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How much nicotine is left in your body? How much longer will you live on average? How much money have you saved? Get information like this (and much much more) - personalized just for you.

Community Support

The Quitza community is home to thousands of ex smokers and professional smoking cessation advisers. Get tips, support, and general advice from other ex smokers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Milestones & Awards

Quitting smoking can seem like an endless and confusing task. How much longer will your cravings last for? What is happening to you body? Let us guide you on your journey.

What Is Quitza?

Quitza is the worlds first social network for quitting smoking. With several thousand members we are a free social project growing by the minute. Helping people quit smoking one cigarette at a time.

Studies have shown that people who use offline support groups to help them quit smoking are 30% more likely to be successful in quitting permanently. However despite this well documented advantage, for most people quitting continues to be a solitary experience. Every day people are combating nicotine withdrawal symptoms alone, and often in the dark.

We hope with the help of Quitza, this no longer has to be the case. We globally crowdsource willpower, and our members collectively encourage and support each other. With Quitzas strong community spirit, members often feel a sense of responsibility towards one another. Supportively encouraging other members to protect their own quit attempts, while getting support return.

This community support structure alone is a powerful tool. Quitza combines this with social awards, milestones, and real time personalized data about the incremental health and financial benefits our members receive by being a non smoker.

Quitza is currently available as a free web app (no download required) and the Quitza quit smoking app is in development for smart phones - both iOS and Android. We will soon be available for free on itunes and the google play store.

All This And More Is Waiting For You Inside (It's Free!)

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Does It Work?
Our members certainly seem to think so. When we publicly asked our members if Quitza helps them here are some of the responses we got.

I'm a student and its hard to get support from many of my peers. Quitting smoking is not something that is a high priority for many students. It's great to know there is a community here who are going through exactly the same journey as me and who i can rely on for support.
I don't know what i would do without something like Quitza. I love hearing about other peoples quit journeys. Helping them through the hard times and celebrating with them when they pass milestones, and unconditionally getting support in return
Quitza has changed my life. I always wanted to go to support groups but just never had the time. Here i get the support i need, when i need it. I feel like a part of something bigger than just my quit
I had already quit for a while since joining. But being surrounded by people going through the tough times at the start of their quits and supporting them makes me remember daily that i need to be careful to not start smoking again.
(Don't take our word for it, click here to see the actual post!)
Quitza's methodology and system architecture has been based upon several peer reviewed academic papers. Specifically formulated to make (what we think) is the most advanced smoking cessation software to date. Some of the papers we designed Quitza upon got quite a bit of coverage in the press...
The truth is, social smoking cessation is a very new field. While we have based Quitza on as much peer reviewed literature as we can, it's honestly still too early for us to put a hard number on it's ability to help people quit smoking. All we know for sure at this point is that many of our members think Quitza helps them, and maybe it can help you too.

(If you would like to know what literature we base our algorithms on please click here.)

However all of these benefits depend upon our users returning to the site and engaging with the community. Which is why we created the Quitza quest. Our members can earn gift card rewards for being active on the site and completing challenges. This gives our members a little motivation to stay active, which further increases their chances of quitting.

How Does It Work?

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