Smoking, The Global Epidemic

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Smoking Can Affect People From All Walks Of Life

So we do all we can, to support everyone we can

What Is This Page?

Smoking can effect all people, however some demographics statistically have a higher rate of smoking than others. We aim to raise awareness of these issues alongside other causes we believe in to ensure no one is left behind

Ways To Quit?

There are conventional methods of quitting smoking which help ex smokers tackle the addiction, but there are also lifestyle changes that can play a huge part in preventing relapse. On this page we will highlight concepts we believe to be effective.

How Can I Help?

The causes on this page have dedicated sections that explain how you can help. Something as simple as tweeting with a hashtag or sharing facebook can go a long way. Together we are stronger and can do our part towards ending the global tobacco epidemic.


There are many ways to quit smoking, and some of them are very effective. However these methods usually focus on the nicotine addiction. Combining a lifestyle change with a quit attempt can be rocket fuel for willpower.

Replace a lethal habit with a healthy new interest.