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Third Hand Smoke?

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Third hand smoke is very real, and very dangerous

And if you smoke indoors, it is already in your home

What Is Third Hand Smoke

Third hand smoke is the residue that is left behind by cigarette smoke on everything it touches. Your Clothes, your hair, your pets fur, your children's toys. And it remains there for an awfully long time.

Who Is At Risk

Everybody who lives in a home that is smoked in is at risk. But especially young children who explore their new and exciting world by tasting and licking their way through the day.

What Can I Do?

Take a few minutes of your day to read this awareness campaign page. You will learn a little more about what exactly third hand smoke is, why it is dangerous, and simple steps to reduce exposure.


Third hand smoke is a carcinogenic residue that is left behind by cigarette smoke. It is formed when smoke oxidizes with the air, creating tobacco-specific nitrosamines that are highly dangerous.

Everywhere that is touched by cigarette smoke contains these carcinogens, but the main areas of exposure are inside homes, and inside cars.

Third hand smoke is mainly dangerous if ingested. Because of this, the risk from exposure is quite low for most adults.

This is because most adults do not go around their day to day lives putting random objects from the home in their mouths.

But our young children do.

Any parent will tell you that this is the way children explore the new and exciting world they are trying to understand.

and unwittingly, through no fault of their own. they are ingesting these cancer causing chemicals - just by living with a unaware smoker.


The only way to completely minimize the risk your children face from your third hand smoke is to quit smoking.

However if you are still currently a smoker there are a few immediate things you can do to reduce exposure.

Check out the related links at bottom of the page for more information.

  • Make every effort to smoke outside, this drastically reduces exposure
  • If you can't smoke outside, smoke in a room off limits to children
  • Open the window while smoking in that room and close the door
  • Do not smoke in a car that could carry a child, even with the windows open.

If you would like a informational third hand smoke poster to display or have any other questions about the campaign, please get in contact with us using the email address here