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You may wonder if it's "too late" to quit smoking

Well, it's not. Quitting has benefits at all ages

It's Never Too Late

Senior citizens are not excluded from the well known health benefits that are gained by quitting smoking. Within 20 minutes of quitting you will see benefits to your heart rate and within weeks your lung function will begin to increase, giving you increased energy levels.

Tried Quitting Before?

A common reason senior citizens put off quitting smoking is that they have tried to quit in the past, but failed. Quitting smoking is difficult, when was the last time you tried to quit? As a senior citizen this time can be different. You have "The Wisdom Advantage".

The Wisdom Advantage

Throughout your life you will have had to face many difficult challenges. The wisdom you have accumulated over the years will better prepare you for the task ahead. You know tasks can be hard, and from experience you know through determination you can achieve your goals.


Most smokers alive today are aged 50+. Throughout the years the dangers of smoking have become much clearer and well known. Most senior smokers would like to quit, but many think it's too late to have any real benefit.

Well that is simply not the case. All of the benefits that apply to younger people quitting smoking will apply to senior citizens too. Within 20 minutes of quitting your heart rate will decrease. In a few weeks you will have more energy and your sense of taste and smell will improve.

Lung function begins to improve in the first month making breathing easier, your heart will also begin to recover and regain strength. And these benefits can really help people who suffer from age related illnesses. The increase in daily energy can literally feel like a new lease of life.

Then there is the financial benefit of quitting smoking. Over the years smoking has gotten more and more expensive. Just imagine how much more of your pension you would have to spend without burning it up in smoke.


There are many ways for you to get support and become a smoke free senior citizen!

There are several free and useful links at the bottom of this page for you to get as much assistance and information as you require.

  • Set a quit date in advance to be ready for the big day
  • Tell friends and family you are quitting to get some support
  • A little light exercise really helps relieve cravings
  • Call your local quitline for free support and advice

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