Addiction With Faith

Let The Lord guide you on to the path to recovery

Everybody Knows Someone That Has Struggled With Addiction

The Lord will show you the way, you must be determined to walk the path alongside him.

Everybody knows someone that has been affected by addiction. From serious addictions like drugs, tobacco, gambling, and alcohol to (seemingly) harmless addictions like caffeine, shopping, TV, or food.

Our faith is the greatest addiction beating tool that mankind has at their disposal. Through faith we can get the strength we need to break the addictive cycle. Through faith we can evaluate our progress and stay on the right path. Through faith we can rise up and beat the odds, we can transform our destructive addictive behaviors into constructive actions.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, we explain in this article how faith can help anyone break free from the vicious cycle.

Mental addiction and physical addiction are the two main types of addiction. They are not mutually exclusive and many common addictions combine both the mental and the physical sides.

Physical addictions are what many of us will automatically think of when we think of addictions. Things like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine fall into this category. Physical addiction means that there is a chemical of some sort that your body has become dependent on. For example the caffeine in coffee, the nicotine in cigarettes, or the alcohol in beer.

Things like pornography, gambling and shopping are examples of a mental addiction. There is no chemical dependency, it is a purely mental trap. Most people with physical addictions to a substance will also be mentally addicted to the substance too.

The continuous destructive cycle of addiction can often seem like a endless spiral. Increasing in intensity and destructiveness the longer the addiction progresses. Many people turn to their faith during times like this. They will ask The Lord for strength and power to take away their addiction. They will then often find later on in the recovery process they are still struggling with their addiction, wondering why The Lord has not given them more strength.

What many people praying for help with addiction do not realize is, that there are two parts to beating addiction. There is a part that is done by faith and The Lord, and a part that is done by the individual.

Faith and prayer has healed billions of people throughout history. The Lord will guide you along the road to freedom from your addiction. This is the first part of the healing process. He will put people in your path who will assist you, he will equip you, he will give you strength, he will love you. Pray and the lord shall answer.

However The Lord will never force you to do the right things, he will guide you, and help you but the second part of beating addiction is down to you. You have to make the right choice to say "NO!" to your addiction during the tough times. You have to use your determination to have the willpower to avoid relapse and to stay on the path to freedom the lord has provided you. He will show you the way, you must be determined to walk the path alongside him.

Never believe that you are trapped in a hopeless situation. The Lord will always be there to help you break free from your addictions. With the right attitude, and The Lords help - you can break the addictive cycle and live in freedom once more.

If you put in the effort to work with the tools The Lord provides you, you will be free.