly. They will claim their ranking systems are the best and they rate each vape juice on merit alone and that their commissions mean nothing to them.

Well that is simply not the case for some of the other sites out there (some, not all). We hope that the size and scale of the Quitza project will convince you that we are not just another random person on the internet trying to make money from you by providing influenced e cig reviews.

We want to change the world, we are soldiers in the fight against big tobacco, we live sleep and breathe our mission of ending the global tobacco epidemic.

We grade each manufacturer on several data points to ensure we present a well rounded review of what we think the best e liquid is. Our rating structure is robust and has produced what we feel to be one of the most comprehensive analyses the best vape juice in each category.

In the interests of transparency this is how we gauge which e liquid manufacturers make it on to our top vape juices list, and which e juices are discarded by our ranking system.

How We Rank Flavors

Flavors are the most important part of any e liquid, so you may be surprised to know that when we grade and rank e liquid we do not take our enjoyment of the flavor into account.

The reason we leave flavor out of our ranking system is that it is very subjective.

For example you might rate a e-liquid of flavor type A as 7/10, but because I do not like the flavor of flavor type A I rate it a 4/10. The same e liquid was just ranked differently because of subjectivity.

But what we can do is rank and rate e liquid based on the intensity and quality of the flavor. With our years of experience in vaping we are able to say how vivid and flavorful an e liquid is compared to others of a similar flavor on the market.

For example instead of asking which is the best e liquid like we did in our last paragraph, we ask a different question. We ask ourselves, is this e liquid flavor A from manufacturer 1 better than e liquid flavor A from manufacturer 2.

To summarize, we do not rate how much we enjoy the flavor, we rank the e liquid against other similar flavors. If the flavors are too complex or unique to be ranked against anything else, we rank e liquid on flavor intensity.

Other Vape Juice Ranking Factors

We take price into account for each of our reviews. Some of the best e liquid we have ever tried is also some of the most expensive. But we realize that looking for the best e liquid is not just about taste and quality, but price is also a sizable ranking factor. So for all of our categories on our best e liquid list, price and value for money is weighted heavily in the rankings.

Shipping is also an important part of our ranking algorithm. Receiving e liquid on time can literally be the difference between smoking a cigarette again or remaining smoke free. Many people rely on e liquid manufacturers to supply them within the time frame the state on their website. So we hold them to this and count the days it takes for delivery when we review a manufacturer. If the parcel is late, the manufacturer loses points.

We also award and deduct points for customer service / support and for website accessibility. Inevitably things will go wrong from time to time with orders online. We want to make sure that e liquid vendors and manufacturers we vouch for will be there to support you with timely and courteous responses. We also want to make sure their websites are easy to use, and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision clearly.

There are a whole other range of factors we use when rating the best vape juices, but honestly they are mainly common sense.
Pretty good list I think, I can really vouch for vistavapors and their mix your own custom juice line. Although I have made some rubbish flavor combinations through my own fault. It is hard to make a good flavor consistently but when you do make a great one you have an awesome ADV for super cheap. If you have never considered creating your own e liquid I totally recommend it. It is so much fun when you can create a great mix and then share the recipe with your friends.
Don’t you think the names of some of these vape juices are crazy. I really wish they would just start listing the flavors on the bottle. How am I supposed to know what “mad sunrise over the red lagoon” means. Just keep it simple please juice vendors. Tell me what it tastes like, then do your thing with the boxes! I was ok with this when the vaping industry was new, but come on people we have been doing this for over 10 years now. Sort it out and provide me with a description, not a name!
Great list, probably missing a couple of vendors I would have added. I always buy direct from the manufacturer now. I have been stung twice now by ordering from two third party vendors that did not give me authentic e liquid. They provided me with cheap made in china versions that looked very similar on the outside but tasted nothing like the original juices I love. Always go direct to the manufacturer. Always, always, always!
Kind Juice is incredible, very happy to see it on this list. I have never tried a brand that is so consistently flavorful and juicy! Super juice flavor and amazing aromas. Just a shame it is so expensive, I wish I could use it as my all day vape but I am just too cheap! I vote kind juice should be made to create a budget line of e liquid! Can the FDA regulate on that please?
Rachel Shaw
Great list. Such a shame that with the FDA regulations looming many of these companies will be out of business in 2 years. Why are they so against us trying to save our lives by quitting smoking and using e-cigs?
OMG. Just received my first order from halo. This is some of the best e liquid I have ever tried. Fruity and fresh all day long! I think I will be ordering again. I never tried them because I preferred to go with the smaller brands, I felt they were more likely to put care and attention into their e liquid. Which is true, I still think they do. But man, Halo got some super tight juices here.
Cookie Monster
I love cookie flavors, cake flavors, and pie flavors. Thanks for recommending specific types of flavor for each vendor. I have loads of new ones to try now.
I wish more manufacturers would have the loyalty scheme like halo and mtbaker.
Can we get a dedicated UK list please? Or do all of these companies ship internationally?
I think most of them will ship to the UK
I like it when companies offer 1.5ml nicotine in their vape juice. I have only been vaping for around 4 months now and I started on 3mg. I never really smoked that much I was only a social smoker that smoked when I went out for drinks with friends. I don’t really want to be using an e cig forever so I am cutting down my nicotine. But 0mg nicotine really does not give me enough throat hit, it is kind of pointless in my opinion. So finding these 1.5ml vendors is great. hopefully in another 4 months I will no longer be using an e cig and will be totally free from nicotine!
Some of these expensive e liquids are so overpriced. I mean they taste good but you are mainly paying for the packaging and the branding. The cost of making e liquid is miniscule compared to how much they charge for it. I would love to see a blind taste test of these juices to see which is the best when you cannot see the fancy packaging.
Damn vistavapors deserves to be in the cheapest e liquid section. I make my own e juice so have not really kept a close eye on the prices of discount juice makers. But that is super cheap. I might have to order my first bottle of pre made juice for over a year to see what they can do for that price.
Vapebox is so much better than zamplebox. I was a 6 month zamplebox subscriber and got a little bored of their selection of no name unrecognized juices that you get sometimes. My first order with vapebox was like my world had just changed. Amazing quality juice for such a low price. I am equally as impressed with their hardware when you get the premium package from them. My vape collection is growing each week without me having to leave the house. If you are looking for a subscription, I really recommend vapebox, it is worth extra few dollars. You get a huge difference in the quality of the juice.
So happy to see velvet vapors on here. I am surprised such a small company is even on the radar of you guys here at Quitza. I first heard about them on Reddit and decided to give them a go. Ordered 5 30ml bottles for my first order, one of them became my ADV. The other 3 were great. One I didn’t like so much and I thought the others were better. But 4 awesome vapes out of 5 ordered is a pretty good ratio. If you have not tried them give them a go, amazing quality.
Glad to see Mt Baker Vapor on the list. They have done so much for the vaping community over the years, they deserve attention in the top spots. I find their collection a little lacking sometimes but they are kind of like an old faithful for me. Sure I can find better more exotic juices from other brands. But time and time again I can go back to them and get the juice I want at a reasonable price.
Not Blowing Smoke
So I am still a smoker now and I want to quit smoking and start using an electronic cigarette. What do you all recommend here for juice? I am going to get a pen vape and it comes with some e liquid but I want to try the best e juice that is not too expensive so I have the best chance of quitting smoking.
Congratulations on quitting! Join us on Quitza if you want to get some support along the way. If cost is a big factor for you, remember that you are saving lots of money by quitting smoking. I agree with most of Quitzas list. I have been using vista vapors since I started vaping. I have tried many other brands that are equally as good, but much more expensive. So I totally recommend you check them out. Halo are quite good too but they cost a bit more. Maybe order some of each brand and see what you like? Or maybe get an eliquid subscription from zamplebox or vapebox to try new flavors each month until you find an ADV?
Mad hatter I love cookies is such an amazing vape. Great that you have specifically included it on this list. I just wish I could get bigger bottles of it. Seriously guys, if you don’t know what to buy and you like cookies (who doesn’t like cookies!) then try I love cookies e liquid. Incredible.
Thanks for the explanation of what is dangerous in e liquid. It really put it in simple terms for me. I did a bit more research after reading what you wrote and it really does look like it is pretty harmless. Thanks Quitza, I am going to be buying my first electronic cigarette and subscribe to vapebox. I hope they give me some of their best e liquid in the first month! I will report back with my findings.
YOU CAN TAKE FIVE PAWNS OFF THIS LIST NOW!!.. Ever since they caved to the fda NON of thier flavors are worth even trying...all the recipe changes left the juices void of any reflection of the past. It's shit now...just shit...
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