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Smoke Free Pets

Because second hand smoke harms them too...

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Pets are part of the family, don't make them smoke


Healthy Happy Pets

Second hand smoke has been a proven killer for several years. Yet we still allow our pets to be subjected to passive smoking. We believe it is time for us to protect our pets and reduce the amount of second hand smoke they are exposed to.

Stronger Together

This campaign is all about getting the word out. Many people are unaware that passive smoking can harm their pets. Through education and information we hope to achieve our goals helping thousands of pets live healthier longer lives.

Raise Awareness

We need your help. There are many ways you can help raise awareness of the dangers pets face from second hand smoke. Check out the support section below for a few ideas of how you can do your part to help bring attention to our cause.


The thought of regularly exposing a child or family member to second hand smoke is unthinkable these days. So why is it still acceptable to subject our pets to it? The 4000+ Chemicals that are found in a cigarette are just as toxic to animals as they are humans.

It's not just second hand smoke. Have you ever heard of third hand smoke?

Third hand smoke is the residue left behind on all things that come into contact with cigarette smoke. It will stay on floors, chairs, and most things in the home for an awfully long time.

Many pets will explore the world via their mouth and nose, sniffing and tasting their way around their world. While they do this they are innocently ingesting the toxins left behind by third hand smoke.

We are trying to raise awareness of the dangers pets face with second and third hand smoke. Many people are simply unaware that they are harming their pets by smoking around them, or by letting them live in an environment that is regularly smoked in.

Our pets are not just any old animal, they are family. Lets make a difference.


There are a variety of simple ways you can reduce the amount of second hand and third hand smoke your pets are exposed to. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this page.

You would probably do anything for your pet, they are part of the family. Please protect them from the dangers of your smoke.

  • Quit Smoking (Obviously!)
  • Smoke outside if possible
  • Don't smoke in the same room as your pet and close the door
  • Open a window for at least one hour after smoking indoors
  • Regularly clean floors and toys that come into contact with smoke

If you would like a #SmokeFreePets poster to display or have any other questions about the campaign, please get in contact with us using the email address here