The Best Small E-Cigars Of 2021 - Our Annual Review

It was only a matter of time before the e cigar industry emerged from the rapidly growing vaping world. We ranked, rated, and reviewed the best e cigars of 2016. This is what we found.

Note: We never review a product we have not personally used and tested. We have never been paid in anyway by anyone to favorably review anything. These are our honest personal opinions.

Top Disposable E Cigars

Winner: Cigavette Cuvana

Cigavette Cuvana

The Cigavette Cuvana is renowned for being the best disposable e cigar on the market. It’s premium price tag of $24.99 makes it one of the most expensive disposable electronic cigars on this list. However if you are looking for an e cigar that will replicate the experience of smoking a traditional cigar as closely as possible, look no further. Great care and attention to detail has been put into the appearance of the Cuvana. Synthetic textured faux tobacco leaf that looks incredibly realistic covers the entire outside of the device, complete with a classic black and gold cigar band. The dark orange LED light on the tip of the cigar is slightly hidden behind a thin layer of synthetic ash and produces a subtle and realistic glow when an airflow sensor detects you inhaling. From even a slight distance it is almost impossible to tell that the Cuvana is an electronic cigar.

It is available in three nicotine levels, and the strongest level (18mg/ml) is outstanding in terms of taste replication. Cigavette have been making electronic cigarettes for a long time now, so they know how to make a outstanding flavor profile. The Cuvanas sophisticated blend of classic Cuban cigar flavor extracts tastes almost like a real Cuban. The Cuvana is designed to last for over 2 years, or 1800 individual puffs (The equivalent of 10 traditional cigars). It produces the largest amount of vapor of all of the disposable e cigars we have tested. A luxurious premium e cigar that deserves the top spot on our list.

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Runner Up: E Puffer - The Churchill

E Puffer - The Churchill

The Churchill from EPuffer is a disposable electronic version of the “Romeo y Julieta” Cuban cigars that Winston Churchill famously enjoyed. Its replica tobacco leaf appearance is of a similar high quality to the Cigavette Cuvana above, and is completed with a classic red and gold cigar band. Again like the Cuvana, careful attention to detail has been applied to the simulated ash on the end of the e cigar. A tasteful and subtle orange glow activated by an airflow sensor ensures that no one out of arms reach will be able to tell you are not smoking an original Cuban. The D1800 is sold in a 48 ring size, but EPuffer also sell smaller versions of The Churchill if you want a smaller ring size (46, and 32).

The vapor produced from the Churchill is an expertly crafted blend of various Cuban cigars and closely recreates the traditional taste. It is available in 3 different nicotine levels with a super strong concentrate available, designed to mimic the full flavor of a traditional cigar. It produces a very respectable amount of vapor from its large battery and mimics the sensation of smoking a cigar perfectly. The Churchill will provide you with around 1800 puffs which equates to roughly 10 traditional cigars. At $21.95 it is slightly cheaper than the Cuvana. We personally feel the Cuvana is worth the extra few dollars. But this is a very respectable e cigar that would be worthy of anyones consideration.

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Top Rechargeable E Cigars

Winner: Vapor4Lyfe King

Vapor4Lyfe King

Many e cigars are designed to closely mimic the appearance of a traditional cigar. However the King from Vapor4Lyfe offers e cigar users an alternative design. Its sleek black outer casing is a sophisticated modern take on the cigar while retaining a timeless classic overall appearance. It is a fully reusable and rechargeable e cigar with a much larger battery than a disposable. The end result of this larger battery is vastly improved vapor production in terms of both quantity and taste. Charging the battery is made easy with USB charging adapters and one charge will easily provide you with 3000 individual puffs.

The e liquid in this e cigar is some of the finest we have experienced. Three rich flavors are available, Ligero, Maduro, and Cubana Blend. The flavors in these e liquids are sophisticated, complex and are stupendously close representations of the original classics. They actually even recommend on their website that you should not inhale the vapor, just hold it in your mouth and enjoy the flavors like a traditional cigar. (Although this is personal preference, you can absolutely inhale the vapor if you wish to).

At $89.99 it is obviously more expensive than disposable e cigars. But being rechargeable does mean that over the long term you will be saving money. The e liquid refills are much cheaper than buying new disposable e cigars ($8.99 for 3000 puffs). Plus the increase in quality you get with a rechargeable e cigar is immediately obvious. If you are serious about your traditional cigars, the King could be the e cigar you have been looking for.

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Runner Up: E Puffer E 900

E Puffer E 900

The E Puffer E900 is the second generation of E Puffers rechargeable e cigar line. Based upon the success of the original E600 they have refined their technology to provide an even better e cigar with more power. Unlike the Vapor4Lyfe King, the E900 has decided to retain a classic look that mimics the appearance of a traditional cigar. Coated in textured faux tobacco leaf it looks great from afar. However it does look slightly artificial compared to the other faux tobacco leaf casings on this list. The flavor cartridges last for several thousand puffs and are equivalent to around 40 cigars. A strong and vivid blend of cigar flavor extracts from around the world are great e liquid versions of the originals. It comes with two batteries ensuring you can always have one on charge at home. At $69.95 it is around $20 cheaper than the King, so if cost is an issue this could be a good option. It is one of the best e cigars on the market and a very worthy runner up.

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What Are E Cigars?

Fundamentally there is not a large amount of difference between e cigars and electronic cigarettes. They operate in exactly the same way. An atomizer heats e liquid that contains nicotine and you inhale the vapor it produces. But there are several subtle differences that make e cigars into the separate product thousands of people know and love.

The obvious difference is the appearance of an e cigar. Some electronic cigarettes are designed to look like a traditional cigarette, but the most popular ones are not. This is mainly due to the fact that battery technology is not advanced enough to fit enough power into something the size of a cigarette.

However the opposite is true with e cigars, a traditional cigar is much bigger than a traditional cigarette. Due to this the battery power issues are non existent. It is much easier for companies to fit an adequately sized battery into something that is the size of a cigar compared to something the size of a cigarette. This enables production of high quality electronic cigars that resemble the real thing. Companies have put large amounts of research and development resources into making e cigars look and feel just like real cigars. Synthetic tobacco leaf covering is usually very convincing, and most e cigars have faux ash at the end. Even the glowing orange embers are recreated with LED lighting behind the ash. From even a slight distance it is very difficult to distinguish between a good e cigar and a traditional cigar.

Traditional cigars usually contain much more nicotine than a cigarette and the same is true with these electronic cigars too. The nicotine content in e cigar liquid is usually much higher than what is used in e cigs. This is mainly to try and mimic the taste of a real cigar, because believe it or not nicotine actually has a flavor. Most e cigar brands describe their highest nicotine level e cigars as the “Full Flavored” versions, and we can certainly taste the difference.

One of the biggest differences between electronic cigarettes and e cigars is the flavors of e liquid that are available. Specific flavor profiles are developed for use in e cigars that provide the user with the most accurate representation of the original cigar flavors that are known around the world. The accuracy of these flavor profiles is quite incredible. E Cigars also usually contain e liquid that has a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) concentrate than e cigs. This means that the vapor they produce is going to feel fuller in the throat, much like the difference between cigar and tobacco smoke. With e cigars people can experience some of the most expensive and exotic cigar brands at a fraction of the cost without many of the detrimental health effects of smoking.

E cigar looking nice

Disposable VS Refillable

One of the main differences between electronic cigarettes and e cigars is the ability for disposable e cigars to actually be high quality products. The size allows for a significantly larger battery to produce enough power for proper vaporization. But what is the difference between disposable and refillable e cigars? And which one should you choose?

The main difference is still the quality of vapor that is produced. Rechargeable e cigars have a much higher quality atomizer in them compared to the disposable versions. This means more vapor and more intense flavor from each puff. The difference in quality is not as stark as the difference between disposable and reusable electronic cigarettes, but it is still very noticeable. Even to a totally new e cigar user.

The other main variable to consider is cost. Disposable e cigars are much cheaper initially, you can usually get 3 or 4 disposable e cigars for the price of one rechargeable one. However over time this becomes a false economy. When the initial 3 or 4 disposables have been used you will need to buy more, whereas you will just need to buy new liquid for a rechargeable e cigar. This is significantly cheaper than buying a whole new disposable (around $10 for 4000 puffs).

If you have never tried vaporization before, it may be a good idea to get a disposable e cigar first and see if you like the whole concept. If you enjoy it, we recommend you then upgrade and get a rechargeable e cigar. The quality is much higher, and over time it is much cheaper.

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E Cigar Benefits

All forms of electronic cigarettes including e cigars are not FDA approved as tobacco cessation devices. The theory behind their potential health benefits is due to a lack of combustion. Much of the damage that is caused by smoking tobacco is not inherently due to the tobacco plant, it is caused by combustion. The act of setting something on fire and inhaling the smoke is damaging.

Vaporization claims to combat this by not actually burning anything. There is no combustion taking place. It is almost like steam from a kettle that is being inhaled (it is not steam, it is an aerosol but steam is a good analogy).

How much better this is for your health depends on who you ask. For example the NHS in the UK states it could be 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. The CDC is less convinced. The fact is that at time of writing all evidence so far is pointing to e cigars and e cigs being much more healthy than smoking. The only caveat to that is that we cannot say for sure. There were several unknown long term health effects that were caused by tobacco use that we only found out via studies on long term smokers. The same could be true with vaping, we simply have not been using electronic cigars long enough to know for sure. But at the moment, there is no evidence whatsoever that points to long term detrimental health effects.

The health benefits are the main reasons people like to make the switch to e cigars. But there are other more tangible reasons too. Electronic cigars are much cheaper than traditional cigars. You could probably vape on an e cigar for a whole year for the cost of a mediocre box of Cubans.

The smell is another benefit that entices people to make the switch. The only people that like the smell of cigar smoke are the people that are smoking them. Your dry cleaning bill will be much lower if you switch to e cigars, and your home will not stink of smoke anymore.

So if you are thinking about making the switch. Try one of the best e cigars we have reviewed on this page and let us know what you think below. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Great review and awesome recommendations. I love the Cigavette, I just wish they made a rechargeable e cigar instead of only making disposables. The taste is so good, I would save loads of money if I was able to buy a rechargeable version but still have that tasty Cuvana e liquid.
I have tried all kinds of brands including Cigavette, and for me epuffer is the best e cigar brand. I just find that their e liquid is the best. It tastes so realistic and dark. You can really feel the vapor slide down into your mouth and the flavors just melt away. I would personally have rated them the top e cigar in both categories, but the others on this page are darn good too.
For me e cigars are a novelty item. I am a regular e cig user and only found out about e cigars after noticing a friend using one. I like to play poker now and then with friends and when I used to smoke I used to like having a cigar when I played. That stopped when I quit smoking and started vaping. But as soon as I saw these things existed I got one. E cigars are the best, they look feel and taste like the real thing.
I have been a regular long term cigar smoker for several years now. Many more years than I would like to admit. I had a very expensive taste and it became a hobby of mine. As time went on my children started to have children and I wanted to be around to see them grow up. That meant I needed to take a good long look at my health, which was appalling. I was overweight, I never exercised, and I smoked 3 or 4 huge Cubans every day. That is when I started using e cigars, and it was the best decision of my life. The Cuvana was my first purchase, I got the bulk buy discount and ordered the 10 pack. They came in a cigar box style case which I really liked. The taste was sensational, very realistic. I will say it took me a few weeks to get used to the change but it was not difficult. It certainly did not feel like I was quitting smoking. Since then I have upgraded to the King on this page. Rechargeable e cigars are honestly lots better than the disposable ones. But disposable e cigars will be a great introduction for anyone. There are not many people in the world who loved cigars as much as I did, and If I can be happy with switching to e cigars so can you. Try one and see. Because lets face it, they are much cheaper than the real thing.
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